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Making your products the right consistency is important and we understand that here at Carillon Green. Whether you are making shampoos/conditioners, lotions, or even laundry detergent/softeners we have the product to fit your needs. 

       1. CG-C PQ6 (Polyquaternium 6)
       2. CG-C PQ7 (Polyquaternium 7)
       3. CG-C PQ7 PF (Polyquaternium 7 – Paraben Free)
       4. CG-C PQ10 (Polyquaternium 10)
       5. CG-C PQ11 (Polyquaternium 11)
       6. CG-C PQ37 P (Polyquaternium Powder)
       7. CG-G 940 (equiv-Carbopol 940)
       8. CG-C PQ37 MO (equiv-Salcare SC95)
       9. CG-C PQ37 PG (equiv-Salcare SC96)
      10. CG-C 305 (equiv- Sepigel 305

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