Velo-City Arts Project: eTextiles and wearables workshop for cyclists (12 places) this weekend! 

Velo-City Arts Project: eTextiles and wearables workshop for cyclists 

As part of The Citizen Cycle, an arts programme for the Velo City Conference, media artist Cliona Harmey is looking for participants to take part in a series of beginners hands-on art workshops which will culminate in the development of an artwork using wearable electronics for the VeloCity Bike Parade. Participants will get to learn about programming and systems based art while developing a series of of portable signs or signalling devices and will experiment with developing “wearables” which will be used during a performance for the VeloCity Parade.

Workshops will take place at a location close to city centre on 3 Saturdays in May. Places are limited to 12 participants (adults/teenagers over 16 yrs). Please email to book a place. and click here for more info. 

Participants will need an internet ready computer (mac, pc, chrome) in good repair (smart phone access is a plus but we can also share data).

Basic computer literacy is a prerequisite.

Participants need to commit to all 3 workshops and parade prep.


WORKSHOP/DISCUSSION I - MAY 11(Sat) 10am -1pm Project intro & hands-on workshop- etextiles
WORKSHOP/DISCUSSION II- May 18 (Sat) 10am -1pm Combine Electronics with everyday materials
WORKSHOP/DISCUSSION III -MAY 25 (Sat)10am -1pm Electronics - movement & planning

Prep for Velocity Parade - June 8th - Choreography and movement
Participation - Velocity Parade 26th June, 4 - 6 pm

We are looking forward to seeing (and experiencing!) what will come out of this collaborative work! 

Stay tuned, 

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