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February 2015

Stay in Your Home for the Long Term

If you’re looking to design a home or add modifications to a current residence that will make it easier to practically and logistically live into the senior years, these ideas will help make it a reality. READ MORE »

Tech Gadgets for the Home

New inventions in the digital world will keep our homes buzzing with intelligence into the future.  READ MORE »

More on Universal Design

Check out this Houzz article about making your home more accessible. READ MORE »

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Melton Thanks

Melton would like to thank Randall Rogers for referring friends our way. We appreciate the trust you have in us!

Ty's Tips

Ty's Tips

Check for Leaking Toilets
Water can leak from your toilet tank into the bowl without you even noticing. Unfortunately, if that is happening, it is likely leaking on the outside, too. This can be costly for your utility bill, but it can also cause damage to the toilet’s inner workings as well as the floor surrounding the toilet. Even small, undetectable amounts of water can do considerable damage. However, you can do a quick and easy test to find out if this is happening in your home.
Simply add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet tank. Wait about an hour and check the bowl. If the coloring has gotten into the bowl, you know there is some leaking going on. If this is the case, you need a new flapper in the tank. Changing it out is a simple fix.
First, turn off the water supply to the toilet then flush it to empty the tank. Wipe out any excess water. Remove the flapper chain from the lever, and slide the old flapper off of the overflow tube. Slide the new flapper onto the overflow tube, connect the chain and turn on the water supply. Fixed!


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