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The long nights are here, so it's time to light up! Dublin Cycling Campaign volunteers will be handing out bike lights next week on Tuesday and Wednesday (between 5 and 6pm) in the city centre. We'll need a few volunteers for this so if you would like to help out, contact Vinnie Meyler at

We have a few invites for the coming days as well. The third inclusive Monthly Cycle will take place this Sunday 10th starting from Blackrock DART Station, two meetings are planned in South Dublin (Tallaght and Lucan) to get a new advocacy group started, and our next public meeting will take place next Monday 11th with a 'World Café' format. Find all the info and much more below.

Hope to see you at one or more of this events and...

Happy Cycling!
Dublin Cycling Campaign

World Café Dublin Cycling Campaign meeting

Dublin Cycling Campaign invites you to our ‘World Café’ gathering on Monday 11th of November in the Central Hotel.

You’ll move from table to table in a café-style format, as we harvest your freshest ideas on how to make Dublin a great cycling city. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the campaigns that we already have underway, meet other activists and to find opportunities for your contribution to Dublin’s cycling scene.

Come along from 6.30pm for coffee before kicking off the world café from 7pm.

New South Dublin Cycling Advocacy Group

A small group of cycling campaigners based in South Dublin is looking to set up a South Dublin Cycling Advocacy Group to engage with the councillors and officials of South Dublin County Council in relation to cycling facilities in the area.

To get this started we have organised two public meetings:
  • 6.30pm 12 November in Tallaght Library 
  • 8.00pm 26 November in Kenny's, Main Street, Lucan 
We hope local residents and councillors will attend. Come along or pass on the information if you know people who cycle around South Dublin and would like to get involved.

E-scooters / Personal Powered Transportation - Position

Last week delivered a submission to the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport on its consultation on E-scooters / Personal Powered Transportation. In essence, we are broadly very supportive of the increased use of new light-weight, space-efficient, low-carbon forms of transport in towns and cities, particularly in combination with public transport when car trips are being replaced. You can read our full submission here.

If this is a topic you are particularly interested in and would like to contribute to further developing our positions, then contact us in Dublin Cycling Campaign and via the usual channels.

Love 30 News

Love 30 sent three people, two from Dublin and one from Sligo, to the 20’s Plenty Conference in Waltham Forest in London.
There was an inspiring line-up of speakers from UK and Europe, lots of contact with UK campaigners, and an inspection of the “mini-Holland” walking and cycling infrastructure in the area. We heard about statistical analysis of the effect of 20 MPH limits in Bristol – all positive; how Wales is going for a default 20 mph in urban areas; how decreases in road deaths have been more significant for occupants of motor vehicles than for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists; and how public representatives across the political spectrum are agreeing on the need for lower speed limits.

10% of the Transport Budget for Cycling in Limerick

10% of Limerick’s road transport and safety budget to go to cycling infrastructure. That was the motion recently approved by the Travel and Transportation Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) of Limerick City & County Council. Cllr. Brian Leddin (Green Party) proposed the motion. highly commends the initiative of Cllr. Leddin, while noting that the approved motion now needs to be voted on at a full Limerick City and County Council meeting.

The Limerick Leader covered the topic in its issue of 17 October 2019.

Are you a cyclist or a wheeler?

If you are reading this article, the probability is that you understand that a cyclist is someone wearing their ordinary clothes probably in an urban situation but to most people a cyclist is someone in lycra riding at high speed a bicycle with dropped down handlebars.

In Ireland we have multiple names for rain. In Iceland they have multiple names for snow. In the Netherlands, they have two words for people who ride bikes. There is a “wielrenner” (wheel chaser / sport cyclist) and a “fietser” (everyday cyclist). How can we differentiate between the two in an English speaking country if we use the same word for both? We could use bicyclist but that would not be applicable to tricycles or four-wheeled “bicycle vehicles” which have been around for some time?

