Hello from AllSides! Today is August 12, 2022.

Here is today's list of the top news stories with reports and perspectives from sources on the left, center and right.

WaPo Says FBI Sought Documents on Nukes at Mar-a-Lago; Trump Supports Unsealing Warrant

See coverage from The Guardian, Reuters, and Fox News (Online News).

Man Attempts to Breach Cincinnati FBI Office, Dies in Police Standoff

See coverage from NewsNation, Washington Examiner, and NBC News (Online).

CDC Relaxes COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

See coverage from Axios, The Blaze, and CNN (Online News).

DOJ Moves to Unseal Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant

See coverage from The Hill, Washington Examiner, and Politico.

Inflation Reduction Act: Would New IRS Tax Enforcement Target the Middle Class?

See coverage from Washington Post Fact Check, Fox Business, and CNBC.
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