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Why buy nothing?

Here are the answers
our customers gave us
Friday was Buy Nothing Day, an international day of anti-consumerism non-shopping celebration. We invited our customers to take a breather before (or during) their xmas shopping and buy NOTHING that day.

We got a fantastic response from our many conscious customers. Here's what they said:

HI, I AM PARTICIPATING in Buy Nothing Day because I think people are way too caught up in buying for the sake of buying rather than need. Black Friday just encourages this consumerism. I will not be buying anything today :)
- Chantelle

I'M NOT BUYING anything today. I'm grossed out by the "black friday" hype.
- Kathryn

I AM NOT BUYING anything today and it feels great! I choose to buy all my Christmas gifts locally, ensuring that my $ goes to those who need/appreciate it, rather than dumping it at WalMart. I feel blessed that this is so easily accomplished in Nelson. Between awesome local businesses, like Still Eagle, and the plenty of Craft Faires to choose from, I feel good about the money I spend. Stress free shopping.
- Serene

I GENERALLY TRY to buy only what is needed and then only from sources that fit with my values. On Buy Nothing Day, we take the day to spend as a family instead of doing any shopping at mauls! It helps that my kids are sick and it is -32 with the windchill outside ;)
- Renee


I'M NOT SHOPPING on Black Friday because I think it's an over commercialized day of madness.
- Teresa

I'M SUPPORTING BUY NOTHING DAY as I believe everyone should practice responsible consumption/shopping. We should all make an effort to really think about - "Do I really need this or am I just impulse buying it?" Also, we should think about where our products come from, how they were made, what they are made from, and can it be recycled or reused? I try to keep these things in mind when I shop - hence why I shop on your website!
- Kate

I AM NOT PURCHASING consumer products on Black Friday. We are made to believe we CANNOT avoid spending our hard-earned dollars if the deal is too great to miss out on. This way of advertising and marketing has put many individuals and families in extremely difficult financial situations. This time of year is about appreciation - who ever said we needed money to give our appreciation and thanks? Send your loved ones a smile, a doodle on a scrap piece of paper, or give someone a hug. They'll get the message :)
- Gillian

I SUPPORT BUY NOTHING DAY, as I dont believe in the media brainwashing the masses into thinking that this is a day to buy, and I like to not submit to the pressures.
- Anisa

HAHA! NOT BUYING on Black Friday because my credit card is still smoking from shopping.💃😎
- Michel

HELLO, I AM SUPPORTING BUY NOTHING DAY, because there are so many more important things we could be doing...than spending and shopping. Like cuddling up with our furry friends on this cold day. Or sharing a laugh with our families and friends.That's what I will be doing! No Buying! This is really awesome!
- Joanne

I AM NOT BUYING anything today except for beer. I am not much a shopper anyways, and your site is one of my favourites. I always get comments on your clothing (love Nomads), and good on you for having a buy nothing day!
- Sharon

I AM PARTICIPATING in Buy Nothing Day as a way to challenge my own personal consumption practices, to be more mindful of what I really need, and appreciate what I have. Thank you for the inspiration (and the gift certificate).
- Jen

WHY DO I DIG BLACK FRIDAY? The idea of shopping for sport is boring and just a little creepy. Instead of buying stuff, I went for a hike in the woods, had friends over for leftovers, and breastfed my baby.
- Antoinette

I am stoked you are acknowledging BND, I personally am saddened that our society puts so much emphasis on material items.
If there is a commercial explaining why we need something, then clearly, we don't need it.
I have participated in BND for years and it feels good. Especially after you hear of the tragic things that happen like the americans and walmart. There has been more then 1 death from people getting run over to get in the store.
Imagine if that many people showed up and cared so much to stop a clearcut or a pipeline!
Anyway, this is my reason to not spend a dime today :)

- Ashling

TOTALLY AGREE that we do not have to buy into the hype of our neighbor, bow to the pressure of the the giants in consumerism of Black Friday love the idea of Cyber Weekend ! yeah!
- Maureen

- Marlowe

I REFUSE TO SHOP on Black Friday because ... - it's ridiculous - it's wasteful - it promotes rampant consumerism for the sake of consumerism. - I worked retail for many years, I don't think it's fair to employees to be asked to work the hours on a holiday weekend - I support indie biz, so black Friday money never gets spent then, I spend it on Small Biz Saturday instead :D Thanks for being one of those awesome indie businesses that I get to support :)
- Bronwen

I AM NOT SHOPPING today, Black Friday, because I don't believe in Frenzy buying. Thank you.
- Claire

I DON'T THINK A CONSUMER GLUT is what's going to change our world for the better, so I'm boycotting this day -- except for a few groceries. Broccoli and bananas don't count in my books. No seasonal gift buying though. It's also a great way to support people in the USA who are boycotting this day for Michael Brown and other people of colour who have been murdered without consequence.
- Diana


I AM NOT INTERESTED in joining in a stampede to save a few me it is like a feeding frenzy and not human at all. I like a deal as does everybody...but the black friday crush is too big a price to pay, and really the opposite of what Christmas is all about. Peace, enjoying friends and family, celebrating life ..NOT fighting and frenzied shopping. I did not shop today...yeah
- Michele

I READ ABOUT YOUR "buy nothing day" promotion this afternoon. I had no intention of shopping or buying today, but didn't want to send in a message until the end of the day. just to be sure. We did pay for our dinner tonight, but other than that today, like most of our days, we bought nothing. We have young kids, so we're too busy to spend much time shopping, except when we have to, and then we do it reluctantly. The one place I've been tempted to shop at lately has been your online store (for my own personal self-indulgence), but I keep putting it off...not quite sure if I can justify it. But at least at Still Eagle there is more of a consciousness (and conscience) behind the business and products, allowing for a more discriminating form of selective consumption. thank you!
- Jodie

I BOUGHT NOTHING on Black Friday.
- Leslie

VERY COOL MOVEMENT you're creating and a part of. Feeling the reverberations here in blizzarding Calgary! No surprise that one of my favourite, conscious communities is promoting this. Power in numbers and creating change. I am one of the lucky few who fortunately did not need to buy anything today (even though I don't have everything I would like/somewhat- just not necessarily need.! ;) ) I actually went to your website, contemplating possibly making a last minute Black Friday purchase since I do need new yoga clothes since I have recently become a new yoga teacher and wear the same black top I've had for ages with a pair of your timeless beautiful green Nomads hemp pants I've been rockin since 2008 ;) Then I saw this message about what you're doing. Thank you. I will always be a big fan and supporter of Still Eagle :) Namaste and gratitude. x
- Nikki

THANK YOU for supporting Buy Nothing Day. I have been participating in this event for 10 years now, ever since learning about it in Selkirk College. It is nice you are offering a GC for those celebrating this event. Thanks!!
- Jayme

I HATE BLACK FRIDAY.  Shop local any day.
- Terry

SO I DIDN'T SHOP. I took your advice and didn't shop online or in person.  It was fun.
- Bonnie

Nov 30, 2014

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