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Hello Paper Fiesta Friends!
It’s been a while and I hope you are all healthy.
What a year so far huh?
The month of May came and went really quick. Mother’s Day, graduations and birthdays kept us busy with balloons, cards and gifts. We offered local deliveries and let me tell you, Natick is much larger than I thought!  Natick’s such a beautiful town and we feel so fortunate too have so many wonderful customers supporting us while our doors were closed.   THANK YOU y MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!
My newsletters are filled with fun and light talk and this one will be too, but first I want to touch on a topic that may be hard for everyone, Black Lives Matter. The murder of George Floyd woke something up in me. I usually never watch violent videos. Not sure why, but this one pulled me to watch it. I cried Paper Fiesta friends. George Floyd repeating “I can’t breathe”, calling for his momma, the bystanders asking police to check his pulse, the police just standing there not doing anything about it, it was too much. Our Black brothers and sisters are being killed for no reason, not only from the police, but from viruses and violence. We have to stand up and do something.
I, Paula, am a minority. People look at me and automatically see my skin color and don’t think I am Hispanic. I have experienced racism, but not to the extent of what some of my family members or our Black brothers and sisters have received and are still receiving.  The worse that has been said to me is being told that “You are in America, speak English.” I’ll never forget a conversation I had with my cousin.  He is darker than me and he was expecting his second child.  He already had a girl and I was telling him that maybe his second will be a boy, isn’t he excited?  He looked at me, took a sip of his drink and shakes his head and says “I hope to God I won’t have a boy. The injustice that he will receive just by the color of his skin is too much and not fair”. We ended having a conversation on how he and his oldest son (previous relationship) have been treated unfairly because of the color of their skin and he didn’t want that for his unborn child. 
I consider myself lucky that my elementary and high school each were so diverse. I grew up in Brookline and you might think Brookline is all rich white folks and there is a good amount of them, but there are also a lot of minorities. My best friends during elementary school and high school were Black. Gigi, Renee and Chandra.  I’m still friends with them and when we get together, we are able to be open and talk about race. I have a customer named Tony, Natick resident and a Black man. We first met in December of 2018. He came in to purchase some socks. (I’ll never forget the first couple months open, because I took note on who bought what, I was excited that customers liked what I had in the store!) Tony and I started talking that day and we talk every time he comes in. Our topics range of so many things!  One of the talks we had was about race.  I think it was during Black history month and I had books for sale on that topic. He came in and bought a couple books and we have had great discussion on race. He has recommended a couple of things to watch and we discuss what I watch whenever he comes in.  I am lucky that I can talk to him about race.
Back in February, my husband and I took our daughter to a forum at Natick High School called “I’m not I?” They gave us a list of documentaries, books to read, organizations to follow. The 3 of us had a great discussion afterwards. Educating our children starts at home. We have open conversations about racism and how Black people are treated differently. They have cousins that are biracial and I try to make them understand that they will be treated differently than us because of the color of their skin. I tell them to speak up if they see anything that doesn’t seem right. I have watched the movie the “The hate u give” with my teenage daughter. She is now reading the book and I will read it after her. I recommend watching “I am not your Negro” with James Baldwin. PBS had this on a couple of years ago and I watched it.  We are educating ourselves more on Black Lives Matter and that learning DOES NOT STOP. This is all a teaching and learning experience for them and also for me. On May 30th, there was a Black Lives Matter rally in Natick Center. Once we closed our curbside pickup, my daughter and I went outside and stood with our signs. This was organized by Natick High School students! Everyone was being respectful about where they were standing and everyone was wearing a mask due to COVID19.  I asked how she felt after we stood there for more than an hour and she felt like she was doing some good. I believe our youth is our future and they will change the world. CNN did a special with Sesame Street on race and can I tell you, no matter if you have kids or not, it was a great!  Paper Fiesta friends, I hope you are all being educated and teaching your young ones and even old ones, like your parents, about why we are saying Black Lives Matter and on why there is still racism in our country. I hope that once everything quiets down that we will keep fighting for our Black brothers and sisters. We all must do better.
I hope you all find yourselves with a Tony or a Chandra in your life and be able to talk them about their experiences and race. We should all be listening and learning.  I have a selection of books for kids on race, empathy and kindness in the store for sale. That was my rant friends, let’s just keep fighting the good fight.   If anyone wants to talk or needs resources, feel free to reach out. I will be more than happy to give recommendations or have a conversation.
In other news, I want to announce that PAPER FIESTA IS OPEN!!! After almost 3 months of being closed and being anxious on whether I will be able to survive or not, I am still here and open!!  I do have shorter hours for now and as time goes on, I will probably be open longer. There are guidelines to follow so when you come, please follow them, especially with wearing a mask.
June was the end of the school year, Father’s Day and the official start of summer! This distance learning was not only hard for the teachers and students, but also the parents. They understandably have had a tough time to adjust and I know they were all trying their best, including us parents. It will be interesting to see what will be happening in the fall. 
July: Summer is here! Natick did not have a 4th of July Parade this year, but hoping it will be bigger and better for next year! I’ll be closed on Monday’s for the months of July and August. If you are having a gathering, just remember to socially distant yourself and wear a mask. It’s so hard not to get together especially during the warm weather, if you do so, be safe!
I am hoping to have a sidewalk sale later this month or in August. The sale will be of items that didn’t sell and will be discounted up to 50% off! I will most likely announce it on Social Media, so give me a follow on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date!

Couple of dates:
June was Pride month
June 14th: Flag Day. Let’s be proud to display our flag, even though there is a lot of things going on. Let’s all hope for the best.
June 19th: Juneteenth:  Also called Freedom Day. It’s the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved African Americans.
June 21st: Father’s day: We hope you got a gift for your dad!
June 21st: The Summer Solstice.  First Official day of summer.  Do not forget to wear sunblock!  Even on cloudy days😊
July 4th: Independence Day

Well my Fiesta Friends, that’s it for now. Enjoy your summer and make the most of it. A lot of our plans changed due to COVID-19. Personally, I might have seen it as a bother, but as time went on, it was a blessing. I was able to slow down in life and be more present with my kids and parents. I cooked more, played games, made puzzles and just have had amazing conversations with the family… For that I am grateful and feel blessed.
I hope you made happy memories throughout this pandemic.
Until next time,
Paula xo
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