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We have exciting times ahead in Dublin with a project to redesign Dublin's Liffey cycling and walking facilities. And you can have your say on this one! Dublin City Council is seeking feedback from all road users on the four proposed options. It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey, which can be found here and there is time to complete it by Friday 17 of April. We think the Option 3 is the best one (though it could go even further) and we recommend reading Cian Ginty's blogpost on it

You can hear more about the options at our next monthly meeting, on Monday 13 April at 8pm in the Central Hotel, Exchequer St. Brendan O’Brien, Head of Technical Services, and Christopher Manzira, Senior Executive Engineer, both from Dublin City Council, will present a detailed update on the four options to help make your decisions. 

We hope to see you on Monday but even if you cannot make it, please remember to complete the survey (and forward the information to fellow cyclists and pedestrians!).

Happy Cycling!  
Dublin Cycling Campaign

It’s time to love 30 km/h!

“The movement for lower speed limits where people live, work, shop and learning is gaining momentum across the whole world” says Rod King, the founder and campaign director of 20’s Plenty for Us. Rod was in Dublin on the 2nd April to speak at the RSA conference on children and road safety. He also met with cycling campaigners to advise us on how we can campaign for 30 km/h speed limits in Ireland. Rod gave his first talk on 20mph speed limits at Velocity 2005 in Dublin. In the 10 years following that he set up 20’s Plenty for Us which now has over 240 local groups with the result that over 14 million people in the UK now live in 20mph (32 km/h) zones. Lower speed limits have been shown to cut the number of children under 14 killed by 60% and those injured by 40%.

Rather than leaving speed limits to be decided by each local authority, Rod favours a national default 30 km/h speed limit in residential areas. Higher speed limits would be the exception where a local authority decided, based on local knowledge, that these would be safe. His talk at the RSA conference is available here.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has supported groups such as Jake’s Legacy who are calling for lower speed limits. If you want to get involved in our campaign for 30 km/h speed limits in residential areas contact at Irish Cycling Show - 18-19 April / Dublin Cycling Campaign are looking forward to exhibiting at this year's Irish Cycling Show taking place in the RDS Main Hall, Dublin. It'll be open on Saturday 18th 10:00 - 18:00 and Sunday 19th 10:00 - 17:00.

Do swing by if you are free over the weekend. We will be pushing the 'everyday commuting / utility cycling / transportation cycling / cycle-friendly cities' angles, so we'd be delighted if you can drop by our space and say hello.

Equally if you have some free time on Friday afternoon (17th April), we may well need a hand bringing our paraphernalia across from Tailor's Hall, Christchurch to the RDS (and then back on Sunday evening). Let us know at our meeting on Monday (13th April) if you can help out (or else email National Cycling Coordinator at

Stayin' Alive at 1.5

This is a great campaign which and Dublin Cycling Campaign strongly support. Do take a moment to add your name to the petition. Kudos to Phil Skelton for his Trojan work on this campaign!

Giant Store Dublin Supports!

We're delighted to announce that Giant Store Dublin on the Longmile Road is putting its weight behind the work of A sincere thanks to Richie Byrne, General Manager of the store, for supporting's National Cycling Coordinator with a generous donation. This funding helps in putting cycling centre-stage in transport planning on the national and local stages.

Richie is equally well known as the Godfather of Irish Mountain-biking - everyone who has ventured out onto the trails over the last 25 years in Ireland will have encountered (and never forgotten!) Richie!

If you feel tempted to add a knobbley-tyred machine to your bicycle collection - or treat yourself to a new road or commuting bike - we can highly recommend dropping into Richie's store. Be sure to mention to them where you heard about them!

Bicycles Brighten up St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Dublin Cycling Campaign had it's most colourful presence ever in the parade with around 80 taking part: 30+ adults on Dublin Bikes, 25+ on cargo-bikes / bikes with trailers (including young children and one dog!) and a further 25+ children on their own little bikes.

We're already beginning to bounce ideas around as regards the 2016 parade. The theme in 2016 will be 'The Future' and we are sure that bicycles will be right at the heart of the future of cities and of transport...

Dublin City News, the Good and the Bad

Despite the continuing fall in funding for sustainable transport over the past number of years, at a time when funding support for major road schemes is increasing, it is not all doom & gloom!

The BAD NEWS is that the National Transport Authority’s allocation for 2015 has been considerably reduced – to €25 million this year. In turn Dublin City Council’s allocation from this pot has reduced to €12 million (compared to €22 million in 2014!)  If projects are to progress, then the Council needs to supplement these funds from other sources such as planning levies, parking meter monies, etc.

