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We have a news-packed newsletter with a last call to take part on the St Patrick's parade, a meeting on Saturday 12th, our monthly meeting on Monday 14th with the coordinator of the Dublin Smart Cities Project, and much more! 

As the year rolls in, Sarah Scannell, the new Dublin City Cycling / Walking promotion officer, is gradually settling in to her role and is liaising closely with Dublin Cycling Campaign. Catch up on her blog at for latest news from Dublin City.

All of the Campaign's good work would not be possible without the help of the hard-working members who volunteer so much of their time to making submissions, leading campaigns, liaising with city and national officials, running events and raising awareness about cycling issues. If you are not yet a member, why not join us today ?

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Dublin Cycling Campaign Council Meeting

Dublin Cycling Campaign is one of many cycle advocacy groups making up the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network, This Saturday 12th March these groups are coming together for the first all-island meeting of 2016. There will be representatives from all 4 corners of the island. Mike McKillen is due to step down as founding chairperson, after six years in post. Nominations are open for a new chairperson and vice-chair. There are two vacancies on the Executive Committee as well.

For cycling advocates there are many interesting topics on the table, including:
- News from all the local groups
- Agency reports, results of meetings with government departments and agencies on cycling initiatives
- National Cycling Coordinator report, with activities here in Ireland and links with overseas cycling bodies.
- Cycle promotion initiatives, including Bikeweek, and Cycle Officer developments
- Presentations on Stayin' Alive at 1.5 campaign and Love 30 Campaign
- Discussions on a variety of other topics, including development of Green Cycle Routes, Planning Consultation issues, Political Lobbying, etc

All cycling activists are welcome to come and join the discussions, but please let us know if you intend coming, by emailing by 5pm on Friday 11th March.

Final Chance to Join the Cycling Crew in the Parade!

With less than a week to go to the parade, we are finalising plans for our amazing cycling presence. This is your last chance to sign up and be at the heart of the largest and most historically important St. Patrick's Day Parade ever - and to ride your bicycle with several hundred thousand of people lining the streets beside you!

Click here for all the details! 

Abandoned Bicycle Tag 

Dublin City Council has developed an Abandoned Bicycle Policy and implemented the use of 'Abandoned Bicycle Tags'. These tags will be placed on bicycles that, by their condition, appear as abandoned. Flat tyres on both front and back wheels, buckled or missing wheels, damaged frames or heavily rusted chains and sprockets will be taken as indications that the bicycle has been abandoned. You can check all the details here.

Ireland to miss its EU emissions targets

Ireland is unlikely to meet 2020 EU greenhouse gas emission targets for sectors including agriculture, transport, residential, commercial, non-energy intensive industry and waste. Agriculture and transport are projected to account for over three-quarters of Ireland’s non-Emissions Trading Scheme emissions in 2020: agriculture (47%), transport (29%). Current and planned policies and measures are not sufficient to meet the 2020 targets.

VeloCity Global 2016

Former chair of the Campaign Will Andrews represented Irish cycling advocates at VéloCity 2016. This is the European Cycling Federation's global conference and it was held this year in Taipei. As well as the usual 'high achievers' from Denmark and The Netherlands, Will spoke with hardworking advocacy groups from China, Thailand and the Philippines, where ballooning mega-cities are too often ignoring the benefits of cycling.

The heavy hitters of Taiwan's bike industry were there too, including Giant, Tern and Merida. Claus Fleischer from Bosch promoted electrical bicycles, apparently seeing a good profit margin in sales of their battery technology. Urban design featured: planner Ricardo Marini's quote "Since Taylorism, human efficiency has become more important than humans" memorably pointed to what's wrong with much recent town planning practice. Will also caught up with some ECF officials to remind them of the hard work going on in Ireland. We're looking forward to Will's presentation on the conference next time he's visiting Ireland, watch this space!

Dutch EU Presidency launches “Europe, let’s go cycling” campaign

Cycling takes a prominent stage in the current Dutch EU Presidency. From April 14 to June 30, the ‘Cycling Festival Europe’ will take place with activities in all 28 EU Member States. A preview was given with the official launch of the campaign on February 14, Valentine’s Day, with photo shoots from Dutch Embassies across all Europe.

