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NZSA New Books List - April 2016

Congratulations to all those who have launched a book this month. Here's a selection of books that our members have sent in to the New Books List. 

Claire Hill  New Books List Editor

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Deadline for next issue: 26 April.  Information about what you need to send in is explained on our website and at the bottom of the New Books List.


Anzac Heroes

by Maria Gill

Read the intense and hair-raising front-line experiences of 30 courageous and unforgettable Anzacs who served in World War One and Two. Anzac Heroes includes famous soldiers such as New Zealand’s double Victoria Cross recipient Charles Upham and honoured Australian Hughie Edwards. It also includes indigenous soldiers, Peter Buck from WWI and Moana-nui-a-Kiwa Ngārimu from WWII, and brave servicewomen such as Nancy Wake and Dr Jessie Scott.

Available: at all good stores, Publisher – Scholastic NZ Ltd, ISBN: 978-1-77543-363-7 RRP $30

Author's Bio: Maria Gill writes children’s books full-time from her lifestyle property north of Auckland. She’s written 45 books for the retail and educational market. Seven of her books have shortlisted for the New Zealand Children’s & YA Book Awards and the LIANZA Children’s Book Awards, seven have been selected as Notable Books, and New Zealand Hall of Fame won the 2012 Children’s Choice in the non-fiction category.

Into the Mist

by Lee Murray

When NZDF Sergeant Taine McKenna and his squad are tasked with escorting a bunch of civilian contractors into Te Urewera National Park, it seems a strange job for the army. 
Militant Tūhoe separatists are active in the area, and with its cloying mist and steep ravines, the forest is a treacherous place in winter. 

Yet nothing has prepared Taine for the true danger that awaits them. Death incarnate. 
They backtrack toward civilisation, stalked by a prehistoric creature intent on picking them off one by one. With their weapons ineffective, the babysitting job has become a race for survival. 
Desperate to bring his charges out alive, Taine draws on ancient tribal wisdom. Will it be enough to stop the nightmare? And when the mist clears, will anyone be left?

“Cinematic and evocative, Into the Mist is a tension-packed expedition into primordial terror. Murray’s writing had me feeling the damp of the forest, seeing the mist curling through the fern fronds, and sensing the danger lurking there. Ancient myths, military men and scientists placed in remote, primordial locations – it had all the right ingredients for me, and it didn’t disappoint for a moment. Lee Murray is an author to watch.” – Greig Beck, best-selling author of the Arcadian series 

Available: in ebook and print versions from Australia’s Cohesion Press or Amazon

Author's Bio: Lee Murray is a five-time winner of New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Award for science fiction, fantasy and horror, and holds an Australian Shadows Award (with Dan Rabarts) for Best Edited Collection for Baby Teeth: Bite-sized Tales of Terror (Paper Road Press). She is co-editor of five anthologies, including four by New Zealand intermediate and secondary students, as well At the Edge, a collection of antipodean speculative fiction, forthcoming from Paper Road Press. Visit her at her website.

The Paris of the West

by Karen McMillan

The Paris of the West is a story of love and loss, betrayal and forgiveness, and having the courage to start over.
San Francisco, 1948. Having survived the Second World War against all odds, Celina and her family arrive into the Bay Area with high hopes for their new lives. But as new immigrants they face many hurdles, and they have to deal somehow with the trauma of war and the grief of losing loved ones. Betrayal and more heartbreak are just around the corner. A page-turning, historical read set in the spectacular hilly city of San Francisco, ‘The Paris of the West’ goes from the jazz clubs in the Fillmore District to the sun-kissed vineyards of Sonoma.

Available: Published by McKenzie Publishing, 1 April 2016, RRP $34.99. Available at all good book stores, ISBN: 978-0-473-34391-0. Also available as an e-book on Amazon and Kobo
Author's Bio: Karen McMillan is the author of the bestselling historical novel, The Paris of the East, and Watching Over Me. Her non-fiction books include Unbreakable Spirit: Facing the Challenge of Cancer in New Zealand; Feast or Famine, Unleash Your Inner Seductress, and Love Bytes. Karen has worked full-time in publishing for the past fifteen years. For more information about Karen and her writing visit

The little Kiwi's Matariki

by Nikki Slade Robinson

Summer is waning, autumn is waiting in the wings, to be followed by winter. But it’s not all downhill – winter in Aotearoa New Zealand brings with it a special time of year. Matariki, the Maori New Year, is making a real comeback here. It’s a time for whanau and friends to come together, to enjoy food, music, dance, and a time to remember those who have passed on.  A time to revive traditions. And it’s the time that the Matariki constellation, otherwise known as the Pleiades, becomes visible in the northeastern sky. 

Matariki is celebrated in this new children's picture book from author/illustrator Nikki Slade Robinson. The main character, the little Kiwi, is woken one special winter night. She knows it is time – but for what? Quickly she runs through the native bush, gathering her friends as she goes. The group end up on a typical New Zealand beach just before dawn, and just in time to see the Matariki constellation appear above the horizon. Then it’s time to celebrate! The words are mainly in English but the story also offers a gentle introduction to te reo. Teacher notes and activity sheets are also available for this title by emailing the author on 
Available: 'The little Kiwi's Matariki' by Nikki Slade Robinson is published by Duck Creek Press, an imprint of David Ling Publishing It is available in hardcover and paperback through all good bookshops and online stockists. ISBN 978-1-927305-11-9. Suits ages 3 - 7
Author's Bio: Nikki Slade Robinson is a long time children's author and illustrator, having worked with many publishers in New Zealand. Her previous titles were 'The Roadman Boogie' and ''Muddle & Mo' (pub Duck Creek Press - David Ling) both have also been picked up by both Australian and American publishers.  She has created 11 titles to date as an author/illustrator, and illustrated over 70 titles.  More titles are scheduled to release over the next 12 months