In recent years, new and innovative forms of personal transport devices have emerged such as electric scooters (e-scooters), Segways, hoverboards, u-wheels, powered mini-scooters (go-peds), and powered unicycles. Such devices may be classified as ‘Powered transporters’ - “novel personal transport devices which are mechanically propelled (propelled by a motor) as well as or instead of being manually propelled.” And this is not to mention hybrid or cross-over devices. So, what does you call the people who use such devices? Perhaps it is time to abandon the term “cyclist” to sport cyclists and instead adopt the term “wheeler” to cover people who use one wheeled or more devices. (This article appeared previously on the Maynooth Cycling Campaign Website).

Monthly Cycle this Sunday!

Monthly Cycles is a Dublin-based initiative, with the aim of bringing women in Dublin together each month for an inclusive cycle around the city. We hope to reach both those who are comfortable cycling, and those who are not quite there yet. 

Our third Monthly Cycle will take place on Sunday, 10 November at 1pm! We'll meet just outside the DART station in Blackrock. We'll then take a coastal pootle through Blackrock Park and the surrounding area. Naturally, we'll also incorporate a sit-down cake and tea / coffee along the way.

Please ensure you bring good working lights for your journey home by bike, as the evenings draw in an hour earlier since our last outing - and wrap up warm! :) You can find our meeting point at this Google Maps link

Help us grow our Business and Organisation Membership

To make Dublin Cycling Campaign more effective and better resourced, we need your help. More specifically, we want to grow our Business and Organisation Membership. Lunchtime talks can be a good way to start this conversation, so we want to do more. If you think your company or other contacts would be interested in becoming a member or hosting such a talk, please drop us a line
Fingal County Council has decided to introduce a School Streets initiative at St. Oliver Plunkett’s School.
It is the first of its kind in Ireland and aims to improve road safety, to promote active travel (i.e. walking, cycling, scooting, etc.) and improve air quality by reducing congestion associated with the school run.
The proposal includes restricting motor vehicle access to Grove Road, restrictions on parking and on right turns and the introduction of a one-way system.
The proposal aims to have a very positive effect on how pupils make their way to and from school and as a result improve the environment around the school.

Public Meeting on Bike Theft in Finglas

At a public meeting in Ballygall Community Centre, Finglas, on 22 October, over 50 people turned up to hear David Timoney from the Cycling Campaign give a short talk on the issue of bike theft and bike theft prevention and to have local Gardai explain the actions they are taking to combat the growing problem in the area.

The meeting was organised by Councillor Caroline Conroy from the Green Party who was responding to concern from local residents about the rise in bike thefts in the area and in particular the growing phenomenon of bikes being taken by gangs of teenagers from children while they are cycling.

The advice from the Cycling Campaign was to use a high quality lock and lock the bike to something immobile, even if stored in a back garden or shed.

The Garda requested that all bike thefts be reported, and that people take a picture of themselves with the bike and note the serial number, so as to be able to provide that information in the event of a theft. 

Carlow Cycling Campaign
A brand new cycling advocacy group!

On the 4th of November 2019, Carlow Cycling Campaign was launched at a well-attended public meeting on a very wet Monday night. It all took place in the lovely BeaNice Cafe in Carlow town. The meeting was organised by local secondary school teacher, Chris Davey, and attended by a great cross section of the community. It included local councillors (Fintan Phelan, FF, and Adrienne Wallace, PBP), the local postman who does his deliveries by bike, a local bike shop owner, members of Carlow Road Cycling Club and Slaney Valley Cycling Club, many mothers and fathers of school pupils, and some who had lived in much more cycling friendly environments such as Rotterdam.

The feeling among those attending was that Carlow was an extremely car-dominated town and had become increasingly hostile for those choosing to cycle or considering cycling for transport or leisure trips. 

Carlow Cycling Campaign will meet again in January and is to invite a representative from An Garda Síochána to the meeting to discuss illegal car parking on cycle tracks and other issues of concern to school-going children and their parents. To keep abreast of what is happening in Carlow, keep an eye on the Facebook page of Carlow Cycling Campaign. We wish our colleagues in Carlow Cycling Campaign the very best of luck!

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