 If you are organizing activities or have innovating ideas to contribute to our mission or have examples for the cycling promotion toolbox, you can share them with the organisers at 

Seeking New Technologies to Grow Cycling in Dublin

Our next monthly Public Meeting takes place on Monday next, March 14 at the Central Hotel in Dublin 2 @ 8pm. Dublin Cycling Campaign is part of a new joint initiative with Dublin City Council and Enterprise Ireland to fund small business entrepreneurs to come up with technological ideas to help cycling grow in Dublin.

It is a really exciting development, particularly in the context of reduced national funding for active travel generally, and it is a real opportunity for small businesses to turn ideas into realities. The overall level of funding is €100,000, and if accepted the funds are provided upfront and risk-free to the business. This is a pilot initiative under the Dublin Smart Cities project, which aims to put Dublin at the forefront of technologically smart development. Jamie Cudden, the coordinator of Smart Dublin is the keynote speaker on the night, and will give an update on the Smart Dublin project as well as the Cycling Smart initiative.

Cyclists give RESPECT

Dublin Cycling Campaign have been working assiduously over the past year and more to agree a major RESPECT campaign for all road users with Dublin City Council. This initiative aims to improve road users' behaviour to each other, to be more respectful, and to recognise the 'duty of care' that we all have to each other. It focuses on the behaviour of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle drivers, emphasising the inter-dependency between us all.

We have finally managed to get the main agencies involved around a table and they have agreed to broadly support this initiative, and work together.

The agencies at present involved are: Dublin City Council, National Transport Authority, Road Safety Authority, Garda Síochána, Automobile Association, and Dublin Bus. Dublin City Council will be the lead agency, with direct cycle campaign involvement. It was also agreed to invite all three other Dublin local authorities and the TII (Luas) to support the project.

It is all about sharing the road space safely and respectfully!

Love 30 Campaign & South Dublin Updates

Love 30. Work is ongoing in all four Local Authority areas in Dublin on introducing 30 km/h speed limits in residential areas. Love 30 Campaign is supporting all these proposals for 30 km/h.

Love 30 Campaign issued a Vision Statement. The leaflet was given to election candidates during the General Election Campaign. All parties have now been asked to include 30 km/h in the programme for government.

Check out the Love 30 new website!

South Dublin. We submitted observations on the proposed Grange Road Scheme. South Dublin County Council have informed us that they plan to start work this year on the area surrounding the new entrance to St. Enda’s Park.

South Dublin County Council is conducting a Consultation on Proposed Material Alterations to Draft County Development Plan 2016-2022

Deadline is Tuesday 29th March 2016. Make your own submission or send your views to for inclusion in the Campaign’s submission. Representing Cyclists in Media Debates

We have continued to represent everyday cyclists in media debates on cyclist safety - a big thanks to our Spokesperson Dr. Mike McKillen for his ongoing work leading the way here.

Our latest interview on RTÉ Radio One took place on Wednesday 9th March 2016, this time with's Dr. Damien Ó Tuama debating road safety issues with Dr. Mark Delargy, a consultant in the National Rehabilitation Hospital (on Rochestown Avenue, Dun Laoghaire). Our main argument is that public policy needs to prioritise interventions such as reducing motor traffic speeds and introducing a mandatory 1.5m overtaking distance of cyclists, rather than fixating on helmets as the most important (or only) measure. 

Here's a link to the show on iTunes.

Climate Mitigation and the Irish Transport Sector

Back in December, just days before the historic COP21 Paris Agreement, Dublin Cycling Campaign and attended a forum hosted by the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) to explore the Opportunities & Challenges for Climate Mitigation in the Irish Transport Sector. Read about the cycling related points raised during the day here

Shopping by bike: Best friend of your city centre

According to a new study by European Cycling Federation (ECF), European cyclists spend an impressive 111 billion euros in retail every year and if the share of cycling was doubled, this would create 28 billion euros of additional revenues for city centres, towns and villages all over Europe.
Check out the full article on the ECF's website.
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