A vote will take place on Monday 13th May on the successful contraflow lane trial on Mountpleasant Avenue Lower to Mountpleasant Avenue Upper

Dublin City Council has just completed an assessment of the trial of the new traffic management arrangements on Mountpleasant Avenue Upper, Rathmines. The full report is available below as a PDF, but we have copied in immediately below the Executive Summary of the report. Please email your Cllr before 3pm on Monday 13th of May and ask them to implement the contraflow lane longterm. 


The following health and safety concerns were reported at Mountpleasant Avenue Upper, such as excessive traffic and mounting of the narrow pavement by vehicles on Mountpleasant Avenue Upper. Dubln City Council objectives were to provide traffic safety measures and to help to eliminate rat-running traffic in the area. In order to create a more sustainable city, and support the Dublin City Council development plan, and in accordance with national policy, places emphasis on the need for a modal shift from private motorised modes of transport towards public transport, cycling and walking.


The Traffic Advisory Group recommended on the June 2018 South East Area Committee Meeting the following trial: A No Straight Ahead Signage (Except Cyclists) to Mountpleasant Avenue Upper from Mountpleasant Avenue Lower and, No Right Turn (Except Cyclists) to Mountpleasant Avenue Upper from Richmond Hill. Vehicles cannot enter from Mountpleasant Avenue Lower and Richmond Hill to Mountpleasant Avenue Upper. As a results the traffic would have to divert to the main arterial roads in the Area.

Project outcome

The elimination of through traffic from Mountpleasant Avenue Lower to Mountpleasant Avenue Upper has significantly reduced the risk to pedestrians and cyclists. There was a complete elimination of vehicles traveling from Mountpleasant Avenue Lower to Mountpleasant Avenue Upper. There were no vehicles observed to be mounting the footpath on Mountpleasant Avenue Upper and with reduced volume of vehicles from Canal Road into Mountpleasant Avenue Lower. These improvements have encouraged more people to choose to walk or cycle by making the experience safer and more pleasant. Safer, more attractive and vibrant streets benefit everyone by generating more sustainable liveable communities. Some of the vehicle trips which previously used Mountpleasant Avenue Lower and Upper have dispersed onto a number of other streets in the vicinity of the scheme. As some traffic was diverted to Richmond Hill, the implementation of new traffic measures will be recommended in the area. There are now lower volume of vehicles travelling from Canal Road and Grove Road and Rathmines Road Lower in the morning and evening peak. There is a large decrease in outbound traffic that was rat-running from Canal Road and Grove Road into Mountpleasant Avenue Lower. During morning peak, there is a similar amount of vehicles travelling from Mountpleasant Avenue Upper inbound to Mountpleasant Avenue Lower, and turning left to Richmond Hill. During evening peak there is less vehicles driving from Mountpleasant Avenue Upper to Mountpleasant Avenue Lower and from Mountpleasant Avenue Upper to Richmond Hill. With the introduction of the scheme the numbers of cyclists will continue to increase in the area. It is Dublin City Councils professional recommendation the changes should be made permanent with a view to providing enhanced safety measures in this area.

Full details and results are on the website and a template letter to send to your Cllr

Councillor Chris Andrews 087 2851515 Pembroke-South Dock Sinn Féin

Councillor Kieran Binchy 0871774365 Pembroke-South Dock Fine Gael

Councillor Claire Byrne 0877467872 Pembroke-South Dock Green Party

Councillor Mannix Flynn 0872246664 Pembroke-South Dock Independent

Councillor Frank Kennedy 0873383972 Pembroke-South Dock Fianna Fáil

Councillor Dermot Lacey 0872646960 Pembroke-South Dock Labour

Councillor Paddy McCartan 087 2248817 Pembroke-South Dock Fine Gael

Councillor Sonya Stapleton 0871475209 Pembroke-South Dock Independent

Councillor Patrick Costello 087 9431494 Rathgar-Rathmines Green Party

Councillor Anne Feeney 0872955256 Rathgar-Rathmines Fine Gael

Councillor Mary Freehill 0868126378 Rathgar-Rathmines Labour

Councillor Ruairi McGinley 0868301111 Rathgar-Rathmines Independent

Councillor Claire O’Connor 0876644013 Rathgar-Rathmines Fianna Fáil

Councillor Dr Paddy Smyth 0860676598 Rathgar-Rathmines Fine Gael


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