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In the first newsletter of 2017, we are doing our own recount of the past year, and we would like to tell you of the plans of the year(s) ahead of us. 

There will be a lot of public consultations around Ireland in the upcoming days and it will be important to have the voice of the cyclists heard (see article below with dates and useful links). 

We will hold a Strategy Session on January 28th and we would love to have loads of people like you there to help us reshape the aims and goals of the Campaign and to plan immediate and long term actions. 

And if you want some perspective about facing cycling in winter weather in the upcoming months, come to our next meeting and learn about how they do it in Iceland, "the land of fire and ice"! Central Hotel, Monday 9th of January, 8pm. Hope to see you there and...

Happy Cycling!  
Dublin Cycling Campaign

Iceland, a Surprising Cycle Heaven. Monday 9th January 8pm

Dr Paul Corcoran, Chairperson of Dublin Cycling Campaign, and Dr Damien O Tuama, National Cycling Coordinator, will lead us into the New Year 2017, with a series of images and descriptions of cycling in Iceland. Come along to our meeting on the 9th January at 8pm in the Central Hotel to get an idea of what its like to cycle around Iceland the “land of fire and Ice”. Paul and Damien will provide some of the highlights of cycling through Iceland, and how cycling campaigners are faring there! The presentation, as well as the commentary, will provide stunning images and amazing views of the Western Fjords. Detailed Iceland cycling maps will also be available for those who attend the meeting!

And come along also, to find out how you can help in pushing the cycling agenda in Dublin and around the country, and learn the latest news on the Irish cycling scene. Support Dublin Cycling Campaign’s vision of a vibrant Living City where everyone can safely enjoy everyday cycling and walking!

A Time to Rethink: 
Campaign Strategy Session 

Every two to three years, Dublin Cycling Campaign hosts a special session in which we evaluate our aims and reflect critically on what we are currently working on. We then develop a new strategy for the short to medium term. We think the time is right for another such session and we would love to have you on board. All cycling campaign members are welcome to take part. If you are not a member why not join today!
The event will take place on Saturday 28th January. Time to be confirmed, but it will more than likely run from 11:00 until approximately 15:00 with lunch included.

Click here for the full story.

2016 – Was it a Good Year for Cyclists?

Dublin Cycling Campaign and the national organisation have had a pretty busy year overall, with some very positive happenings, as well as the inevitable disappointments and low points!

In cycling terms in Dublin the appointment of Ireland’s first full-time cycling / walking promotion officer, with a specific remit in the area, and a brief to liaise with Dublin Cycling Campaign has led to overall better communications between Dublin City Council and the Cycling Campaign. The fruits of this were seen in a number of initiatives, in particular the success in winning the Velo-city 2019 bid for Dublin.

Dublin City Council remains the flagship local authority (LA) for development of cycling and walking friendly initiatives. It has led the way on 30 km/h rollout, in comparison to other LAs. It has continued to increase on-street bike parking.  It has committed to the Liffey Cycle route and the development of College Green Plaza against trenchant opposition from some business quarters. It has cycling representatives on its Transport SPC and an active Cycle Forum. We need this to be replicated countrywide.

Nationally, made a formal link-up in 2016 with Cycling Ireland, the sports cycling representative body.  This has led to increased liaison in a number of areas, which are critical for cycling advocacy to grow. We've also initiated a strategic link with Stop Climate Chaos and initiated a national Love 30 Campaign to reduce speed limits countrywide.

We made over 20 submissions on cycling related issues in the past year. We've organised the largest cycle protest ever held in Ireland, as well as a variety of cycling related events. We met with nine government departments and agencies, and a variety of Local Authorities. We progressed our move to charitable status, and we have now got an active member, Damien O Tuama elected to the board of the European Cyclists’ Federation.

Funding for cycling may have stagnated in 2016 generally, but progress is being made on planning and development of projects, as well as funding becoming available through a variety of sources for rural Greenway developments.

Paradoxically, disappointments in 2016 were mainly on the funding front, but also in the limited imagination of many local authorities in rolling out 30 km/h proposals under speed limit reviews. There have been low points; including the death of 10 cyclists, and some very serious cycling injuries. Our thoughts go out to the families and friends of these victims.

