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 25% off
anything warm


January is a month of lows. After xmas, many of us are low on funds. And the temperature, especially this year is extremely low.
Our January sale solves these winter woes!
Everything WARM in the store
is 25% OFF for the month of January.

This includes blankets, sheepskins, toques, scarves, gloves, etc – anything that helps keep you warm.
(A few consignment items are excluded.)


Hot Water Bottles -
25% off

Gorgeous hot water bottles by Onyx will sooth your body on a cold winter day! And, they cannot break and leak hot water, as is possible with regular hot water bottles. (Big OUCH) They come with a handy funnel and a cozy flannel cover to protect your skin. Crafted in brass and brought to a high polish, these vessels are not only safer, but also look great as an object to display as well!

Toques -
25% off

 Like all Hempy's hats, their toques are made in the U.S.A. and are impeccably manufactured with a seamless crown for optimal comfort and durability. A single layer lighter beanie, the Summit is made of eco-yarn and hemp yarn that is recycled without the use of new dyes or chemicals.
See  Hempy's here

Keepskin Insoles -
25% off

Cold, tired feet? We adore Sole Comfort sheep wool and hemp insoles - made from sheared sheep wool (the sheep keep their skins!) woven into hemp fabric to make a "Keepskin" pile fabric, Soft, cool in summer, warm in winter, and the wool keeps your feet dry. Cut them to size and put in your winter shoes or work boots and your life will transform! We all deserve warm, happy feet!

Bedding -
25% off

Coyuchi is Fair Trade certified and has GOTS certification (Global Organic Textiles Standards). All fibers are carefully sourced. We just love the soft feel of their cotton sheets! All our Coyuchi are at 25% off. See them here

Merino Wool =
25% off
Merino wool is the particularly fine, dense wool that comes from merino sheep. This makes the thinnest warmest natural winter wear possible. See more here.

lasts till Jan 31

476 Baker St Nelson BC

Jan 5, 2017

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