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IPA Newsletter - Issue # 102


1.      IPA Responds as International Debate Heats up ahead of WIPO Diplomatic Conference
Social media are stirring up allegations against rightsholders ahead of the WIPO Diplomatic conference on an international copyright treaty for persons with print disabilities. A White House petition, and several online articles have appeared that accuse rightsholders of blocking a WIPO Treaty to help persons with print disability. The Motion Picture Association (MPA) is the target of most attacks and has reacted with a joint statement together with the US National Federation for the Blind urging all sides to come to an agreement that leaves out extraneous issues. While the statement itself remains unspecific, in the teleconference the NFB President specifically referred to technical protection measures, the three-step test and fair use provisions. IPA has formally reacted to the statement and invited, once more, the World Blind Union (WBU) to meet up with rightsholders and work on a text that would address all concerns and ensure a successful outcome. The IPA text, with reference to the joint declaration, can be found at  
For more information, please contact Jens Bammel on 

2.      As Protests Escalate IPA's Turkish Member and IPA Freedom to Publish Prize Winners Are in the Limelight 
As Turkey protests escalate, IPA’s Turkish member, the Turkish Publishers Association (TPA) called for action on human rights and freedoms in Turkey. The statement is available on the IPA website. Sel publishing, which was awarded the "2010 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize - Special Award", called on other publishers to donate books to a library in Gezi park, while a very active editors' platform, made up of many TPA members, issued a Taxim solidarity press release. It is available at
In parallel, human rights trials continue. The latest hearing of the KCK case - the trial of Ragip and Deniz Zarakolu – opened on 27 May. IPA continues to urge the Turkish authorities to drop all charges against both publishers and release Deniz Zarakolu, who has been detained for close to 600 days without a verdict, immediately. Ragip Zarakolu was awarded the 2008 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize for his exemplary courage in upholding freedom to publish.
IPA published a report on freedom to publish in Turkey days before the protests began. It is available upon request.
Join the call for Global Solidarity with #occupyGezi at
For more information, please contact Alexis Krikorian on

3.      Opening of World Book Capital 2013: IPA Leadership Promotes Strong Reading Policy
Book lovers all over the world celebrated World Book and Copyright Day on 23rd April. The IPA, represented by EC member Trasvin Jittidecharak, LIBS Committee Chair José Manuel Gomez, and Freedom to Publish Director Alexis Krikorian, took part in the opening of Bangkok World Book Capital 2013 on 21–23 April 2013, congratulating Bangkok, and inviting the local authorities to seize the historic opportunity given by the World Book Capital title to promote reading and take other-related measures as essential components of an ambitious national book policy supporting the development of a knowledge-based economy. Trasvin Jittidecharak, during the main opening ceremony on 23rd April 2013, urged the Thai authorities to decriminalise defamation, a direct reference to Article 112 of the Thai Penal Code (lèse-majesty). IPA’s submission on Thailand to the UN Human Rights Council, which details IPA’s position regarding freedom of expression in Thailand, is available upon request. For the first time, a world book capital respected its obligations and the logo of IPA floated everywhere in the city of Angels. José Manuel Gomez addressed the very well-attended opening round table entitled ‘The Future of Reading, Reading for the Future‘. Alexis Krikorian introduced the basics of the World Book Capital initiative before the AGM of the Asia Pacific Publishers Association (APPA). Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn attended many of the opening events.
For more information, please contact Alexis Krikorian on

4.      IPA’s ‘What Works?’ Conference Delivers New Insights for Policy Experts and Education Publishers
The IPA delivered its first international education conference in conjunction with the London Book Fair, on 17 April 2013. Entitled ‘What Works? Policies, Resources & Technologies for International Educational Success,’ the conference was universally praised. The program included 15 top-level speakers, presenting original research and analysing whether the hi-tech solutions being espoused today in education actually worked in the classroom. Over 150 attendees from 24 countries heard from representatives of the World Bank, the OECD, UNESCO and the European Commission as well as publishers, policy makers, cutting-edge researchers looking at how best to deliver different kinds of information in a classroom for maximum effect, and teachers who talked about what resources they most needed. The presentations are available on the IPA website.
Education is a strategic concern for all governments and the interest generated by this conference has encouraged the IPA to put on a second international education conference in 2014, again at the London Book Fair on Thursday 10 April. This should be a great event. Anyone interested in education publishing should mark this date in their diary now. For more information about how to join the Educational Publishers Forum, please contact José Borghino on 

