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Still Eagle
We are pleased to announce a brand new product line on the Still Eagle web site.

Made from recycled cotton and made with love in Canada, Odd Socks by Bean'Stock are  intentionally mismatched in terms of colour, but matched in pattern. This gives you a bit of weird, and lot of flexibility:
  • Buying 2 pairs can give you 2 matching pairs and 2 mis-matched pairs
  • Or buying more than one pair, lets you lose a sock and still have "matching socks left over!
  • Wearing only one sock would be truly odd!
Bean'Stock socks are fun way to stay warm and cozy this Winter. 

Native Organics are made using 100% Organic Cotton.  The entire process of spinning, weaving, dying and producing the final product is performed by the company in a sustainable and fair trade manner.  Native Organics believes the path to healthy living for each of us is through the responsible use of Earth’s resources.  Producing cotton sustainably for everyone’s good health and well-being is in line with their philosophy.
We have carried bedding by Native Organics in our retail store and on our website for quite some time.  We have now added the following for your bathroom.

Note: For their Earth Tones, Native Organics do not use dye, rather they use cotton that is grown naturally coloured.

Bath Towels

Hand Towels


October 27, 2015

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