The results of the Fiction Reading Survey 2012 - what we love to read, and why!
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Fiction Survey Results!


A huge thank you...

to everyone who helped with the fiction reading survey - we had over 300 responses from readers, plus more than 50 from authors. Together it's given us a fantastic insight into what you love - and hate - about the books you read.

Are you a
broadivore? Do you agree with other readers about how you want novels to make you feel? And what do authors and publishing professionals think is the future of commercial fiction?

The answers to all this - and more - can be found in
the survey results. This newsletter has a snapshot  - but to find out more, you can go to my website and read or download a free copy of the summary.

I'm also setting up
a Reader Panel - if you're interested in influencing the future of books, then please get in touch.

Thanks again for giving your views - it's made absolutely fascinating reading,

Kate x

PS: I have a new book out this month, The Boot Camp: much more fun to read about than to do for real! Or if you prefer a mystery, find out more about my scary Soul Beach novels.

Soul Beach
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Welcome to 'Broad Lit'

Fed up with the chick lit, lad lit or hen lit labels?

Try ‘broad lit’ instead! Our survey revealed that most readers don't stick to one genre: they pick and choose their next book to suit their mood. How about you?

Glittery pink ghetto or shiny new future?

Authors & agents on:
  • rise & rise of 'Smart' fiction
  • e-book highs & lows
  • stories for the future

                 Broadivore, Pinkie or Rejectionist(a)?

                    What kind of reader are you?

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