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December is here is all its glory and we hope to see some of you before the year ends! We have quite a few events over the coming days. On Sunday 9th the last Liffey Cycle of the year will take place, followed by a BusConnects Workshop. We meet at 11am at Grand Canal Square and return to that area for the workshop. 

On Monday 10th, for our last meeting of the year, we will begin to celebrate Christmas with a very informal session, reliving and reviewing the events, successes, and unfortunately some disappointments, of 2018! Why not join us for a mince pie or two, and let us know what your thoughts on cycling in Dublin in 2018. We’ll have a few slides to show from the past year’s activities, and, who knows, you may be part of them! We’ll be in the Central Hotel from around 7pm and hope to see you there! 

It has been an intense year and we will have even more work in our hands in 2019 with the Velo-City Conference taking place in Dublin. If you would like to support all the work that the campaign does, please consider joining us and help us be the voice for people on bikes in Dublin. 

Happy Cycling!  
Dublin Cycling Campaign

Dublin Cycling Campaign Celebrates!!

Friends and Colleagues, here we are arriving at the end of yet another busy and eventful year in the life of Dublin's Cycling Campaigners!  And as it is so close to Christmas, we are inviting you to come along and help us to celebrate the season that's in it, and some memories of the year gone by!

On this coming Sunday, we will be out and about on our final 2018 monthly Liffey Social / Protest Cycle!  If you have not been before, then why not make it this time, and experience the great vibe, and get a chance to raise your voice once again for better cycling facilities in Dublin! The Liffey Cycle will be followed by some mince pies and mulled wine, and a special workshop on the BusConnects project.

On Monday evening, for our final monthly meeting of the year in the Central Hotel on Exchequer Street, we will be having a 'Meet and Greet' night, once more with supplies of mince pies! Here you will get a chance to talk with our active members, find out what has been happening over the past year, and generally ease yourself into a Bike Christmas!

Hopefully we'll see you at one or other of these end of year events?

Lockers in South Dublin

South Dublin County Council are planning to purchase bicycle lockers from Cyk-Lok. They have identified locations for the first two phases, but are seeking suggestions for further phases next year. If you have any suggestions as to the best locations for lockers, please email and we’ll forward your suggestions to the council.

Join Us! Become a Member – or Even Better an Active Member!

The Dublin Cycling Campaign is a completely voluntary group working on behalf of all cyclists in Dublin. The more members we have, the quicker we can transform the city and culture for the better. Join today! As a member you will receive a Cycling Rewards Card that gives you discounts at over 40 cyclist friendly businesses. 

Active Members
We have an email list where we occasionally send out requests for help with specific jobs or events. If you would like to be added to the list please fill in our Volunteer Form. Being on the list is not an obligation to do work, but you might see something you would like to help out with.

Design Matters! The Cycling for All Campaign

Cyclists nationally have been calling for a recognition of the role cycling can play in transport and seek a larger share (10%) of the transport budget to be dedicated to cycling.  Financial investment in quality cycling infrastructure is indeed essential... but infrastructure design must also be good if cycling is to be as safe or attractive to many more people.  To address design considerations and address flaws in Irish cycling standards, Cian Ginty of has set up CyclingForAll, a national campaign calling for much higher design standards for cycling and walking in Ireland.

Essentially, this is a call to follow mainly Dutch-style design standards. The Cycling for All website has many thoughtful examples on matters of space, permeability, quality, priority, and other aspects of integrating cycling and walking into everyday transport.

Dublin Cycling Campaign supports the Cycling for All campaign. We agree that it's not enough just to spend more on cycling – money must be spent strategically and be spent well. You can get further information at the CyclingForAll campaign website.

And now the ball is in your court: Cycling for All is looking for people to sign the petition and bring it to the attention of your local council and councillors. We encourage you to sign up and to share the campaign widely.

Bikes are Delivering for Dublin!

Since the invention of the bicycle, Dubliners have been delivering goods around the city on two wheels. From butcher boys to post men, the bike has been delivering for Dublin for a very long time. Now with the improvement in Ireland’s economy and the need to enhance the efficiency of deliveries, while at the same time reducing congestion and its environmental impacts, cycle logistics are even more important for Dublin. Here’s what’s happening.

Since May 2017, Dublin City Council has facilitated an exciting and innovative pilot scheme run by multinational delivery company UPS. Early each morning, a container loaded with parcels is parked on-street in the centre of Dublin. A team of UPS personnel delivers the parcels by walking and by using cargo bikes and electrically-assisted cargo bikes.

In just eighteen months, UPS has managed to eliminate 200 stop/start truck movements per day by taking three diesel trucks off the streets of Dublin. This has led to a carbon reduction of 19,200kg CO2 per year. All this and they have increased the reliability and efficiency of their deliveries, because their walkers and cargo bike cyclists are not slowed down when the traffic gets heavy.

May 2018 saw the launch of our Last Mile Delivery SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) scheme. Co-funded by Enterprise Ireland, the challenge of how to improve deliveries in Dublin was put out to the market. Twenty-five companies made submissions and six were chosen for Phase 1, with really innovative solutions tailored to Dublin.

These include using consolidation centres and smaller city centre delivery hubs (more later!); a novel way to get your on-line shopping delivered by an in-store shopper; virtual loading bays bookable by app; another app that connects cycle logistics riders with city businesses who need something delivered; and an expansion of the UPS initiative which includes small electric containers hitched to bicycles.

Dublin City has 2 cycle sharing schemes - Just Eat DublinBikes and BleeperBikes a stationless bike scheme. These stationless bikes are growing in popularity due to their flexibility and have the potential to make a real difference in nudging modal shift!

Just Eat dublinbikes is a fixed station scheme - it has been a game changer for transport in Dublin. One of the most successful bike sharing schemes in Europe, it has been hugely significant in getting people to shift to pedal power.

Now Dublin City Council wants cargo bike sharing schemes. We see great potential in such an initiative and are looking at ways to make it happen. Through collaborating with and facilitating service providers, Dublin City Council hopes to see cargo bike sharing in Dublin by June 2019, just in time for Velo-City conference!

Following the success of the UPS operation, Dublin City Council enacted new bye-laws in November 2018 to facilitate companies to set up small, on-street delivery hubs in the city centre. Dublin City Council will favour hubs that use walking and cycling for last mile deliveries because we want to lower environmental impacts and reduce the damage to footpaths and the public realm from trucks. Operators will have to share some data with us so Dublin City Council can quantify the improvements, but cycle deliveries are much more city centre friendly and Dublin City Council want to do as much as possible to encourage them!

This article from Dublin City Council (edited) was posted on the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) Newsletter earlier this week.
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