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Feature Story

Directors Message

It’s hard to believe we’re two-thirds of the way through the year already! A lot of accolades and achievements to celebrate for members and associates of the centre including PhD graduations, academic promotions, a new centre Chief Investigator, prestigious awards and new publication acceptances. Also don’t forget to check out the list of seminars available to watch and our new faces, including a welcome increase in research visitors and arrivals from overseas. Travel is ramping up over the remaining months of 2022, including a large delegation to the 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2022) in Kyoto, Japan in a few weeks. I will be travelling substantially both domestically and internationally for the remainder of the year for conferences, presentations and meetings, but will stay in touch.  

In terms of what is happening behind the scenes, the centre executive is well progressed on working its way through the topics and todos raised at the retreat, planning the end of year centre retreat, planning strategic recruitment drives around PhD students, and starting to structure what 2023 looks like in more detail. The centre is awaiting outcomes on a number of strategic project and grants submissions, and also in the final stages of submission of proposals, so watch this space! 

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Centre News


Congrats to Tobias Fischer who has been approved as a QUT Centre for Robotics Chief Investigator. 



Congratulations to our associate investigator Clinton Fookes who won the Scientist of the Year award. 


New Robot coming!

Minotaur is a XAG 2020 R150 Platform. One of 7 new mobile robots coming to QUT!!! 
Use cases are data collection and as a utility vehicle in field-science exercises. Has GPS-based autonomy. More info on QCR Docs 

Member Achievements

PhD Awarded

Its official, its Dr. Andrew Razjigaev, Congrats! 


Publication Accepted

Congratulations to PhD candidate Narmilan Amarasingam for another publication in Q1 journal. 

Title: Detection of White Leaf Disease in Sugarcane Using Machine Learning Techniques over UAV Multispectral Images. 

Authors: Amarasingam Narmilan, Felipe Gonzalez, Arachchige Surantha Ashan Salgadoe and Kevin Powell 

Website here 

Journal: Drones (MDPI Publisher) 

Paper Accepted

Residual Skill Policies: Learning an Adaptable Skill-based Action Space for Reinforcement Learning for Robotics 

Krishan Rana, Ming Xu, Brendan Tidd, Michael Milford, Niko Suenderhauf 


Paper Accepted

Paper accepted to NeurIPS 2022: 

“Robust Graph Structure Learning over Images via Multiple Statistical Tests” 

By Fangyi Zhang with his colleagues at Alibaba 


Double congrats to Cole Ballam for: 

– Submitted his Masters (MPhil) Thesis! 

“Robust Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems with Communication Uncertainties” 

-Accepted Australian and New Zealand  Control Conference paper! 

“Local Averaging for Consensus Over Communication Links with Random Dropouts” 


Feature Story



Congrats to Aaron McFadyen who was promoted to Associate Professor and Niko Suenderhauf who was promoted to Professor. 

Well done to both!


Past Events

Feedback - Hugh Kearns Seminar

If you could spare 2 mins to provide some feedback on the Hugh Kearns seminar on "The 7 Secrets of highly successful PhD students" we held recently? 

It would be very much appreciated for future planning purposes. 

Link here  

Past Events

QUT Council Tour

Peter recently hosted a QUT Council tour. Thanks to the ambassadors (and Spot!) who participated! 

Past Events

QCR Wear it Purple Day

Thanks to everyone who participated! 

New Faces

Welcome to Alejandro Fontan Villacampa

Alejandro commenced as a Research Fellow on 1 September and he will focus on developing better visual uncertainty models and applying information Theory to Visual Odometry and SLAM systems, with the goal of boosting their accuracy and robustness and reducing their computational footprint. 


Welcome to Daniella Tola

Daniella is an exchange Ph.D. student from Aarhus University in Denmark, where she received her M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering. She is working with Peter Corke and the Physical Interaction group.  Her research focus is on making robot system integration easier by developing configuration tools and digital twins for these types of systems. 


Welcome to Michael Schleiss

Michael Schleiss is a new visiting student from Germany - working with Sourav Garg. 


Behind the Scenes

… with Somayeh Hussaini

What do you do in the Centre and what are you currently working on?  

I’m doing my PhD in perception and localisation research program and my supervisors are Tobi and Michael. My research focuses on spiking neural networks (which closely resemble biological neural networks) for the visual place recognition task. Spiking neural networks are potentially more energy efficient and have lower latency than conventional neural networks especially when deployed on neuromorphic hardware which are attractive properties for robotic navigation tasks including the visual place recognition task.   

What’s on your desk?  

Aside from my computer, I have my laptop, a bunch of printed papers, a book or two, my notebook and pencil case, noise-cancelling headphones, a water bottle, and a mug. Plus, I have an Earth stress ball, and a yellow cubic ACRV ball-in-a-maze puzzle.     

How would you describe your work to a child?  

I’m helping robots to recognise places that they have seen before so that they can find their way around just like we (mostly) do.     

Three words to describe your work?  

Exciting, challenging and multidisciplinary   

What’s your dream travel destination?  

Queenstown, New Zealand and Interlaken, Switzerland     

Please finish these sentences:  

I’m currently reading  

Re-reading “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” from one of my all-time favourite series  

And currently wishing  

For world peace   

My last meal would be  

A wholesome homecooked meal  

Final question!  Tea, coffee or no caffeine?  

Both tea and coffee   

Who do you nominate for next month?  

Helen Carlson 

Member Publications

Density-aware NeRF Ensembles: Quantifying Predictive Uncertainty in Neural Radiance Fields 

N Sünderhauf, J Abou-Chakra, D Miller - arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.08718, 2022 


Noisy Inliers Make Great Outliers: Out-of-Distribution Object Detection with Noisy Synthetic Outliers 

S Wilson, T Fischer, F Dayoub, N Sünderhauf - arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.13930, 2022 


Detection of White Leaf Disease in Sugarcane Using Machine Learning Techniques over UAV Multisprectral Images 

A Narmilan, F Gonzalez, ASA Salgadoe, K Powell - Drones, 2022 

Detection of White Leaf Disease in Sugarcane Using Machine Learning Techniques over UAV Multispectral Images 


Data Efficient Visual Place Recognition Using Extremely JPEG-Compressed Images 

MA Tomita, B Ferrarini, M Milford, K McDonald-Maier… - arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2022 

Data Efficient Visual Place Recognition Using Extremely JPEG-Compressed Images 


Ensembles of Compact, Region-specific & Regularized Spiking Neural Networks for Scalable Place Recognition 

S Hussaini, M Milford, T Fischer - arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.08723, 2022 

Ensembles of Compact, Region-specific & Regularized Spiking Neural Networks for Scalable Place Recognition 


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