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A lot is happening thins month in Dublin (and Ireland!) with the Velo-City Conference "Cycling for the ages" is taking place for the second time in the fair city and another year of National Bike Week events. We will be involved in many events so we hope to see you there! We are still looking for volunteers for some events so check out the posts below. 

If you are paid member of the campaign we are providing 5 half price tickets at 425 Euro. This includes attendance to the 4 day conference and special dinner in Guinness gravity bar on Thursday evening and Tea&Coffee and light snacks everyday. Check out who is speaking If you are interested contact Conor Cahill <> if you are interested. If you are thinking of becoming a more active volunteer why not take some time off and see what cycling advocacy is all about!!

One of the highlights of every city conference is the Bike Parade, an all-ages event of pure fun! Please help us spread the word and invite people to it and if you're not attending Velo-City, please also register for the event.

Happy Cycling!  
Dublin Cycling Campaign

Are you Bike curious? 

If so, why not come to Trinity to explore how Dublin can embrace cycling for the ages?

To support our partners in Dublin City Council hosting the global cycling conference Velo-City, Trinity is delighted to invite the public to an evening of exploring the possibilities for cycling in Dublin.

Trinity has very high modal share for cycling and we would like to see segregated cycling between our campuses and residences. We believe both Trinity and Dublin would benefit.

There will be an academic research showcase, a student innovation showcase on cycling, an innovative Dutch Cycle Lab hosted by BYCS Amsterdam and a seminar entitled "Cycling Towards a Low Carbon Future". See the full programme here.

We look forward to welcoming members of the public to one of the most beautiful areas of our campus for an evening of knowledge sharing, idea generation and debate.

When: Monday, 24th June 5.30-9pm
Where: Trinity's main square.  You'll see our gazebo when you come through Front Arch

Dear Freedom Machine Suffragettes 

You are invited to lead the Velo-city Dublin 2019 parade which is really exciting.
I do hope you can join us as we lead a parade of up to five thousand delegates and members of the public in the biggest ever cycling parade. 

You can either join us at the start of the parade at 3.30 pm Wednesday 26h June at a location just by the national conference centre. We are gathering at the Luke Kelly head statue. We will then lead the one thousand five hundred delegates from the international 2019 Velo-city conference. Or you can join us when we reach the Sails statue on the Clontarf promenade at the corner of the Alflie Byrne road, where we will be joined by up to four thousand cyclists of all ages, participants arriving at 3.30 pm will be entertained before the parade starts.  When we get to St. Anne's Park there will be a Velo-city festival with entertainment, activities and food stalls suitable for all the family until 8 pm. I'm also producing extracts of the awarding winning play Spokesong written by Stewart Parker and directed by Lynne Parker the performance will start at the Luke Kelly statue and travel out in the parade to be continued in St. Annes Park. 

We also have a crafting workshop to make more banners and sashes if you would like to join that on the 23rd June 11.30 am - 5.30 pm at 44, lower Gardiner Street Dublin 1.  
The banners will be collected from this historic Georgian building just before the parade on the 26th June at 2.45 pm and fitted to your bicycles. 

Please let me know my return if you want to participate in this unique event, I need to confirm the numbers, full suffragette costume is essential as always.  
The event is suitable for all ages, you might prefer to join at the Sails statue with children. 
I will also need to know numbers for crafting day on the 23rd. 

All the very best and I'm really looking forward to us all getting out together again as the Freedom Machine lading the Parade this time!!! VOTES FOR WOMEN!!!

