Self esteem and confidence.
For your health, your pet and the planet.
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I will be at the

New Energy Festival

Sat 2nd March, 2013
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Beau Monde International,
934 Doncaster Road, Doncaster

Tickets: $10

On the day I will be doing:
- talk /mini workshop
- 20 minute readings, healing or consultation
- competition / prize draw 

My free mini workshop is from 1:20 - 1:50 pm

Love to see you there

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Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for my courses advertised in the last newsletter. I have been developing, using and testing new techniques and so have completely re-written the course.

The new ways are much simpler, freer and cater much better to unique gifts and talents of the individual. It is all about finding a technique that suits you, rather than you trying to suit the technique.

Great news for you and your pet, as everyone is different and just like you, animals communicate with their own accent (so to speak).
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Self-Esteem Package

Clear up your old self-esteem issues, increase your confidence and work towards creating your dreams.

This value added package includes:

1x 1.5 Hour Initial Consultation

2x 1 Hour Consultations

2x eBooks
- "What is your pet trying to tell you?"
- "Getting Confidence" 

PLUS 2x 15 Minute On-call* Support Calls 
to keep you on track and help get you through 'those moments'

* 10am-5pm Mon- Fri 
Over $600.00 in value

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Moose: Pagan symbol for self-esteem without ego
Seahorse: Represents confidence and grace
YELLOW the colour of optimism, confidence, cheerfulness, joy and happiness.
My intention in all my work is to improve and increase confidence in your own abilities to make the best choices for you and those in your care (your pets). So that you can rely on yourself, not on me.

To develop self-esteem and confidence to trust your own intuition and to listen to your own voice and body.

To assist you to find the key to unlock any blocks to achieving what you are drawn to do. 

If you are ready for change, sometimes it just takes a different approach to unlock your unlimited potential and open you up to a new world of possibilities.

If you do what you love to do and love your increadible and amazing life, your pet will be loving it with you. As healthy people have healthy pets.

What is going on?

First of all I am exhibiting at the New Energy Festival at Beau Monde International in Doncaster on Saturday 2nd March. It is a small boutique festival where I and about 30 others will be exhibiting. More details and links are contained in the left hand column. Would love it if you can pop in and say hello or join in my free talk/ mini workshop from 1:20 -1:50 pm.

I came across the quote below in a newsletter I received and felt compelled to share it.

The quote has made such an impression on me I've decided to change my plan for this newsletter completely as the quote says way better than I can what the animals have been telling me for years and it forms the foundation of the way in which I work. It appears this is the message being communicated and is what we all need to hear right now.

We really do owe it to ourselves to be more confident, empowered and happier with ourselves...and our pets will love us for it. It is what they want for us.

“It is funny humanity as a whole feels that we have no impact on this reality. How can we believe so little of ourselves that we feel we are just blowing in the wind, as if by accident, just witnessing or being a victim of this reality. The big issues we face today on Mother Earth are directly related to our lack of self-esteem. Isn’t it funny that clearing up old self-esteem issues could save the Planet! Think about it! We need to realize, honor and respect our creative force and realize we are creators. We hold this reality together. We are the keepers of the Earth. When we truly honor ourselves and our awesome creative power we will again live in a sacred way where we honor all life. When we honor all life the essence/spirit of all living things will manifest.”

Maya Elder Hunbatz Men

Self Esteem

The best way to help our loved ones and pets is to improve our own self-confidence, self-esteem and do what we are here to do and what we love doing. There is always someone who wants what you have to offer.

Our animals are patiently teaching us in many ways how to develop self-esteem and confidence... but do we really listen? And if we listen, do we apply it to other areas of our lives? 

When our pet's are 'misbehaving' and challenging us to create boundaries and consistency, do we apply it to ourselves and others in our life too? If our pets walk all over us, is it because we allow others to do it as well? Or, do we do the other extreme and keep others out with walls or barricades rather than healthy boundaries?

Creating healthy boundaries is an important part in developing self-esteem which actually creates more joy, safety and security for our pets, and for ourselves. If we cannot stand up for ourselves, we cannot stand up to others. And stand for ourselves we must if we want self-esteem.

Whether we do it consciously, or not, we create our lives by the choices we make, or do not make. If you do not make choices - do you truthfully want others to make your choices for you? 

If you do not trust in your own ability to make choices, start with making small choices that you intuitively feel compelled to make.

A useful exercise to practice with might be to making a menu choice under 30 seconds. You can do this by: 
  1. Setting your intention to select the healthiest or tastiest dish on the menu
  2. Intuitively pick and order the first one that stands out on the menu even if you have never tried it before
    Once done, think no more of it, trust that it will deliver to your intention
  3. Enjoy the dining experiences
  4. After you have finished your meal do a quick check
    Did the dish meet your intention?
    If so, congratulations you have just made a good quick choice
    If not, did your intention fit your desire? 
This is a great exercise as it does three things:
  1. Helps you set your intentions more clearly
  2. Exercises your intuition in making choices
  3. Improves your trust in your choices, even quick ones.
Creating  vs Manifesting

Many manifesting techniques taught today focus on the masculine methods, which is basically active visualisation and actively doing. For many women (and some men) this may feel like you are doing for the sake of doing, which may lead you to not achieving your goals and dreams because you are too exhausted, busy or caught up in the act of doing. 

