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Happy December, we pray that you have a very special time with family and friends as we remember and celebrate our Lord Jesus’ birth!

November was quite a month for us here in Gembu! 

Building is continuing on.  The new staff lodge is being painted inside and the tile is going in.  The rafters are up and work continues to move forward on this project. We are planning to move staff in before January 1. The addition to the generator room is getting close to being finished as well. This weekend we installed the new generator and changed out some aging electrical equipment in the generator building.

Tina, Dr. Joseph, and Hendrick visited our 4 health club schools and talked with girls and boys separately about reproductive health, STI’s, and health.  Tina sold over a thousand  Days for Girls half-kits at a greatly reduced price as well as giving some as well as the post-partum kits we give when a woman gives birth at our hospital.

Tina did 3 weekly radio shows on “Being a Girl Child in Nigeria” and how parents and adults can help our girls.  We talked about health, education, and some of the dangers to females here in Nigeria.  The response during the call-in portion was wonderful. She also did a talk in the Clinic for patients and staff about “16 days of advocacy for women and children”.

We have started a new outreach for the hospital in 2018, GECHAAN Mobil Clinics (GMC.) In November we took 12 staff to a remote area for 2 days to do HIV tests, general health checks and share the Gospel.  The plan, by year end 2019, is to be doing one GMC outreach per month. In 2020 we hope to identify a couple of areas that we can establish small clinic’s with a couple of staff.

The hospital and clinic are moving forward and the blood bank was installed. In the past, if someone needed blood we had to look for a donor and that could take precious time away from a patient. This will be a huge benefit to our town we will even be providing blood for the government hospital also. Tina donated blood and we are excited about how the blood bank can help our community here.

Another part-time person has been hired to help with Days for Girls and we are really moving forward there.  We trained a wonderful young woman from Jalingo to make the kits this month and she is working on developing an Enterprise of her own. 

Our Prep Students have taken their TTP entrance exam and the ones that have passed will be starting with their trainers in January.  Our Business Class students took their test and those that didn’t pass will join our next business class group in January. We will have several students graduating from the program in the next month.  Pray for this program.  We are looking at how we can develop this program to become sustainable.  Currently, we are looking at sourcing funding for the training portion and doing microfinance loans for the business startup at graduation.  Reading classes are going well and we always have more students than we can handle well. We are working on interviewing teachers right now as well.

We are still struggling to recover from the lightning strike in October.  We have not been able to complete repairs on any of the inverters. We have ordered parts and worked on some of them only to find additional issues. So far we have been able to repair/replace the majority of items outside of the inverters. We have purchased a used 13KVA Diesel generator that is only a couple of years old for about $2,000. Because we have much less equipment that runs at night this is adequate to power the compound overnight. It is in very good shape and is much more fuel efficient than our big generators. 
We can run this generator for 12 hours overnight for about $20. So, for now, this is our solution to keep 24 hour electricity for the blood bank. Again if you are able to help us with a gift of any amount it would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping that this is only a temporary solution until we can get back to using solar.  To help us offset the cost of fuel we have opened a “Viewing Center” in the hall.  People are very interested in soccer here but most have no way to watch matches. We have 3 tv’s set up hooked to satellite. So evenings and weekends we can play matches for a cover charge. Kind of like a sports bar without the bar.  The restaurant is making popcorn and a few other snacks so they will benefit from it also. People pay about $0.30 to come and watch a single game.  We are also looking at other options to take advantage of the 24 hour light to offset costs.

In His Service,

Dan & Tina Gibbs
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We reported last month on the Leadership Summit it was once again beneficial for all that attended. We thought that you may enjoy reading some of the comments that we received back after the Summit:
James Chigia: “I have never attended a program in life that is as inspirational as the 2018 Global Leadership Summit. The messages I received from the summit speakers transformed my life. For example when I went home and keep reflecting on what Craig Groeschel said, that (Good leaders have a caring Heart and a heart to inspire others). This statement helps me to reflect on whether I have cared and inspired my followers enough. I am strategizing on how to deepen my caring for others in order to inspire them to put in their best. I feel I have committed so many blunders in the ministry.  I did leadership the wrong way. But with the teachings I have received from this summit, I know that the right thing for the Lord and humanity would be done from now henceforth in my organization. Just as Carla Harris said, (we can learn from our mistakes to be successful). I went home and shared some of the insights I gained from the summit with my coworkers and my family members.
Mr. Martin Meme, “I felt cheated for not being part of the previous summits. I never knew that a wonderful and educative program which is so beneficial use to take place every year here at GECHAAN. The GLS I attended was just too good for me. No wonder the Bible says, the word of God is sweet as honey.  I wanted the summit to continue to like four days before ending.  I promised never to miss any of the subsequent summits. I gave some pastors who were not privileged to attend the summit the books I bought during the summit for them to read through in order to gain some ideas of what the World – class leaders have for the world today. I advised my colleagues in the ministry to start planning and savings towards next year’s summit”. 
Rev. Peter Chiendel: “I wanted the summit to continue so that I can keep learning from those talented world class leaders to tap from their wealth of experiences. I really covet their wisdom and feel God should help me to also grow in the knowledge of God in order to help younger leaders to lead according to God’s purpose. I used to feel badly discourage when trouble strikes in my life or family but Erwin McManus, erased that thought in my mind through his teaching. All I need to do is, (to put myself in the hands of the Lord for Him to push me further in my leadership role). I enjoyed the summit program beyond what I expected”.

Rev. Simon Ali:  “The messages were inspirational; I wish the churches leaders were all involved in this summit for great transformation in the church of our Lord Jesus Christ”
Pastor Elias Minister:  The summit was excellent. I wish the entire church leaders in Sardauna Local Government should have attended the summit for fast spiritual growth in the churches here on Mambilla Plateau. For me I was blessed through this year’s summit. I will put some of the leadership principles into practice and I hope to see some growth and positive changes in the church I serve as a pastor”.
Rev. Samson Kandala:” I thank God for attending this year’s summit. The good thing I did was that I taped all the messages presented by all the speakers on my phone. Beside the first day of listening to the speakers, I have listened to the messages severally on my phone and have received the heart bit of the messages. I have attended the GLS three times now and have promised never to miss any subsequent summit in life because every time I attend the summit, I gain new insights which help me in my leadership role. The summit is a great opportunity of learning so many good and well articulated ideas which can enhance once leadership skills. In this summit I was struck with the statement which John Maxwell made about leadership, that for a leader to be a visionary leader, he must deliberately (put himself in places of meeting people and that will begin to expand one’s mind). I also like what Danielle Strickland said, that  (to make the world a better place men and women must learn to live together, consider each other in decision making and share responsibilities). I have used some of the leadership principles I learnt in the previous summit to mentor my church leaders and I have seen great changes among the leaders and the church in general. I want to thank the organizers of the GLS and want to encourage them to continue with the program because it has positive impact on church leadership globally”.

Dan & Tina Gibbs Missionaries to Nigeria

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Employee of the month: Daniel Fumlack is a Consultant that has been with GECHAAN for many years and graduated from seminary two years ago as well. He is a husband, father, and grandfather.






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