Hello from AllSides! Today is August 1, 2022.

Here is today's list of the top news stories with reports and perspectives from sources on the left, center and right.

Grain Shipments from Ukraine Restart Under New Deal

See coverage from Associated Press, Washington Examiner, and NBC News (Online).

Verizon Drops OAN from TV Product

See coverage from Slate, Breitbart News, and Newsweek.

Big Oil Companies Report Record $51.5 Billion in Profits in Q2

See coverage from Fox Business, The Guardian, and Wall Street Journal (News).

Lawmakers Contested on Reinstating Indoor Mask Mandates

See coverage from ZeroHedge, MarketWatch, and ABC News (Online).

Major Kentucky Flooding Leaves At Least 25 Dead

See coverage from Washington Times, Wall Street Journal (News), and New York Times (News).
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