We then begin to believe that dreams do not come true and that we cannot create what we want in our lives, or that it is all too hard. Then our old reactive responses come out to play, which further sabotage our efforts where resulting action or inaction just plays out to confirm the worst of what we think about ourselves, our confidence dives and self-esteem plummets. Our dreams are crushed and we wonder why we even bothered to imagine it would all work out.

The feminine way of creating is more about being than doing. The feminine nurtures and develops her creations, the masculine is more about action, the one big effort, now lets go hunting! The feminine way is more intuitive and intent driven action. Having an intention for every action is a very powerful and easy way to create. "This action will create ___." is a way of creating growth and developing fresh focus on your dreams.

Think of your dream or creation like a baby. It starts with a few cells and as the cells multiply and divide they differentiate into legs, arms, head, heart etc. Now your creation starts with a few thoughts that you would like to bring to life and as the thoughts multiply and divide into actions you need to take that will form your creation or dream (your baby). 

The feminine way is about creating consciously, with intent, and allowing the time it takes to develop. It is not the frenzied action of the masculine way of manifesting.
Foundational Choice

I have found an important part of making choices and in making dreams come true is to choose foundational choices that create a foundation upon which all your other choices are made. 

As an example let's use the foundational choice "I choose to be healthy." When you make this lifestyle choice, all other choices you make in life  aligned to your foundation choice will be easier to action as they are all moving in the same direction and towards a single goal - to be healthy.

So if you want to lose weight, stop smoking or eat better (which are aligned to your foundational choice) you may find it does not matter which path, method, technique or action you take they are more likely to work because they are aligned with your being and your intended action.

Foundational choices generate self esteem and confidence and creates life choice to which all choices flow and align. It is the ground upon which you wish to stand.

Some suggested foundational choices might include:
"I choose to be true to myself"
"I choose to be the leading creative power in my life"
"I choose to be free"
"I choose to live from my heart" or "I choose unconditional love"
Confidence & Intuition

Self-esteem, confidence and intuition form a triangle. We need confidence to follow our intuition and when we follow our intuition we gain self esteem, which gives us confidence and makes it easier to follow our intuition again. Without the others, the triangle collapses.

Without confidence and self-esteem it is harder to follow our intuition and without intuition it is difficult to improve self-esteem as we may not have the required self belief in our choices.

Fortunately for us we usually have confidence, intuition and self-esteem in some areas or aspects of our lives, which can be applied to other areas where we may find it less easy or natural. For example we may find it easy to form a trusting and loving relationship with our pet, but less easy with people.

When we know how to create healthy relationships with our pets we can apply these skills to relationships with people. Or we may have gained confidence in developing and maintaining healthy boundaries with our pets which we can then apply to developing healthy boundaries at work. See how many ways our pets can help us.

If you are struggling to create the life you want and are finding that all the positivity in the world is not making any real change to your life then you need to change your underlying beliefs. Even the most positive intentions and feelings cannot paint over, mask or cover up the underlying anger, regret, victimisation, non forgiveness or deep seated negativity. 

Is your life how you want it to be?
Do you know what is holding you back?
Do you want to move past this and reclaim your self esteem?

Sometimes we are too close to see our own 'stuff' and may need some guidance to help uncover these. Take action with the intention to address these issues. Book an appointment. 

An exercise in intended exercise

When you exercising do the following exercise in intention.
  1. What is the intention of your exercise?
  2. Are you using your muscle or your might?
    What do I mean by this? Are you actually using the muscles you intend to exercise or are you forcing or overriding your true power source?
    If you are doing sit ups to strengthen your abdominals - are you using your abdominal muscles or are your back muscles (because it is easier)?
    If you are struggling when walking or running are you engaging your biggest and strongest bottom muscle (gluteus maximus) or are you using your hamstrings, calves or sheer force and will power?
  3. Ask your body to engage the appropriate muscles
    It helps if you know anatomy, but simply touching the area of the muscles or visualising them in your mind  will suffice. Such as touch or visualise your bottom muscles and ask them to engage or touch/visualise your abdominal area and ask that they be engage while doing sit-ups.
  4. Maintain focus on those muscles while exercising (they will automatically engage after a few times) and notice that it is easier or more intensely working now that you are using the appropriate muscles. 
By doing your exercises consciously and with intent you may find your workouts will be more effective and you will get better results quicker.

Modify this exercise to suit other activities
(replace muscle for power)

Use conscious choice and intended action to create the results you want

I have tried this technique on my animals as well. If I notice their gait is out a bit (but there is nothing physically wrong) I ask them to engage the appropriate muscles. After injury them may need to be reminded to change back to a healthy gait. You may also find that your pet 'switches off' the same muscles you do.  

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