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NZSA New Books List - July 2016

Congratulations to all those who have launched a book this month. Here's a selection of books that our members have sent in for the New Books Lists. 

Claire Hill  New Books List Editor

Keen to submit your book for the next edition of the New Books List?  Please send to: Claire Hill
Deadline for next issue: Wednesday, 27 July.  Information about what you need to send in is explained on our website and at the bottom of this email.


Fearless Fred and the Flood

Maureen Sudlow

Fearless Fred is a small boy with a great sense of adventure.  He has already made lots of friends with his Dragon adventure, and now he’s back, a little older, and with another fantastic story for all his followers to enjoy.  Written in rhyming text and with colourful illustrations, this is a great read-aloud book that will grab your child’s imagination.  Fred is published by Kiwis Soar Publications, ISBN 978-0-473-35899-0 and retails for $20.

Available: from the author on, from Wheelers or from South Pacific Books in Auckland. 

Author's bio: Maureen Sudlow has just published her second Fearless Fred picture book – Fearless Fred and the Flood. Maureen has a Diploma in Creative Writing and has now published two children’s picture books as well as a collection of poetry.  She is a member of the NZSA and the New Zealand Poetry Society.  Her website can be found on

Our Boys

Ruth Kerr & Richard Aston

What sort of man will my boy become? This is the question Big Buddy’s Ruth Kerr and Richard Aston hear most from mothers wanting a good male mentor for their boys. In response, Ruth and Richard wrote Our Boys – bringing together 13 years’ experience interviewing boys, mothers and volunteer male mentors on the Big Buddy programme; their over 40 years of parenting four children in a blended family and current neuroscience research. As Ruth says, “The truth is, raising boys is no great mystery – after all, we have been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years – but raising well-rounded, healthy men with strong foundations is a whole other story. This is not a manual telling you what to do – it’s more advice on how to be around your children and, more importantly, alongside them. Because you are the biggest single teacher they will have.”

Available: Our Boys is available at all good bookstores and online or Also available in e-book. Published by Allen & Unwin, June 2016. ISBN: 978-1-87750-552-2
Author's bio: Ruth Kerr is the media coordinator at Big Buddy and a freelance journalist for over 30 years. She was managing editor of West – The History of Waitakere published by Random House in 2009. Together, Ruth and Richard have been married for over 30 years and have co-raised four children in a blended family. They now have three grandchildren and live in an eco-community in West Auckland. Richard Aston is the CEO of Big Buddy, Chairman of Consumer NZ and an independent marriage celebrant.

And Then They Ruined Everything

Duncan Milne

Having overcome the impossibility of time travel, Kenneth Ramsayer and his best friend exist to relive past rock 'n' roll gigs. Everything is going well; they've become heroes, they've discovered love, they had the world by the tail, and then they ruined everything.

Based on what is left of their ruined music collections, it appears that rock 'n' roll died in 1984, as a result of a missing cassette.

Seeking help from unlikely sources and following fading memories, the boys travel across America in a bid to save rock 'n' roll.

An intelligent satire, the second novel in the Death of Rock 'n' Roll series, "And Then They Ruined Everything" cleverly uses the concept of time travel in a rock 'n' roll setting as an examination of choices and the power of art in society. Read more

Available: through bookstores and on Amazon.

Author's bio: I am a non-practicing lawyer preferring a forum where fiction is embraced and prose doesn't include the terms "notwithstanding" or "but for."  
In addition to TheDeath of Rock 'n' Roll series of novels, other non-lawyerly writing is underway, with teasers at

Moral Jeopardy: Risks of Accepting Money from the Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling Industries

Peter Adams

Cambridge University Press, 2016

Tobacco, alcohol and gambling corporations have been highly effective in stalling, diverting and blocking public health measures. This book provides an original and engaging exposé of the ethical issues faced by people and organizations when they accept industry money in ways that facilitate corporate influence with the public and with policy-makers. It starts with a detailed examination of the risks of accepting such profits and what might be done to reduce them, then moves on to introduce the concept of a continuum of ‘moral jeopardy’ which shifts the emphasis from accept-not-accept binaries to a focus on the extent to which people are willing to accept funding. This shift encourages people to think and speak more about the risks and to develop clearer positions for themselves. Each of the following chapters examines different aspects of the dilemmas associated with accepting such money and looks at ways of clarifying options. The content would be helpful to those working in government agencies, in addiction services, in community organizations, in research and those generally interested in ways of reduce harms from addictive consumptions.

