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Nominations for National Council close 5 April
Coromandel author Des Hunt wins Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal 2017
International authors Ian Rankin, Stella Duffy, Hannah Kent and John Lanchester join Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival
Mine by Right: Copyright in Aotearoa
Publisher Distribution Centre changes
Outrage as Belarus arrests authors, publishers and journalists in crackdown
Clippings from the Internet
   How to make a living as an author without a publisher: 'Dig out old manuscripts that publishers or agents didn't want'
   How to finish a novel: tracking a book's progress from idea to completion
Digital Files
   The #1 mistake of self-published authors for worldwide book sales
Death by Deadline
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Bestsellers from Nielsen BookScan
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Welcome to the Literary Bulletin

Dear members, I'm leaving my role as Chief Executive. I have had such an enjoyable and rewarding time working for the NZSA but I have been offered a position at Script to Screen and have decided to accept. My last day in the office is May 5, but I will travel to Christchurch to attend the AGM so I can answer any questions that may arise about the preceding year, and also the AGM dinner to eke out a little more enjoyable time with members and the wonderful writers I have worked with at governance level.

I would particularly like to thank Anna Mackenzie, vice president and Kyle Mewburn, President, who have been my wise and supportive management committee from when I started in January 2014. 

National Council will put in place an interim CEO and hope to have a new CEO in the role around the time of the AGM - 27 May in Christchurch - come if you can!

Jackie Dennis 

Nominations for National Council close 5 April 

Only 5 days left to get your nominations in. This is rewarding work, please consider standing. We seek nominations for 
  1. President
  • Open to all full members
  1. Central and Northern South Island delegate
  • Open to full members from Canterbury and Top of the South Branches  
  1. Northern Districts North Island delegate
  • Open to full members from Waikato, Auckland and Northland Branches

Read about the attributes we seek and the honorarium that is paid for delegate and president

Here is the nomination form. Note all nominations need to be seconded. We will accept emailed nominations as long as they are backed up with an email from the seconder and nominee. Contact National Office if you have any questions.

Coromandel author Des Hunt wins Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal 2017

Congratulations to children’s novelist Des Hunt who has been announced as the recipient of the 2017 Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal.

The Margaret Mahy Medal has been given since 1991 for an outstanding contribution and lifetime achievement in the field of New Zealand children’s literature and literacy. “Des Hunt’s greatest contribution is his ability to ‘ hook’ young people into reading through his riveting stories situated in familiar contexts, with characters similar to their friends and families. His school presentations make children feel that books are pivotal to their lives,” says Storylines Chair, Dr Libby Limbrick. More

International authors Ian Rankin, Stella Duffy, Hannah Kent and John Lanchester join Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival

An impressive line-up of international and Kiwi authors, including one of the world’s top crime writers Ian Rankin, writer and theatremaker Stella Duffy, multi-award-winning English novelist and journalist John Lanchester, Australian author Hannah Kent, English biographer and writer of Victorian thrillers MJ Carter and writer-performer Rebecca Vaughan, join the third Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival to be held May 9–14 2017.
The Festival programme includes more than 80 writers and performers across 36 public events – from writer workshops and panel sessions to poetry readings, theatrical events, author talks and family events. Programme Director Claire Finlayson says the diversity of writers and events on offer – many free – is designed to appeal to readers from all walks of life. More

Mine by Right: Copyright in Aotearoa

By NZSA member Elizabeth Heritage

In a knowledgeable essay, Elizabeth Heritage explores the copyright decisions you make every day, and tackles the difficult issues of digital entitlement, monetisation and worth.
Somewhere in Aotearoa – maybe in a garage or storage locker – is a cassette tape I made in my mid teens. (I had one of those boom boxes that allowed me to record songs from the radio.) The tape was higgledy piggledy, songs starting in the middle and being recorded over, with snippets of DJs talking, and weird, dead-air silences. It was an aural notebook of whatever caught my fancy in the charts; a time capsule of my teenaged self; and, although I didn’t realise it at the time, arguably an unlawful infringement of copyright and/or a remix artwork. More

Publisher Distribution Centre changes

Phaidon changes Sales to Hachette Australia & New Zealand and Distribution to Alliance Distribution Services
Hachette Australia & New Zealand and Phaidon announce that from Tuesday 18th April 2017, distribution of Phaidon titles will move to Alliance Distribution Services (ADS) from United Book Distributors (UBD). More

Penguin Random House Australia announce closure of Distribution Centre
Penguin Random House Australia today announce the closure of one of its distribution centres in Scoresby, Victoria. More


CreateBooks is a boutique publishing company specialising in award-winning books for children, young adults and adults. All books published by Create Books emphasise its philosophy of respect for self, others, property and the environment.

