Hello from AllSides! Today is November 21, 2022.

Here is today's list of the top news stories with reports and perspectives from sources on the left, center and right.

Child Illness Surge Strains Hospitals, Parents

See coverage from The Blaze, Wall Street Journal (News), and CNN (Online News).

Shooting at Colorado LGBTQ Club Leaves 5 Dead

See coverage from Colorado Springs Gazette, Washington Examiner, and NBC News (Online).

Elon Musk Lifts Twitter's Permanent Ban of Donald Trump

See coverage from New York Post (News), Associated Press, and Reuters.

FIFA World Cup Kicks Off In Qatar Amid Numerous Controversies

See coverage from Axios, Washington Post, and Fox News (Online News).

William Barr Believes DOJ Has Enough Evidence to Indict Trump

See coverage from Axios, New York Post (News), and HuffPost.

Pennsylvania House Votes to Impeach Philadelphia District Attorney

See coverage from The Daily Caller, Associated Press, and Wall Street Journal (News).

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