Available: Cambridge University Press 2016, Amazon. ISBN 978-1-107-09120-7

Author's bio: Peter Adams practiced as a clinical psychologist from 1981 to 2002, working primarily with issues associated with addictions and violence. He has published four sole-authored original books: Gambling, Freedom and Democracy (New York: Routledge 2007), Fragmented Intimacy: Addiction in a Social World  (New York, Springer, 2008), Masculine Empire: How Men Use Violence to Keep Women in Line (Auckland, Dunmore, 2012) and Moral Jeopardy: Risks in Accepting Money from the Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling Industries (Cambridge University Press, 2016). Peter was raised and currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and works as a professor at the School of Population Health at the University of Auckland.

Why English? Confronting the Hydra

Vaughan Rapatahana

Edited by Pauline Bunce, Robert Phillipson, Vaughan Rapatahana and Ruanni Tupas

This book explores the ways and means by which English threatens the vitality and diversity of other languages and cultures in the modern world. Using the metaphor of the Hydra monster from ancient Greek mythology, it explores the use and misuse of English in a wide range of contexts, revealing how the dominance of English is being confronted and counteracted around the globe. The authors explore the language policy challenges for governments and education systems at all levels, and show how changing the role of English can lead to greater success in education for a larger proportion of children. Through personal accounts, poems, essays and case studies, the book calls for greater efforts to ensure the maintenance of the world’s linguistic and cultural diversity.
Available: ISBN = 9781783095841 Published by Multilingual Matters, U.K and available from them as both 320 page hard copy and e-book (there is a 50% off deal available for orders prior to September 30, 2016). Also available via Amazon

Author's bio: I am a Kiwi, born Patea (Te Atiawa.) Ph.D University of Auckland on Existential Literary Criticism and the Novels of Colin Wilson. Have homes also in Hong Kong and Pampanga, Philippines. Widely published across a range of genre - from poetry to philosophy: for example 2015 saw books published in U.K, Macau, Hong Kong, as well as series of commentaries in Jacket 2 online, via University of Pennsylvania, USA. Semi-finalist inaugural Proverse Prize for Literature; runner up in erbacce international poetry competition. Latest poetry collection, Atonement, is nominated for National Book Award in Philippines, where it was published earlier this year.

Valley of the Shadow

Michael Gardner

Valley of the Shadow is the first act in The Hand of the Khryseoi Trilogy. Michael Gardner explores his love of Classical Mythology, bringing a bare reference from the great orator Hesiod to life in this dark fantasy epic.
The Great War between the Khryseoi and Eurynomos has been won but at a heavy cost. Phylasso, leader of the Khryseoi, has sacrificed himself to bring the war to an end. As time passes, Raven, a Khryseoi bowman, discovers Eurynomos’s servants still roaming the earth, murdering the Khryseoi from the shadows. With Phylasso gone, Raven faces his greatest challenge, to reunite the Khryseoi and stop Eurynomos’s dark spirits before they destroy all life forever.
Available: from Amazon
Author's bio: Michael Gardner is a proud Aotearoan. He's been a writer for as long as he can remember. His first work, aged two, was written in red crayon on the kitchen wall. It wasn’t well-received. Since then he's been working on his craft to better please his readers, because without a reader, an author is nothing.

Henry & Isa

Michael Gardner

Henry & Isa is a short story, as much a psychological journey as a literal one. Henry Dove is travelling to Riverside for a holiday. As he boards the train that will take him there, he finds an abandoned four-year-old girl. The train continues onward to Riverside, but Henry embarks on a very different journey to the one he was expecting to take.
Available: from Amazon
Author's bio: Michael Gardner is a proud Aotearoan. He's been a writer for as long as he can remember. His first work, aged two, was written in red crayon on the kitchen wall. It wasn’t well-received. Since then he's been working on his craft to better please his readers, because without a reader, an author is nothing.

New Books List Submission Requirements:

Are you an NZSA member? Like to feature your new book in the New Books List? Please email the following to Claire Hill at
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  4. Author's Bio: 1-3 sentences about you. We don’t need a full CV – just the edited highlights. NB: A link to a website is not a bio. (Max 100 words)
And please do a final read and spell check before you send!
The deadline for the August 2016 issue is: Wednesday, 27 July. 
Image: Dr. Oliver Sacks recovering in the hospital with nothing but a typewriter by his side. He had broken his leg in Norway, falling down a slippery canyon while being chased by a bull. (Courtesy of Oliver Sacks) 
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