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Still Eagle
We're Working
 our Website Again!
We've finally settled down after our big move in June and have again found time to improve our web site and get it up to date. If you haven't noticed it changing much check out our website now!

What's new & improved on our website:

1. Check out the
at the top of our homepage.There are separate tabs for our Latest, Best Sellers, Staff Picks, and Specials! These have all been completely updated and are chock-full of current gorgeous styles and eco products!

2. Check the menu bar on the left: We have a new section in our products menu for Eco Lunch Gear. We had so many new products in our selection that we just had to give them more their own category! And we keep getting more -- stay tuned.

3. AND... saving the best (according to us at least) for last, we now have a permanent Staff Picks section!

This is brand new, so you'll want to keep your eye on it as we add, and add, and add. This is a great place to watch for our pick of the new arrivals -- we've already made a couple selections from the new Nomads, Maha Devi, and Abaka styles!

And seeing as we just received the rest of the fall Nomads and the first part of Maha Devi's fall line, you can expect staff picks, and latest products to update quickly in the future.

Our new downtown storefront on Nelson's Baker Street

September 20th, 2013

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