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Michael Christensen, International Director


Developed by Communities of Shalom—an initiative of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church—ShalomZone Training™ now is available both Online and Onsite (by applying for training and making arrangements with Drew-certified Shalom Trainers).

This 20-hr Shalom Online training course on asset-based community development is offered through Drew’s partnership with Northwind Institute for 2 continuing education units at a reduced program fee of $49 during the Spring Semester 2014

Michael J. Christensen, Ph.D
Director, Communities of Shalom, Drew University.  

Shalom eBook
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Registration fees includes free download of Participants Workbook (which can be purchased separately for $30).


International Director, Dr. Michael J. Christensen, and Communities of Shalom Training and Resource Center at Drew University, are pleased to present a new Shalom Online Training course---adapted from the onsite ShalomZone training.

Though not a replacement for onsite Shalom Training for new sites and shalom teams, it does introduce individual participants and potential trainers to the six Shalom Threads, and presents some of the workshop skills of Shalom Making.

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“Stepping Up from Charity to Sustainable Community Development—the Six Threads of S-H-A-L-O-M” covers the distinctive, faith-based, “shalom zone approach” to economic community development in urban neighborhoods and rural areas.

By identifying hidden assets and mobilizing internal resources, rather than depending on charity and external inputs, vital communities can be empowered and transformed.

We hope you will consider getting trained on how to start a “Shalom Zone”-- a tangible demonstration act of God’s Shalom in the place where you live, work or worship!

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Shalom Inspiration

My God Trains my Hands and Fingers

David may have written this Psalm after a great victory and perhaps before another intense struggle.  Isn’t it true that we rarely conquer a difficulty just to see another one coming on our way? We are grateful that God is with us in ten struggles and confident that God will not leave us in the eleventh one. READ MORE

Life at Sioux Falls Shalom Zone

Here in Sioux Falls — we are having an impact on the neighborhood.  We are working with several neighborhood organizations to create a safe zone for all who are in our very diverse multi-cultural neighborhood. One great change is that we are partnering with Sioux Falls Housing Authority and have begun a five unit building across the street from our church. READ MORE

Threads of Shalom

The ‘whole cloth’ of S-H-A-L-O-M is made up of six threads, each describing an essential element in the weaving of new community. S is for the sustainable transformation that requires systemic engagement and structural change. Not simply a quick fix, nor program focused on immediate needs, sustainable transformation is the long-term improvement in community life — social, structural, and systemic changes that last. READ MORE
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