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Still Eagle
A veritable explosion
of new Baba Baskets

We have unpacked a two whole bags full of baskets from the Baba Tree Basket Company in Ghana.

Of note are about 50 of the most popular "round" baskets shown below.
Because the baskets are squished for shipping, they explode to take over one of our staff's back yards

Bend them, Shape them
Note: you can shape your Baba basket simply by wetting it with a hose. That’s how we do it each time we unpack - the large people sized bags come with 30 to 60 scrunched up compacted baskets and explode into the volume above when we wet and shape them.

Also popular: the 2 handled Nyriga baskets that give more access and volume for your groceries, etc.

New sunhats
In addition to stunningly beautiful baskets, the Baba Tree also makes fabulous sunhats. You can see them here.

To see more superb creations from The Baba Tree, check out their page on our site or come into the store if you're in town.

August 27, 2015

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