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Still Eagle
Ready to enjoy a few deep breaths of sun-warmed pine trees, listen to the birds, and maybe spend a few days at a secluded lake? Here are a couple things to add to your gear list.

Fashion & Function
Wheeler LS                       Reese Tank                    Urban Hoodie
  GRAMICCI                          GRAMICCI                        I/O MERINO    
We love Gramicci's hemp & organic cotton styles, especially (but not only) for playing outside: they're durable, breathable, and designed for comfort while being active. I/O Merino's soft, cozy, pure lightweight merino wear keeps you warm in the cool evenings (even when it's wet!).

Click each supplier's name to check out the full inventory we have from them.

Functional Fashion for Feet

Crew/Ankle Socks      Killington Mtn Hikers          Men's & Women's   

For some of us (ahem: notably, our newsletter-writer), good socks can make or break a day in the woods or on the road.

These three are a great camping combo: Rockn Socks' light, breathable regenerated cotton is great for the mid-day heat, and Maggie's Killingtons are excellent medium/heavy mostly-merino socks for evenings -- or for cushioning your foot in a hiking boot. The ultra-plush, warm-when-wet Thermohair socks feel like silky heaven to tired feet, and because they don't restrict bloodflow, you can even sleep in them if you're inclined.

Road Food
Airtight Container          Insulated Bottle            Spork
          ONYX                            S'WELL                    BAMBU

Onyx's 18/8 pure stainless steel food containers can't be beat. The Airtight Container is particularly good for camping because of the sealable lid, but check out the other options -- like the (sealed) Dip Container that's perfect for holding smaller quantities of anything from butter to sunscreen. We've sung the praises of S'well bottles too many times to count -- durable, insulated, leak-proof, crack-proof, stainless steel perfection. This one even looks like it belongs in the woods. Bambu's spork tops off the kit: a lightweight, mutli-use utensil made entirely of non-toxic bamboo!

Body Care for the Outdoorsy
     Shampoo                    Soap Bars                        Muscle Rub           
  ONEKA                   KAMA SOAPS                  THE HEMPEST  

Beautifully scented or fragrance-free all-natural body products that are made in Canada (Quebec, BC, & BC) to keep you clean, happy, moisturized, and healthy on your adventures! All three lines are made from all-natural ingredients -- Oneka's are so planet-friendly that they start biodegrading within 48 hours outside.
Many more summer-friendly products await you
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June 14, 2015

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