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

The Timeless Path to Enlightenment

by Imre Vallyon

This is a very special book, a must have resource, full of inspiration and techniques for all those aspiring to be true Spiritual Warriors. The Art of the Warrior is to be enlightened every second of every day. It is not something you look forward to in the future; it is something you live now. The Warrior Path is always in the immediate moment, at this second of time, in your total relationship with the outer world and the world inside you, with the Divine Presence within you and the Divine Presence outside you.  The Way of the Spiritual Warrior starts with self-knowledge, learning to harmonise your personality. The next stage is using meditation and other spiritual techniques to withdraw your awareness slowly inside you until you make a connection with yourself as a Living Soul and recognise that you are an immortal spiritual being—omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

Available: at all good bookstores, all major online bookstores and 
Author's Bio: Imre Vallyon was born in Budapest, Hungary, and emigrated to New Zealand at the age of sixteen. Since 1980 he has dedicated his life to teaching the Wisdom Science through his extensive writings and through workshops and retreats conducted around the world. 

Vallyon’s extraordinary knowledge of human spirituality is derived not from scholarly research, but issues forth from his own Interior Realization. He spans the full spectrum of human experience: reaching through time, illuminating the great Spiritual Teachings and Sacred Languages of our planetary history while pointing the way to the future. His writing is universal, not biased towards any particular religion or tradition.
Imre Vallyon was awarded first place in the prestigious Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Awards, as well as a gold medal in the 2009 Living Now Awards, for the four-volume spiritual treatise Heavens & Hells of the Mind.

Casework in Education

planning and decision-making for specialist practitioners

by Jan Johnson

This book focuses on the behind-the-scenes planning and decision-making which are important when there are concerns for students’ moderate to severe behaviour or learning difficulties. From referral to case closure, the book outlines important considerations to be made at each phase of the process in order to deliver a service that is legal and ethical, ecological, collaborative, strengths-based, evidence based, inclusive and minimally intrusive.

The book will be useful and motivational for a range of practitioners working in education: psychologists; Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour; Special Education Advisers; supervisors and practice leaders; practice managers; postgraduate students in Educational Psychology. It can be used as a step-by-step guide through the casework process, from getting off to a good start to closure and reflection.  It provides prompts for planning, supervision and reflection to challenge consideration of the what, how and why of decision making in casework.

Available: through Dunmore Press ISBN: 978-1-927212-21-9 
Author’s Bio: Jan Johnson was a teacher for ten years in primary/intermediate and secondary school settings prior to training as a psychologist. She then worked as a psychologist in education for 34 years in both the state sector and in private practice before retiring in 2014.

Throughout her 34 years as a psychologist Jan’s work has involved casework practice and the supervision of other practitioners – primarily psychologists, resource teachers of learning and behaviour (RTLB) and intern educational psychologists completing their P.G.Dip.Ed.Psych. qualification.  Casework and supervision activities have highlighted the importance of the planning and decision-making which is necessary ‘behind-the-scenes’.  

Walking on Ice:

An Alaskan memoir

by Emma Stevens

Walking on Ice is part romantic memoir, part travelogue and part ‘girl’s own adventure’. The tale begins in the warm climes of New Zealand in the South Pacific when author Emma Stevens starts a tentative online friendship with an American man who turns out to be the principal of a high school in remote ‘bush’ Alaska. The friendship between Emma, a New Zealander, and her penpal blossoms into romance.
This memoir tells the story of Emma’s life-changing decision to marry her Alaskan man and leave her beloved New Zealand for a world of snow and ice, caribou and bears, and the Yup’ik Eskimo people. Walking on Ice is the first in a trilogy of books about Emma’s Alaskan adventures. It is a great read for adventurous romantics and armchair travellers alike.
Available: from all good bookshops and from the publisher at
Also available on Amazon and Smashwords. ISBN 978-0-473-30617-5
Author's Bio: Emma Stevens has taught in the UK, Australia, the US and New Zealand. After six years teaching in the icy wilderness of bush Alaska, Emma and her husband now live among orchards and vineyards just outside Nelson.


by Sue O'Callaghan

Taken is an incredibly gripping story that's impossible to put down. An inspirational true story that reads like a thriller and feels like a movie.

TAKEN tells the harrowing story of 3 small children being removed twice from their mother whilst pregnant with her 4th and the battle she faced to secure their return. It chronicles how the family were suddenly launched into a world that involved Social Services, expert witnesses, the courts, Cafcass, psychiatrists and psychologists.  They were propelled overnight into the spotlight where allegations flew around, court dates were set, agreements had to be signed and only supervised contact was allowed, where the children clung to their mother BEGGING to come home. The book reveals the shocking truths about a system that can fail children in its care, through a catastrophic series of incidents. 

Available: on Amazon, Book Depository, and 

Author's Bio: Born the middle of three girls, in England, Sue is a self-published author and currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her four children. Having trained as an artist in London, Sue enjoyed international school teaching career for 15 years as Head of Department, in England, Australia and Singapore. She has also worked in some of the UK’s toughest prisons. She is a life coach, writer, dream interpreter and is involved in the prophetic ministry. Having travelled the world and experienced life in many capacities her desire is to empower others to find their true identity through overcoming adversity.

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