Hello from AllSides! Today is August 4, 2022.

Here is today's list of the top news stories with reports and perspectives from sources on the left, center and right.

What Does Kansas' Abortion Vote Mean for the 2022 Elections?

See coverage from The Nation, National Review, and Newsweek.

Senate Votes 95-1-1 to Ratify NATO Membership for Sweden, Finland

See coverage from The Hill, Fox News (Online News), and CNN (Online News).

Ayman al Zawahiri’s Death Places Spotlight on US Foreign Policy

See coverage from Financial Times, Al Jazeera, and Washington Examiner.

Biden Signs Executive Order to Help Women Cross State Lines for Abortions

See coverage from Reuters, National Review, and CNN (Online News).

Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan Trip: 'Courageous' or 'Reckless'?

See coverage from New York Times (Opinion), CNN (Opinion), and New York Post (News).
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