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As concerns about misinformation and fake news grow, AllSides is launching a new section of our website: AllSides Misinformation Watch.

This effort will help you identify and avoid misinformation about the most important stories and issues facing the U.S. today. Here's what's it entails:

Our main Misinformation Watch page offers a range of tools for breaking down misinformation, including:

  • Our “What is Fake News?” explainer, with real-life examples
  • Our Facts and Fact Checking section, where you can compare fact checks from sources across the political spectrum
  • Translations of what “misinformation” and “disinformation” mean to people across the political spectrum
  • The AllSides Fact Check Bias Chart™, which reveals the media bias of top checkers, such as Snopes, Politifact,, and more
Visit the Misinformation Watch Page

Our newest blog series is focused on viral examples of misinformation, as well as misleading or unsubstantiated claims. 

We summarize claims, give examples of how voices throughout the political world and media furthered the claim, provide context, and arrive at a conclusion about whether the claim has merit.

Recent installments include:

Read More Misinformation Watch Blogs

Similar to our How to Spot 16 Types of Media Bias guide, we’ve published a list of tips and tools to help you recognize and avoid misinformation. The list includes tactics such as: 

  • How to research writers and sources
  • How to trace claims by using hyperlinks and search engines
  • How to read past sensational headlines

The guide also includes plenty of real-world examples of misinformation to help you visualize and build resiliency against fake news.

We’re also planning to introduce a “Report a Lie” feature, allowing users to submit claims that they’d like AllSides to fact check or provide context on.
Visit the How to Spot Misinformation Guide

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