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February 2014

5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Storage

One of the top reasons we see people remodel their kitchens is to improve flow. A close second is to create more—and better—storage. Storage and organization can make or break your cooking experience, not to mention just plain drive you crazy if it’s not done right. READ MORE »

Organization Inspiration

Check out our ideabook on for some additional inspiration for organizing your kitchen. READ MORE »

Colorful Kitchen Gadgets

Check out these fun, funky kitchen gadgets to add color to your countertop! READ MORE »

Talk To Us About Your Project

Schedule a consultation to speak with one of our project development managers who can help you understand the Melton process and discuss your upcoming remodeling project. TALK TO US »

Melton Gives Back

Melton recently helped the Boulder History Museum in its acquisition of the signs and clocks from the historic Eads News & Smokeshop building. SEE MORE PHOTOS »

Melton Thanks

Jon & Taj Schimek for continuous support and referrals. We appreciate your trust in us!

Ty's Tips

Ty's Tips

Conserve Water in the Yard
Tame the Turf. Many turf grasses require at least an inch of water per week to stay green. Consider how much grassy space you really need, then fill the rest of the yard with ground covers or ornamental plants that require little water.
Go Native. Choose Colorado native plants that will be hardy in the dry climate, requiring less water and maintenance.
Soak Slowly. Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems to reduce water usage. Install a hose timer so you can set it and forget it without ever overwatering.
Long Lawn. Raise the blade on your lawn mower to keep grass longer. The taller the blades, the more it naturally shades the roots and keeps the sun from drying out the soil. You’ll have to water less to keep the yard looking great.

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