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June News
Hello everyone,
June means Memorial Day has just happened and the Kerrville Folk Festival is well under way. As most you have probably heard in the news, Memorial Day this year brought devastating floods to Central Texas. This past week, tornados, floods and storms have affected the entire state as well as neighboring states and Mexico - it's been heartbreaking to watch the news.   

For those wanting to help people affected by the floods specifically in central Texas, the Austin Chronicle has put together a great page of how you can help, learn more here:  Flood of Relief.
As the Kerrville Folk Festival is near & dear to many our the artists on our roster and friends reading this newsletter, we have asked BettySoo to write about her time at this year's Festival.   Thanks BettySoo for writing this month's artist reflection: 

I was out spending time at one of my favorite places on earth (most of us call it home) during the unceasing Texas flash-flood rain storms that everyone has probably heard about by now. The Kerrville Folk Festival campground in a downpour is no joke. There are parts of the camping meadow that suddenly spring to a new and different life as washes and streams. There is less wandering to different song circles and more hunkering down to make sure your own tent doesn't wash away. This year, I was a "New Folk Camp Counselor," a job I usually share with my friend K.C. Clifford and other previous New Folk finalists from over the years. This year, K.C. and husband (Dr. Pants) David were home in Oklahoma City taking care of their very newborn child and a feisty and sweet toddler, so there were big shoes to fill, and I doubt I did her title justice. Anyway, the job basically entails being around at the New Folk camp, cheerleading them, rallying them, and reminding them that the competition is not everything; it is just one thing.

What is closer to "everything" is the sense of real community of Kerrville, the friendships and collaborations that spring up from being close to 31 other people for a weekend - or a week - and the beauty of being surrounded by people who care about songs, about new faces in music, about you. On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, I was packed up and ready to go to the ranch, excited to bring my friend Jaimee Harris to experience Kerrville for the first time. The last thing I had to do before heading out of town was to play a couple hours at a bar in the Austin airport. As I was loading in, I heard someone call my name. It turns out, John John Brown recognized me vaguely from a post on Facebook and asked if I knew how he could get to Kerrville. His driver's license had expired, and he couldn't claim the rental car he reserved, and he had no idea how he was going to get to the festival to compete. I told him to wait a couple hours and that I'd take him. He was shocked, but I knew in 24 hours, he would realize it is just what life is like amongst Kerrverts.

From being part of New Folk seven years ago, these are the things that I still carry and love: I treasure the friends I made that week; many are some of my very best friends and collaborators. In fact, Rebecca Loebe and I met in that Rouse House New Folk Camp in 2008, and this autumn we'll be touring the northeast together, doing some shows in New England and visiting Berklee to do a workshop or two and do some performances. I treasure letting go of constant self-conscious judgment. I treasure finding my ears opened up to new songs again. Today, I'll head back out to the ranch, having survived a difficult week of a friend being moved to hospice, a few friends diagnosed with awful things, a friend passing suddenly, and I'll be there to cheer on the New Folk winners at their concert and to remember the blessings of new and old relationships - and to be renewed and ready to face the coming months with gratitude.

We have a lot of shows going on this month, see dates below for more information.   
Thanks as always for reading.  Be safe & give someone a hug today. 
xo Laura, Becca, Satchmo & the Roster

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Live Performances

Sat. June 13 @ Anderson Fair - Houston, TX
Sun. June 14 @ Soul Of A Musician @ Iron Cactus North - Austin, TX
Thu. June 25 @ Red Brick Tavern - Conroe, TX
Fri. June 26 @ Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse - Dallas, TX
Sat. June 17 @ Red Brick Bar - Norman, OK
Gary Graves

Sat. June 6 @ McGonigal's Mucky Duck - Houston, TX
Nels Andrews
Nels Andrews

Fri. June 12 @ The Lost Church - San Fransisco, CA

Fri. June 5 @ East Grace House Concert Series - Richmond, VA
Sat. June 7 @ Rockwood Music Hall - New York City, NY
Tue. June 9 @ The Saint - Asbury Park, NY
Wed. June 10 @ Lizard Lounge - Cambridge, MA
Sat. June 13 @ Birchmere - Alexandria, VA
Sun. June 14 @ Tin Angel - Philadelphia, PA
Fri. June 19 @ Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse - Dallas, TX
Michael Fracasso

Fri. June 19 @ Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse - Dallas, TX
Wed. June 24 @ NeWorlDeli - Austin, TX
Thu. June 25 @ Whole Foods Market - Bee Cave, TX
Fri. June 26 @ Saxon Pub @ ABIA - Austin, TX
Nathan Hamilton

Sat. June 27 @ Private House Concert
Moonlight Towers
Moonlight Towers

Sat. June 13 @ The ABGB - Austin, TX
Matt the Electrician
Matt the Electrician

Tue. June 2 - Mon. June 15 - Japan Tour
Thu. June 4 @ Bar Taxi, Matsuyama
Sat. June 6 @ House Concert, Matsue
Sun. June 7 @ Kozenji, Gotsu
Mon. June 8 @ Kentauros, Hiroshima
Tue. June 9 @ Cinematik Saloon, Osaka
Wed. June 10 @ Taraba, Nagoya
Fri. June 12 - Sun. June 14 @ Cafe Goatee, Kamakura
Thu. June 18 @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck - Houston, TX
Fri. June 19 @ House Concert - Youngsville, LA
Sat. June 20 @ Private Party
Fri. June 26 @ Mohawk - Austin, TX
Sat. June 27 @ Gazebo House Concert - Austin, TX
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