Feb 2015

Time to update you on the happenings here in Gembu!  On February 7 we started 24/7 care with our 16 beds.  Since February 1 we have enrolled over 200 NEW patients! It is crazy at the Life Line Centre, but God is surely confirming that competent, quality health care in all aspects including HIV/AIDS is what this area really is in need of.

February 13 we took a trip to Abuja to purchase hospital equipment and get supplies.  We came back with 12 hospital beds and mattresses, an operating table, solar batteries, our repaired inverter, and many items for AWANA, Days for Girls, and food that we are not able to get in Gembu.

When we arrived back in Gembu, we found that Bernie and Lily Lemke had arrived about 3 hours before us. Bernie is an Architect and came for the purpose of gathering data and information to draw a site plan and architectural plans for our next new building, a surgical and maternity ward.  The Lemke’s were missionaries with North American Baptist in this area in the late 90’s, early 2000’s and have retired, yet still do some projects in the area.  We currently have an electrician, brick layer, and tree cutters working on various different projects around the compound, getting ready for building.

Art, arrived in January for a visit and has been very busy. He just returned from a trek he did to several needy, very remote villages where he visited the TEE pastors and the area. He also had an opportunity to meet with the Governor of Taraba, as well as giving the Governor’s wife a tour of this needy area.

We are now selling Days for Girls Kits in our Pharmacy at the Life Line Centre and Tina has been going to schools and meeting with women’s groups talking about reproductive health and how these kits can help the women and girls in our area.

The AWANA program is continuing to go well.  We are preparing for another 5 day intensive training in April and excited about the prospects of the boys and girls in Gembu coming to know God, Love Him, and serve Him. We anticipate the cost for this event to be about $1,000, please consider a donation to help us with these expenses. If you are able to help please give here and let us know the amount..

Our Staff Person of the Month is Quinta, Quinta came to GECHAAN in December of 2015.  She is a young, single woman and is doing a wonderful job nursing and serving our patients well here.  Here she is teaching a family member how to feed and care for a baby that is less than a day old.  This little girl’s mother passed away shortly after giving birth this morning.  Please pray for Quinta this month as all of our staff is stressed with running hospital care 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
In His Service,

Dan & Tina Gibbs
Standing Beside

Dan & Tina Gibbs
Missionary Appointees to Nigeria
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Please let us know how we can pray for you!

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