In 2017 we want to see a greater push on investment in cycling here in Ireland, but we need YOU to help us to make that push. All of our work is done by volunteers! It may be hard to believe, but it is our members who make it happen. So if you haven’t yet joined the Cycling Campaign please do so now

Get Writing! - Get Active!

A number of local authorities and national agencies seem to take inordinate pleasure in encouraging us poor common or garden activists to get active with the pen / laptop over the Christmas holiday period, by scheduling responses to a variety of important consultations for the month of January!

This year is no exception, and right now some of our active campaigners are working away, writing furiously on submissions, to meet the following upcoming submission deadlines.  The consultation deadlines are listed below in chronological order, with links to the relevant websites.  It’s your chance to make a difference, by making a submission on any or all of them!

9th January 2017: Galway County Council 30 km/h consultation process. Links to the Campaign’s DRAFT submission are up on website, if you want to get some ideas.

12th January 2017: Kilkenny County Council are exhibiting proposals for a Greenway between Waterford and New Ross. While most of the scheme is on a disused railway line there are some details that are not very clear!

18th January 2017: Irish Rail are inviting submission on its Rail Review 2016. Issues of public transport and access for bikes need to be raised.

20th January 2017: South Dublin Council are proposing landscaping improvements to the N81, Some of which affect cycling negatively. It also has junction improvements and new park areas. Have your say.  

27th January 2017: Offaly County Council 30 km/h consultation process.  Links to the Campaign’s DRAFT submission are up on website, if you want to get some ideas. 

27th January 2017: Department of Transport Tourism & Sport are seeking submissions on the plans and environmental assessment for the Dublin to Galway Greenway.  Check it out

27th January 2017: The National Transport Authority (NTA) have extended the deadline for observations on the proposed Ringsend to Seapoint section of the S2S. Here is another chance to add to the submissions in favour of this project. Many residents along the proposed route are raising objections. Check out the Campaign submission here. And make your submission via the NTA website here.

31st January 2017: Dublin City Council have developed a Parks Strategy as mandated under the City Development Plan. Cycling in parks in Dublin can be problematical, but is due for an upgrade. You can check out the Strategy and make your submission here.

Bicycles in the Parade 2017?

Dublin Cycling Campaign has been invited to take part in the 2017 St. Patrick's Day Parade. Hurray!!! The official theme of the parade is "Ireland You Are" and we are trying to figure out how we might integrate into that theme the important milestone that is the 200th anniversary of the invention of the bicycle in 2017!

However, a bicycle presence in the parade can only happen if we get the right volunteers on board, not just to volunteer to take part on the day, but also to develop our concepts, think about and build costumes, think about bicycle formations / movements on the day, find and coordinate volunteers etc - there is A LOT of work involved!

Ideally we will secure a budget to enable us to create a really strong bicycle presence, but again all of this will only happen with your help. If you are good at organising, are creative, or generally want to help make bicycles a core part of the 2017 parade, then pop along to our next monthly meeting on the 9th January.

Love 30 Update

The good news is that Dublin City Council has decided to introduce 30 km/h within the canals (with the exception of distributor roads) from 31 March 2017. Phase 2 will see 30 km/h in selected suburbs of Crumlin, Drimnagh, Sandymount and parts of Ballymun / Glasnevin later in the year.  Also, South Dublin looks set to introduce 30 km/h in all residential estates in 2017. Love 30 says well done to these progressive local authorities! Here’s hoping many more will follow soon.
Lots of local authorities around the country are proposing 30 km/h speed limits in residential estates.  Some of the proposals are quite limited and Love 30 has told these local authorities that we would like to see 30 km/h limits in ALL residential estates, in town and village centres, and outside schools. 
Public Consultations are still open in Galway (deadline 9th January) and Offaly (deadline 27th January) if anyone wants to make a submission.

2017 – Let's Make it the Year of the Bicycle!

Just 200 years ago, in Mannheim in south-west Germany, on June 12 1817, Baron Karl von Drais first took his two-wheeled invention out for a spin to the suburbs. His Laufmaschine, or running machine, was most definitely the precursor of what we now know as the modern bicycle. This 200th birthday must be a cause for celebration for us! 
Full story here!

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