We are committed to publishing high quality books in both content and presentation, and are currently accepting submissions, both fiction and non-fiction, from authors of adult and young adult books. The submission form can be accessed from
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PEN International



While the rest of the world battles with the tyranny of “Fake News”, the Pacific confronts its own ongoing battle with free press. The problem? A decline in freedom of speech following 2006 when Fiji’s current Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, came to power in a military coup.

The latest casualty in the battle is The Fiji Times, which has been charged with sedition. “By charging The Fiji Times with sedition, the Fijian authorities are using a crude tactic to intimidate and silence one of the few independent media outlets left in the country,” said Josef Benedict, Amnesty International’s deputy director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

The controversy centres on a letter to the Editor, which espoused ‘controversial views about Muslims’. “The letter was distasteful, but its author has a right to their views, as long as they do not incite violence. The authorities are failing on their obligation to respect the right to freedom of expression under international law. It is the job of a newspaper to be a forum for different views, even if it may cause some offence,” said Josef Benedict.
Source: (Amnesty International/Pacific Media Watch) More


‘Top Writers’, a show which interviews authors from the Top of the South Branch of the New Zealand Society of Authors, features a PEN section hosted by Dana Wensley. The show begins again this year with freedom of speech issues, focusing the lens on one author each session. Tune in Saturday 8th April, 3pm on Fresh FM. More
Email PEN spokesperson Dana Wensley at for any issues to do with Freedom of Expression and Writers In Prison co-ordinator Lesley Marshall if you would like to be part of the Writers in Prison letter writing team.

Outrage as Belarus arrests authors, publishers and journalists in crackdown

Human rights organisations have called on Belarusian authorities to drop all charges immediately against writers, publishers and journalists who have been arrested following a wave of nationwide protests.

The Committee to Protect Journalists said security forces had detained or otherwise obstructed at least 32 people in recent weeks. It was joined by Pen America in protesting against the arrests.

The detainees include the writer and historian Vladimir Orlov, as well as the Belarusian publisher Miraslau Lazouski and bookseller Ales Jaudaha, who were arrested by six masked officers at the entrance of a literature festival in Minsk. Lazouski is a “survival instructor” who has been a publisher for five or six years. He has been previously linked to the nationalist White Legion group. More. Extract from article by John Keenan in the Guardian.

Clippings from the internet

How to make a living as an author without a publisher: 'Dig out old manuscripts that publishers or agents didn't want'

After a three book deal worth £350,000 with Simon & Schuster, best-selling author Dean Crawford self-published his action adventure and science fiction books on Amazon and other digital platforms, with incredible success. More Extract from article by Darren Richman in the Independent

How to finish a novel: tracking a book's progress from idea to completion

Data from an app (Prolifiko) Wyl Menmuir used to help him write his Booker-longlisted debut gives insights into how it was done.

When Wyl Menmuir sat down to write his first book, he was well aware it was something many aspire to but few achieve. “I knew I needed help to avoid it being just a stack of paper that sat in my bedside drawer. I know too many people who have written half a novel,” he says. More. Extract from article in the Guardian.

Digital Files


The #1 mistake of self-published authors for worldwide book sales

Successful self-published authors are tapping into larger markets, which include many other retailers beyond Amazon. “Less is more” is a cute phrase for minimalists, but don’t limit yourself when it comes to online retail options for worldwide book sales. More. Extract from article in BookBaby.

Death by Deadline

31 Writer of the City of Gaz. More
31 Flash Frontier April issue More
31 NZSA Youth Mentorship Programme. More
31 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Mind Body Spirit Literature Awards. More

1  Page & Blackmore Short Story competition. More
1  Robert Lord Cottage Residency. More
4  Poet Meet Politics open poetry competition. More
10 ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize Entry. More
18 Pikihuia Awards 2017. More
30 NFFD 2017 Competition. More
30 PANZ Play competition. More

19 Kindle UK Storyteller Award. More
26 NZSA CompleteMS manuscript assessment programme. More

The Kathleen Grattan Prize for a Sequence of Poems (International Writers Workshop). More

31 Kathleen Grattan Poetry Award (Otago University Press). More
31 The Airey Neave Memorial Book Prize. More

31 Aesthetica Creative Writing Award. More



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Bestsellers from Nielsen BookScan


Bestsellers from Nielsen BookScan

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