All the very best 

Donna Cooney
M. 083 3317190

Women on Wheels

Women on Wheels is a group of volunteers with Dublin Cycling Campaign including: transport planner Giulia Grigoli, social scientist Aíne Tubridy, journalist Louise Williams, and policy advisor Janet Horner, as well as Conor Cahill, a long-time volunteer with Dublin Cycling Campaign and active travel researcher, academic Robbie Egan and gender advisor Brian O Domhnall. After a year spent researching the experience of women who cycle in Dublin, Women on Wheels will be presenting their initial findings to Velo-city 2019.
   “Our aim is to build a picture of how our streets can and should work for everyone,” explains Louise Williams. Janet Horner adds: “While violence, harassment and intimidation were themes throughout many of their experiences, overriding that were feelings of liberation, joy and well-being which cycling brought to the women’s lives.”
   The research involved listening sessions as well as a two-week period with a group of 20 women who used the Liberty Bell research platform in order to record their experiences as cyclists. They also kept a diary, and took part in de-briefing sessions. The women who participated in the research reported a range of experiences, highlighting joy as well as the safety strategies that they implement every day as they navigate the city. “I refuse not to feel safe – I won't let someone take that from me,” said one participant. Another referred to the challenge of starting to cycle in Dublin: “I’m a pretty competent cyclist; but it took me two or three years to pluck up the courage”
   Women on Wheels found that women adapt their routes and use complex strategies to navigate the risk of harassment and the dangers of Dublin's fragmented infrastructure: “I always use my voice as well as the bell so I always ring it and say ‘thanks so much’ or ‘have a great day’ - something positive so people don't feel like they're being roused on,” said another participant.
   “There is a gap in the data which is currently available on the gendered use of public space,” explains Giulia Grigoli who will present the ‘Women on Wheels’ findings to the Velo-City 2019 conference. “This is a significant oversight.”
   The research was planned and monitored by Aíne Tubridy who points out the potential for cycling for women in Dublin: “this project shows that the women who do move around the city by bike experience huge benefits – we would like to see much improved infrastructure in Dublin to support more women on wheels.”

Hear more about Women on Wheels research on June 25th, 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm as part of the session 'Overcoming Imbalances: How to make cycling inclusive for all? In Liffey Meeting Room 3'.


June Cycle Tour Dates for your Diary!

Check here to see details of a fantastic selection of country-wide cycle tours on offer this June both to conference delegates and Dublin Cycling Campaign members.

Hosted by both community groups such as Skerries Cycling Initiative and commercial cycle tour companies, there is something for everyone. Tours include a cycle down the Royal Canal, a bike/hike tour of Yeats Country, Sligo and a guided tour of Limerick city. Leitrim Cycle Festival (June 21st-23rd) and Cork Cycling Festival (June 29th-July 5th) bookend the conference.

A great way to meet and chat with international delegates.

Pre-Velo-City masterclass 

The Dutch Cycling Embassy and Cycling Embassy of Denmark are thrilled to partner on a single-day, pre-Velo-City masterclass—featuring Danish and Dutch experts—which will highlight best practices from both countries, and leave attendees with concrete steps to take back to their home cities.​

The masterclass will take place at the Danish Embassy in Dublin from 11.00 to 18.00 on Monday, June 24th, and will wrap up with a networking reception hosted by Danish and Dutch diplomats. With a limited number of participants and a bargain price of just €190, you will need to act fast to secure your seat.​

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to go in-depth outside of the existing conference structure, exploring the successful principles behind Dutch and Danish policy making and infrastructure design. Attendees will be asked to identify specific challenges from their local context, and then work with specialists from both the public and private sector on solutions that directly address them.​

If you would like to attend this exciting session, please register your details by clicking the link below.



The Challenge:Seeking the most innovative and market ready smart cycle tech solutions to shape the future of cycling in cities.

The Opportunity: There is serious ambition to scale up cycling in cities across the world. It will require major investment in cycling infrastructure, increased promotion of cycling as an option, radical policy decision making, and a step change in attitudes to cycling in cities.  We also believe there are a number of short term improvements possible through the application of smart, low cost innovative and scalable technologies.

In line with our push towards  healthier, more liveable cities we are seeking technology and data driven proposals that address the following areas:

a. Seeking Better Data - Better use of cycling data to understand issues

b. Promoting Safer Cycling - Both actual accidents and perception of safety 

c. Cycle Security - Improving cycle parking, and reducing bicycle thefts

d. Intelligent Transport System on Cycling - Better integration of cyclists into intelligent transport systems

Further infor

Dublin Bay Bicycle Party

Wed 26th June from 3.30pm

Free, family-friendly summer fiesta for everyone, young and old, on two wheels. The 4km cycle starts from 3:30pm, Wed 26th, June, at the Windsculpture opposite the Garda Station, Clontarf and finishes at St. Anne's Park for fun and activities. More info here. And you can register here!

