Hello from AllSides! Today is November 30, 2022.

Here is today's list of the top news stories with reports and perspectives from sources on the left, center and right.

Trump's Dinner With White Nationalist Draws Backlash From McConnell

See coverage from Associated Press, Reuters, and Fox News (Online News).

Senate Passes Respect for Marriage Act in 61-36 Vote

See coverage from LGBTQ Nation, Axios, and National Review.

Oath Keeper Founder Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy in Capitol Riot Probe

See coverage from NewsNation, Washington Examiner, and NBC News (Online).

South Korea Scrambles Fighter Jets as Russian, Chinese Warplanes Breach Air Defense Zone

See coverage from The Independent, Reuters, and Fox News (Online News).

Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Biden Admin's Deportation Policies

See coverage from The Daily Caller, Reuters, and CNN (Online News).

How Is China's Government Responding to Anti-Lockdown Protests?

See coverage from The Post Millennial, BBC News, and New York Times (News).

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