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The months just seem to fly by! We have so much news to share since our last newsletter!  We really appreciate your prayers and love as we journey forward in Gembu!

We have had 10 students receive their empowerment tools and have started their new businesses in their villages or in Gembu since April 1.  We are so excited to see these young lives that have been changed and given hope.  To see them blossom into confident individuals who can read, do math, and problem solve in their respective businesses is truly a blessing to us as their teachers, but also to their families, future children, and their communities!

We have 17 students in business class, we will take our final business test on June 21 and our final prep class for this session on June 20.  Those that pass in the prep class will be interviewed with their caregivers before they start with their trainers in their career of choice.

Our reading classes are going well, Monday-Wednesday classes are for pre-readers as well as beginning readers, Thursday Classes are for transitional readers, and on Fridays, I am teaching English words, reading, writing, and spelling for children that know little to no English.

We have had a lot of building projects going on these past months and we are working on getting them all finished before we leave for home assignment the end of June.  A new clothes washing area for the family centre has been added, as well as underground drainage gutters to drain all the water from rainy season out safely, the retaining walls around the new cleared out area for future building has been finished as well as stairs beside the current computer training centre, the newly remodeled registration/triage area is working wonderfully and traffic flow is so much better with this space!   The new fire escape from the upper level of the Hospital building is done. The Infectious Ward renovation is moving forward as the building has been enclosed after raising the roof so that during rainy season the inside work can be completed as funds come in.

We celebrated World Glaucoma week at the Eye Centre with free glaucoma checks and informational meetings, World Hand Washing Day with a talk at the Clinic on proper handwashing techniques and the benefits of that, also for Menstrual Health Day on May 28 we had a reproductive health talk in our hall here at GECHAAN and distributed Days for Girls kits to Cameroonian Refugee women living in the Gembu area.  Because of our location being so close to Cameroon we have many refugees living here in our area as well as IDP’s from tribal violence and crisis.  Tina also trained 4 women to go with more kits to the more remote areas and do reproductive health and hygiene talks and distribute kits.  We have 375 half kits and 270 Deluxe kits that have gone to Cameroonian Refugee women in May and June so far.

We had two visiting nurses, Larry and Paula, come to GECHAAN for about a month to visit and work with our nursing staff on training, technique, encouragement, as well as procedures during their time here as well as praying for people and helping us determine which medical equipment to add next as funds come in.  The hospital has seen many people recover well these past months and we are so thankful for that.

Here is a brief report from the Hospital Chaplain about three people that he has been able to share the Gospel message with. Names are withheld for security:
“I the Chaplain shared the gospel message to many patients/relations during devotions in Lifeline Service Center, (GECHAAN Hospital). Devotion at Lifeline is done on daily basis and out of many who heard the messages, the following persons recently accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior from sin by clearly making it known to the Chaplain:
A lady was admitted in GECHAAN hospital with critical health problem, the chaplain shared about free salvation which Christ offers to everyone without discrimination to the patients in the ward where she belonged and she decided to accept Christ immediately after listening to the message. She said “Yes I believe that Jesus died for me and I accept Him as my Savior from sin and damnation” I (the Chaplain) prayed with her regularly until the day she was discharged.
A lady was seriously frustrated by her family members who abandoned her in her hospital bed because she was HIV positive. I shared the message of Christ to her. I told her that Christ loves her no matter her condition and even if no one loves her Christ still loves her so much and cares about her and will never abandoned her as her people did to her. After so much conversation with her, she said “I have believed” I want to identify myself with that Jesus who forgives my sins. She confessed that she will go home and identify herself with any local church in her village and be baptized when she is discharged.
A man brought his sick wife to GECHAAN hospital where she underwent surgery. I shared the gospel message about salvation to them and the two of them accepted Christ.  The man and his wife were full of thanks over the love and care they received from the hospital staff. They pleaded that I should pray for them and their entire community to receive Christ.
I know that I have shared the gospel message to many people who came to our hospital and I believe that those that the Lord has called, the Holy Spirit will one day convict them to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Many of the patients asked me to pray for them whenever I visited them in the wards. Some even requested for a copy of the Bible. Others engaged me with discussion and questions on what the Bible teaches on salvation and Christian conduct etc.”
We will arrive back in the US in early July. Please download the attached schedule, keep it handy and come visit us where we will be sharing.  We will be talking more about how the bad lightning strike we had in October affected the organization and how God has used that to open new doors.  As you can see we will be in Minnesota most of the time. We would love to come and share with your small group. Let us know when is good for you.

In His Service,

Dan & Tina Gibbs
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Joy Chica is our new teacher at GECHAAN, working with Hendrik, Funmi, Tina, and Simeon she has learned how to do reading classes as well as prep and business classes.  Joy is single and her mother has been ill.  Please pray for Joy as she moves forward in teaching at GECHAAN and her mother’s health as well.
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