RSVP and share with friends, family, neighbours, classmates and colleagues on Facebook

Country-Wide Cycle Tours

Dublin Cycling Campaign and have put together a beautiful selection of country-wide cycle tours. These tours are not part of the Velo-city conference but may interest delegates who never want this Velo-city week to end! This is your chance to relax, meet local advocates, share a chat and a cycle (and of course a pint!). Including self-guided, local-guided and tour-operated, there is something for everyone’s budget and interest, in Dublin and throughout Ireland! 

Check them out here!

National Bikeweek 2019

We are still looking for volunteers for some fun events during BikeWeek:

1  *Dublin Community Gardens Cycle* – cycling between, and hosting at, a variety of Community Gardens around the City - a wonderful event culminating in a celebration at the Mud Island community garden in North Strand - Contact
2  Cycling Photo Exhibitions and Dutch Film Shows, to heighten awareness of Velo City Conference 2019 and Bike Parade - volunteers needed to mount exhibitions and send us your best cycling photos! - Contact
3  Phoenix Park evening Heritage Bike Tours - We need volunteer marshals for 4 evening tours during Bikeweek - contact
4  Special Irish Writers’ Literary City Bike Tour – Volunteer marshals required - Contact
5  Joyce-Cycle Tours for Adults and Children - Volunteer marshals required - Contact

Join Us! Become a Member – or Even Better an Active Member!

The Dublin Cycling Campaign is a completely voluntary group working on behalf of all cyclists in Dublin. The more members we have, the quicker we can transform the city and culture for the better. Join today! As a member you will receive a Cycling Rewards Card that gives you discounts at over 40 cyclist friendly businesses. 

Active Members
We have an email list where we occasionally send out requests for help with specific jobs or events. If you would like to be added to the list please fill in our Volunteer Form. Being on the list is not an obligation to do work, but you might see something you would like to help out with.
Stewart Parker’s play, Spokesong; songs and excerpts from of the play with live musical accompaniment will be performed at St Anne’s Park starting at the Convention Centre Dublin and joining the Velo-city delegates for the Velo-city Bike Parade on June 26th. The award-winning play, which is centered around a bike shop, is a celebration of the history of the bike as a democratic force. Actors will make the journey to the the performance on a tandem bike and on a mobile stage towed by a bicycle! 

Cast Martha Breen, Karen McCartney, Shane O’Regan  Pianist and Musical Director Helene Montague Costume Design Iseult Deane Directed by Lynne Parker Supported by Rough Magic Theatre Company. Produced by Donna Cooney Production stage Manager Cian Mulhal Sound Benny Lynch

Commissioned by Dublin City Council Arts Office for Dublin  Velo-city 2019

Bicycle Mayor programme 

BYCS is opening a BYCS Lab in Dublin for Velo-City as an official side event of Velo-City

Cycling is more than transportation, it is transformation. Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS pursues this change in a number of BYCS Labs around the world to innovate, test and scale cycling innovations. In a special pop-up BYCS Lab during Velo-City, BYCS offers an official side-event with workshops, movies and keynotes for both Vélo-City audience as the people of Dublin. BYCS Lab is located right in front of the Dublin Conference Centre.

More info coming very soon… Stay tuned!

Cycle Logistics
Wood Quay Venue, Monday 24th June 2019

European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference 2019, in partnership with Dublin City Council, is being held in Dublin for the first time.

The ECLF Conference will explore the commercial benefits to the city of cargo bikes and cycle logistics, with Irish and European speakers from the logistics industry, cycle logistics experts and practitioners from the DCC Transportation and SMART CITIES offices. Studies show that over 50% of motor vehicle trips moving goods in our cities could be switched to bikes. In fact, cycle logistics could help to achieve a number of EU targets – reduce congestion and CO2 emissions, create more sustainable jobs and promote growth & innovation.

The conference is organised by the European Cycle Logistics Federation in partnership with Dublin City Council and in collaboration with VELO-CITY 2019 and the EU project CityChangerCargoBike. Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet with producers and operators, to learn from the world's top experts and try first-hand the versatility and efficiency of cargo bikes!

Warm showers

If you can provide accommodation via warm showers for delegates visiting it would be appreciated.
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