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OII Newsletter December 2013

Dear friends and colleagues,

As we approach the festive period, the OII can look back on 2013 as a highly successful year. In this year the OII's faculty team has expanded significantly both in number and in breadth of research. We have 40 researchers and rising, with two new major grants for which we are now hiring, and we have added Philosophy and Psychology to the range of disciplines we cover. This year we also received approval to expand our student body, so from 2014/15 we will be able to offer more graduates the opportunity to study for a MSc or PhD at the OII.

During 2013, as always, the OII has been visited by many world renowned speakers and attendances at our recent 'Politics and the Internet' seminars and the inaugural OII Bellwether Lecture reflected the high calibre of our guests. 2013 also saw the Summer Doctoral Programme leave Oxford for the first time since 2009, as staff and students travelled to the University of Toronto's iSchool in Canada.

With all this behind us, we still have much to look forward to in 2014. In February, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger will deliver his inaugural lecture to the University and we have a number of exciting speakers lined up to give the next OII Bellwether Lectures. 2014 will also see the third Internet, Policy and Politics conference in September, this time exploring 'Crowdsourcing for Politics and Policy'. As we look forward to this and to much more, I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Best wishes,
Helen Margetts, Director

In this issue...

Policy News 

Ensuring that OII research informs policy-making processes means faculty are encouraged to engage in seminars and debates led by relevant public agencies, even where these are unlikely to lead directly to policy change. In this spirit, Mark Graham and Vicki Nash both presented at events convened by the United Nations, with Mark talking about geographies of online participation for the UNCTAD Commission on Science and Technology for Development, and Vicki discussing freedom of expression online for UNESCO.

Where possible we also aim to ensure that our research is itself informed by policy and practice, and this term’s Politics and the Internet seminars brought in an impressive array of high-level political actors to the OII, with highlights including Alec Ross’s insights into the future challenges of digital government, and Mike Bracken’s delineation of the ‘long tail’ of government services that must be delivered online. Julian Huppert’s seminar was unfortunately postponed, but this means you will still be able to catch him on February 13th next term.

We are also delighted to announce the launch this month of Viktor Mayer-Schönberger’s important new report on Reinventing Privacy Principles for the Big Data Age, which proposes changes to the existing OECD Privacy Principles. Download a copy from our website now.

Latest Publications from OII Faculty

Baños, R.A., Borge-Holthoefer, J., Wang, N., Moreno, Y., and González-Bailón, S. (2013) Diffusion Dynamics with Changing Network Composition. Entropy 15 (11) 4553-4568.

Blank, G. and Dutton, W.H. (2013) Next Generation Internet Users: Digital divides, choices, and inequalities. In M. Graham and W.H. Dutton (eds) Society and the Internet: How information and social networks are changing our lives. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Blank, G. (2013) Blurring the boundaries: New social media, new social science. International Journal of Market Research 55 (3) 461-464.

Bright, J., and Agustina, J. (2013) Mediating Surveillance: The Developing Landscape of European Online Copyright Enforcement. Journal of Contemporary European Research 9 (1) 120-137.

Bright, J., and Nicholls, T. (2013) The Life and Death of Political News: Measuring the Impact of the Audience Agenda Using Online Data. Social Science Computer Review.

Brown, I. (2013) Britain's smart meter programme: A case study in privacy by design. International Review of Law, Computers & Technology.

Floridi, L. (2013) The Ethics of Information. Oxford University Press.

Floridi, L. (2013) Distributed Morality in an Information Society. Science and Engineering Ethics 19 (3) 727-743.

Floridi, L. (2013) What is a Philosophical Question? Metaphilosophy 44 (3) 195-221.

Graham, M. (2013) Social Media and the Academy: New Publics or Public Geographies? Dialogues in Human Geography 3 (1) 77-80.

Helsper, E and Eynon, R (2013) Distinct skill pathways to digital engagement. European Journal of Communication.

Newman, N., Dutton, W.H. and Blank, G. (2013) Social media and the news. In M. Graham and W.H. Dutton (eds) Society and the Internet: How information and social networks are changing our lives. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Teaching News

After receiving a healthy number of applications in our first round of MSc and DPhil student applications for the 2014/15 academic year, the next deadline is fast approaching. If you are interested in studying an intense but fascinating and intellectually challenging course, make sure you get your application in by 24 January 2014. Unlike previous years, this will be the final opportunity for DPhil applications for this year, but for MSc students there will be a final round of applications in March 2014. Do also look at the fully-funded scholarships available for new master’s and doctoral students in 2014 from the University, colleges and supporters.

Applications for the 2014 OIISDP are now also being accepted. If you are approaching the end of your doctoral studies and fancy the opportunity to discuss your thesis with like-minded peers and world renowned faculty, apply now! If you need more persuasion, watch the video made by this year's cohort in Toronto, Canada. Also check out the SDP Blog!

New Positions

Exploring how new economic practices and processes are taking root in Sub-Saharan Africa as a result of changing connectivities
Grade 7: Salary £29,541 - £36,298 p.a.
Deadline: 12:00 GMT on Thursday 9 January 2014

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Book Launch

Luciano Floridi explores his new book 'The Ethics of Information'.

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Recent Press Coverage

Joss Wright in The Advertiser (Adelaide)Tech giants lash out at government snooping (10 Dec)

Ian Brown in Deutsche Welle: Secretive US kill switch strategy challenged (9 Dec)

Ian Brown in Voice of Russia: Microsoft, Facebook and Google join to call for spy reforms (9 Dec)

New Report!: Reinventing the OECD 1980 Guidelines (6 Dec)

Claudio Calvino in Limes: I comuni italiani scoprono Twitter (25 Nov)

Bernie Hogan in The Observer: Tinder: the app that’s changing the way singletons meet and fall in love (24 Nov)

Ian Brown on Radio New Zealand: Interview (20 Nov)

Ian Brown in the New Scientist: Dark web paedophile crackdown in UK and US (18 Nov)

Joss Wright in the Daily Telegraph: Google block will not stop child porn, experts warn (18 Nov)

Luciano Floridi: Joins the Nexa Center for Internet & Society's Board of Trustees (18 Nov)

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