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IPA Newsletter, November 2013

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Top Publishing News

Verdict in on Google book-scanning lawsuit

Yesterday in New York, Judge Denny Chin ruled that Google's project to digitally copy millions of books doesn't violate copyright law, throwing out a lawsuit filed by the Authors Guild. The judge stated that "Google Books provides significant public benefits. It advances the progress of the arts and sciences, while maintaining resxpectful consideration for the rights of authors and other creative individuals, and without adversely impacting the rights of copyright holders. Google Books does not supersede or supplant books... instead, it adds value to the original" The Authors Guild originally sued Google in 2005, alleging that the company was infringing copyrights by scanning and indexing books without their permission. Paul Aiken, the Authors Guild's Executive Director, says he plans to appeal: "This case presents a fundamental challenge to copyright that merits review by a higher court". 

You can read Judge Chin's full statement here. If you need IPA advice on this issue, please email Jens Bammel at

Unfinished business at WIPO

The WIPO General Assemblies were unable to complete their agenda in the ten days (!) allocated to the meeting. The decision on the work of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights still needs to be approved, as does the budget for 2014-2015 and a proposal to create new external offices in India, Russia, China, the US, Africa and Latin America. WIPO also still has to finalise a Design Law Treaty to deal with the registration of industrial designs. A special AGM from 11 to 13 December should resolve these outstanding issues - we'll update you next month.

Meanwhile, the elections for WIPO Director General may be more exciting than expected. Francis Gurry is up for re-election, Deputy Director Geoffrey Onyeama has been nominated by Nigeria, and rumours are rife of a possible third candidate. Francis appears to have fallen out of favour with some industrialised countries, perhaps due to the technical assistance WIPO provided to North Korea and Iraq, which some consider to have contravened UN embargoes. 

Industry data: 114 billion euros spent on books each year

IPA's newly released Global Publishing Statistics reveal that readers around the world spend an estimated 114 billion euros on books per year. The amount includes not just print and digital editions of trade books (fiction, nonfiction, children's) but educational materials and professional / scientific publications. Consumption and availability of books is far from even across the planet - the six largest book markets (the United States, China, Germany, Japan, France and Great Britain) accounting for over 60% of global spending on books.

Click here to access the IPA's Global Publishing Statistics.

Freedom to publish: IPA fact-finding mission to Turkey

Ola Wallin, the IPA's new Freedom to Publish Committee Chair has just returned from a fact-finding mission to Turkey, where he found that a large number of writers, journalists, publishers and translators were being detained or sued in violation of their human rights. Ola called on the Turkish authorities to release translator Deniz Zarakolu, who has been in prison for over two years. He also lamented a recent Supreme Court of Appeals decision that declared Guillaume Apollinaire's book 'The Exploits of Don Juan' (published in 1911) as "too explicit" for Turkey in 2013. The book's publisher (Irfan Sanci) and translator (Ismail Yerguz) are facing obscenity charges which carry prison sentences of six to ten years.

Click here to support efforts to release Deniz Zarakolu.

Digital Publishing: independent bookshops say "Thanks, but no thanks" to Amazon

Bookshop owners in the US have given the thumbs down to an offer by Amazon to sell its Kindle e-book reader in independent stores. The Amazon Source programme promises bookshops a small cut on e-book sales to Kindles which were sold in their store, but most independent booksellers have rejected the firm's overtures, describing it as "inviting hungry foxes into the hen house" and "a Trojan Horse-style attempt to gain access to our customers". We expect independent booksellers to try to seek more favourable e-book deals directly with publishers. 

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Market outlook: Will digital get a Christmas boost in the UK?

UK publishers are looking to reignite plateauing digital sales thanks to a wave of new, cheaper digital devices hitting the market - even supermarket chain Tesco has got in the act, launching an Android tablet at a giveaway price of £60. Once the presents have been unwrapped on Christmas morning, the search for book deals will begin, and publishers are actively plotting their engagement strategies, partnering with retailers to make sure customers know where to go. E-book sales currently represent 20% of UK publishers' revenue, compared to 3% in France. 

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IPA Freedom to Publish Prize 2014: open for nominations!

Every two years, the IPA Freedom to Publish Prize is awarded for courage in upholding freedom of expression and freedom to publish. The 2014 award includes a cash prize of 20,000 Swiss francs and will be presented during the 30th IPA Congress in Bangkok on 27th March 2014. We need your help in ensuring it goes to a worthy recipient. If you would like to nominate a person or organisation who has made a notable contribution to the defence and promotion of freedom to publish, contact IPA Policy Director Jose Borghino on

Click here to download a nomination form and here to view pictures of previous winners.


IPA members: we're here to help!

The IPA exists to serve its members, working to promote and protect the publishing industry worldwide. So please make the most of us. Whether you need an update on the Marrakech Treaty on Copyright Exceptions, or a partner in a particular region, or market data for a specific country, we'll be happy to help. Please contact and let us know how we can be of assistance.


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