5.      IPA Education Publishers Forum Plans Special Meeting for Educational Publishers in Bangkok at the IPA Congress
The International Education Conference is coordinated by the IPA’s Education Publishers Forum. The 10th meeting of this group was held in London after the ‘What Works’ conference (see above). Around the table were 24 publishers and representatives from countries all around the world, including Australia, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, and USA. The Federation of European Publishers was also represented. As well as giving the green light to a second International Education Conference in 2014, the EPF agreed to organize a two-hour briefing on education publishing at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair and a satellite meeting for education publishers in Bangkok on 24 March 2014 – coinciding with the IPA Congress there. The next meeting of the EPF will be held on 20 September in Dublin, Ireland. For more information about how to join this dynamic group, please contact José Borghino on

6.      IPA Concerned about Freedom of Expression in Vietnam and Cambodia
IPA found widespread censorship in Vietnam and Cambodia. In submissions to the UN Human Rights Council, the IPA recommends ways to support the governments of these two countries to improve their records on freedom of expression. The IPA submissions are available upon request.
For more information, please contact Alexis Krikorian on  

7.      IPA Publishes a Position Paper on Open Educational Resources
Another product of the IPA’s Education Publishers Forum was the position paper on Open Educational Resources published by the IPA on 17 May. This new position paper, entitled ‘Publishers and Open Educational Resources Can Work Together’, is available at
The paper argues that there are many situations where publishers can and do work with Open Educational Resources, but it warns that there are inherent flaws in the current OER model that mean education publishers are still the best sources of reliable, high-quality and regularly updated educational material. Calling for a balanced solution to this issue, the position paper states that ‘The IPA Educational Publishers Forum stands ready to engage in a dialogue around all these issues, indeed any issue related to the effective use of learning resources. We care deeply about serving teachers and their students by enabling successful learning experiences and improving educational outcomes.’ For more information about the OER position paper or the EPF, please contact José Borghino at the IPA on

8.      IPA Talks about the Connection between Public Policy, Publishing and Literacy at Thessaloniki Book Fair
On 18 May, José Borghino, IPA Policy Director, spoke on a panel at the Thessaloniki Book Fair in Greece. With him were Tina Jordan, Vice President of the Association of American Publishers, and Kenan Kocatürk, the Secretary General of the Turkish Publishers Association. Ms Jordan spoke about the future of reading in culture and education.  Mr Kocatürk talked about the real and present threats of censorship that Turkish publishers labour under. José made a presentation entitled ‘Increasing Literacy through Public Policies that Encourage Local Publishing.’ At the core of the presentation was a call to governments and education authorities to work with publishers to produce more high-quality education and general reading resources because of their proven, immediate and long-term social benefits. José stressed the strategic importance of education, literacy and therefore a healthy and thriving local publishing industry for the future of the information economy of the future.
For more information, please contact Jens Bammel at the IPA on

9.      IPA Promotes National Book Policy in Ukrainian Parliament
The Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association invited IPA to speak at a hearing in the Ukrainian Parliament on promoting reading and book publishing in the Ukraine. It his presentation before parliamentarians and representatives of the book industry IPA Secretary General sent a straight forward message to the policy makers: books and reading remain invaluable for social development. Most importantly, policy makers can make a difference. Their policies effectively improve literacy and reading habits. Their policies can also develop or destroy local publishing, book shops. IPA then commented on a number of specific policies that were being proposed by the parliamentary committee looking into this issue.
The Ukrainian publishing is at a low point in its history: Historically the Ukrainian people have been among the most educated in Europe. The Ukrainian publishing industry, already split because of the two languages (Russian and Ukrainian) that the population reads, is under severe pressure: Illegal imports from Russia, the decline of book shops, lack of transparent educational book publishing policies all have led to a publishing industry with only €110m turnover, less than half of that a country of this economic strength should have. A detailed report on the Ukrainian publishing industry can be obtained through the IPA secretariat.
please contact José Borghino at the IPA on

10.  IPA Calls on Members to Make Submissions to ICANN
The issue of who will control Internet domain names like ‘.book’ and ‘.author’ and under what regulations, has continued to be a concern for the body that runs the domain name system on the Internet, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) to ICANN recently made a series of recommendations about the need for operational safeguards in the systems regulating the administration of these immensely important ‘generic domain names.’ The IPA strongly supports the GAC advice and has made a submission to that effect.  We want to make sure that authors and/or their publishers have fair and unconditional access to domain names with .book and .author endings for their. We have asked all our members to make separate submissions which explain the serious negative impacts of ignoring or watering down the GAC advice. We also urge all national members to contact their representatives on the GAC, thanking them for formulating this advice to ICANN and encouraging them to continue to support creators and publishers. For more information about ICANN and a copy of our submission, please contact José Borghino at the IPA on
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