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Still Eagle

Ciao and thanks,
Wayne and Terry

It is with deep feelings of loss that we note the passing of two significant and loved members of our community.

Both will be missed.
Wayne King passed away on June 14. He was an eccentric artist, iconic wise man and elf-about-town for many decades in Nelson.
Wayne is quoted as having said that "life is an ocean of beauty and wonderment" -- a perspective that many found expressed in his paintings.

Terry Napora, great local lawyer, champion of the underdog, with an amazing upbeat and passionate persona, passed away suddenly three days ago.
Sighting....Terry seems fine!

Terry’s friends and family  may find the following as comforting as I did: after an impromptu personal ceremony I found myself creating for Terry a few nights ago, I was pleased to experience a visit -  from a very vibrant and vigorous Terry later in the night.

He is fine, in great form, and in what I later realized was a dashing, surprising and quite humorous switch-up, he sported a black tightly-felted barristers wig for a full head of hair!

We exchanged warm greetings and shook hands twice, once before I remembered he was supposed to be gone, and once after he winked helpfully and I figured it out.

He smiled, and quickly dispelled my sadness and regret with his signature cheery and energetic manner, but grown even clearer and more powerful..

Ciao, Terry. And thanks. And Dang!



June 27, 2015

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