Despite these cuts, there is still some GOOD NEWS and progress on a number of key flagship projects: 
Construction is due to start next month on the section of the S2S between Dollymount and the Bull Island Causeway on the north side; construction will be completed on the works in the Stephen’s Green area; construction is due on the South Quays 2-way cycle track between Lime Street and Talbot Memorial Bridge; the new road widening on the Swords Road at the Cat & Cage in Drumcondra will open in May. 
The proposed Liffey Cycle Route is about to go through a non-statutory public consultation process; both the Royal Canal & Grand Canal proposed routes will soon go to public consultation; and the important radial route from Fairview to Amiens Street will also go to consultation in April.

So - good and bad news! – but still some significant movement, and Dublin Cycling Campaign / have recently impressed on Minister for Transport Paschal Donohue.

Spinning for Marriage Equality! 26 April

'Want to support a Yes vote in the upcoming Marriage Referendum AND get out on your bike? There will be a leisurely spin around Dublin city centre on Sunday 26th April, starting from Rothar Cycle Cafe in Fade Street (just off George's Street)  at 11 a.m. sharp and finishing at Fixx Coffeehouse (another cycling supporter!) in Dawson Street. Wear your brightest, most colourful clothes (rainbows very much approved of!) and have flags, bells, horns and/or whistles to raise awareness of the campaign to the onlookers. Refreshments will be available at the finish, along with a few spot prizes.
As we will be travelling on the public roads sensible clothing of course is recommended, and children especially are encouraged to wear helmets and to be accompanied by an adult.
The event is supported by YesEquality, Rothar Cycle Cafe, Fixx Coffeehouse and Dublin Cycling Campaign. You can share the event here and we hope to see you there!
Bishop St

New pedestrian cycling friendly junction

Alterations to Traffic Arrangements on Bishop Street from February 1st 2015. Positive new developments by Dublin city council in erecting 3 trees that block vehicles from exiting onto Aungier Street from Bishop Street. This section of road was very dangerous for pedestrians crossing in front of the DIT campus entrance and for cyclists travelling down from Camden Street. This is part of the Dublin city councils plans in making Dublin a more livable city and should be commended.The closure is designed to improve traffic flow along Aungier Street, particularly in light of the increased bus traffic in the area, due to recent Luas Cross City diversionary works.
The closure will make it safer for both pedestrians and cyclists passing through the junction and improve the environment for local residents by reducing traffic along Bishop Street.
The closure will initially be implemented for a trial period of 6 months, with a view to making the closure permanent should it prove successful.

Women cycling in The Netherlands

International Women’s Day was on 8 March, a time to uphold women’s achievements, recognise challenges, and focus greater attention on women’s rights and gender equality. How does this relate to cycling? Numbers, it's all about numbers. The 2012 DCC Conference covered this topic, when it was estimated that 1 in 4 of Dublin cyclists were women. That has shifted somewhat since, with the expansion of dublinbikes helping.

Mark Wagenbuur in his blog Bicycle Dutch summed it up by quoting the Guardian - “Dutch cities are equipped with networks of separated bicycle paths, and as a result they actually have more women cyclists than men.” Meanwhile Newcastle campaigner Katja Leyendecker in looking at statistics stated that the potential for levelling the transport playing field is immense and should be vastly rewarding and empowering for women too.

Back in Dublin Seymour & O’Mahony's Case Study of the Grand Canal Cycle Route also concludes that the provision of high quality segregated cycle infrastructure has the potential to widen the participation levels. Want more people using bicycles? Then make urban cycling a lot more attractive for women.

Join Us! Become a Member – or Even Better an Active Member!

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Active Members
We have an email list where we occasionally send out requests for help with specific jobs or events. If you would like to be added to the list please email us at and you might let us know if you have a particular skill that might be useful. Being on the list is not an obligation to do work, but you might see something you would like to help out with.

RSA's Annual Research Conference

The theme of this year's RSA international one-day conference was 'Children and Road Safety'. A theme given added impetus by the ongoing Jake's Legacy campaign for 20 km/h speed limits in housing estates.

Mike McKillen and Colm Moore from Dublin Cycling Campaign were invited to attend. Some 2.5 hours into the proceedings all we were hearing from speakers was about children not having the cognitive capacity to be safe even on a footpath never mind a driveway. Roseann Brennan jumped up to ask the chairman, Fergus Finlay of Barnados, why there was nothing about driver behaviour. Mike rowed in behind her. The Chair assured us that driver behaviour and speed limits would be later.

Unfortunately the research evidence shows that even teenagers are clueless and careless about road safety. Margaret Ryan (cognitive psychologist from TCD) is clearly one of the sources of the RSA's insistence that children under 12 are not capable of being in traffic on a bike on their own.

Charlie Bird (ex-RTÉ) produced three advisory videos for the RSA that were launched at the conference. These are good, provided that drivers go to the RSA web-site to view them, as they are too long to go on TV.

Rod King gave an excellent talk about 30 km/h speed limits, with plenty of advice for local groups wanting to put pressure on road authorities to get action. And so finally, we got to deal with inappropriate speed and driver behaviour.
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