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Still Eagle
Word on the Street
What our customers are saying about
Still Eagle's new location on Baker Street!

We've been open on Baker St for just over a month now. 

Want to know what people are saying about our new nest? 

During the month of June, we asked our in-store customers what they thought of the move. 

Here's what some of them had to say, and some pictures to give you an idea of what they're raving about! 

"Awesome feng shui, change rooms rock, great light, more visibility (less searching). Good move. Keep up the good works!"


"Love it, open and clear."
"Change can be good. I like that stores like this one are becoming more central to the city by being on Baker."
"I love the new location! Much better lighting and space!"
"Love it - openness - awesomeness."

"Walking past on Ward, it was a nice presence on the block. But it IS all here on Baker."

"Miss the 'funk' - hopefully that feeling will come back with art on walls. Looking forward to coming by often! :)"

"All is here!"


"Bright, airy, roomy - and lots of change rooms!"
"Spacious, easy to navigate, things are more displayed. Clean look."

"I love it, it's so much better."
"I thought I would miss the painting, but I can see it here."


"Very nice - more open & bright."

"We love it! But you should decorate the walls more and bring more of a hippie vibe."

"I liked the character in the old location, creaky floors! But your good energy will follow you!"
"Closer to home for me :) I think it will be easier for tourists & new customers to stumble upon its awesomeness."
"Amazing. I loved the funky old space, but this is very airy and the windows onto Baker St are wonderful."


Intrigued? Excited? Have something to add? 

Come by and let us know what YOU think of the new space! 


July 24, 2013

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