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NZSA New Books List - August 2016

Congratulations to all those who have launched a book this month. Here's a selection of books that our members have sent in for the New Books Lists. 

Claire Hill  New Books List Editor

Keen to submit your book for the next edition of the New Books List?  Please send to: Claire Hill
Deadline for next issue: 29 August.  Information about what you need to send in is explained on our website and at the bottom of this email.


The Hoppleplop

Kyle Mewburn and Deborah Hinde

The Hoppleplop rides again in this revised and extended Creators' Edition. Since it was first published in 2004, we've been amazed and thrilled by the number of kids who have told us it's their favourite book and the number of parents who have contacted us wondering where they might replace their read-to-death copy. We've even had several kids turning up as Hoppleplops at school Book Week Dress Up days. So we finally made the decision to re-publish the book ourselves.
The book has been completely re-designed with a brand new cover plus a "behind-the-scenes" look at the story's creation.

Available: at all good bookstores.  Or you can order a signed copy directly from the creators - Kyle Mewburn  or Deb Hinde. Hardcover $28 plus p&p, Softcover $20 plus p&p. The Hoppleplop - Lizard Lane Books 2016 ISBN 978-0-473-35530-2/35529-6

Author's bio: Kyle Mewburn's picture books have won numerous awards and been published in over a dozen countries. Deborah Hinde has illustrated many of our most popular picture books including A kiwi night before Christmas.   

A Road Tour of American Song Titles

from Mendocino to Memphis

Karl du Fresne

Like most New Zealand kids in the 1960s, Karl du Fresne grew up listening to songs about American towns and cities – some of them well-known, some less so. He found himself wondering what sort of places they were … so he went to find out.
Thus was launched a serial pilgrimage that took him on three American road trips that covered thousands of miles and took him to 24 towns and cities, from Abilene to Wichita and Memphis to Mendocino. Each chapter in his book is devoted to a specific hit song and the town that inspired it. The book is a celebration of the pop music that provided a background soundtrack for many New Zealanders of the author’s generation.

Available: direct from and from Amazon and Apple (ibooks). ISBN 978-1-86953-938-2.

Author's bio: Karl du Fresne grew up in Hawke’s Bay listening to the Lever Brothers Hit Parade and the Sunday request session on Station 2ZC. He bought his first long-playing record (‘Crying’, by Roy Orbison) with his earnings from a paper round and was taught guitar by New Zealand country music legend Rex Franklin. Music aside, he has spent his working life in newspaper and magazine journalism as a feature writer, columnist and editorial executive.

Musings of a Blogger

Inspirational Thoughts for Your Life's Journey

Ruth Anne Caukwell

My book is a collection of inspirational thoughts with a workbook relating to each chapter. After reading the book you can do the workbook which will assist you in finding out the truth about your own life and become a source of strength. It gives you the tools to cope and overcome any issues in your life. And, by having  ‘Reader’s Questions’ at the end of the book, which can be utilized in a reading group, with a smaller number of people or, just two, the opportunity is there to answer questions already posed as well as write questions of your own.  The choice is there for readers to share, discuss and discover together! Read more
Available: on many on-line stores including - Fishpond, Scorpio Books, Piccadilly Books, Balboa Press, Amazon  (my website itemizes all the rest). ISBN 978-1-5043-0049-0 (Large Paper back version) and 978-1-5043-0050-6 (ebook version). Balboa Press
Author's bio: I live in Christchurch, New Zealand (have lived in Samoa and Australia) where I teach part-time while writing the rest of the time. I write an inspirational blog RuAnCa and am now concentrating on my second inspirational book. 
Prior to returning to NZ I worked as a business woman (for 20 years) but changed careers (teaching) once returning home.  My future aspirations are to continue writing and inspiring others through this medium, social media and public speaking.

Red Dust over Shanghai

Tyl von Randow

A German boy grows up in Shanghai’s International Settlement in the shadow of WW2. It is the time of the Japanese occupation, Chennault’s Flying Tigers, the atom bomb, the Japanese surrender and Mao’s Red Army gathering in the hills.
This memoir tells of the personal loss and change those crossfire times bring to the boy’s family. It also tells of the love and courage that help him through.
The family flee Red China and find a new home in New Zealand. It is 1952. The boy is fourteen. Sixty years later he dusts off his memories and writes them down.

Available: through all good bookstores. Fishpond ISBN: 978-0-9941047-7-9

Author's bio: After his childhood in Shanghai, the author gained a degree in architecture in Auckland. He has practised in New Zealand and the UK. He has four grown children and now lives in the Waitakere Ranges on Auckland’s west coast. This is his first book.

Gold x 2

The Duncan Laing Story

Stefan Laing

Silver Fern Press

GOLD x 2 unravels the life story of Duncan Laing, much respected and loved for his boundless commitment to teaching and coaching rugby, surf life saving and swimming in New Zealand. Written by Duncan’s son Stefan Laing, this is the tale of the extraordinary ‘good Kiwi bloke’ who coached Danyon Loader to win two gold medals at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA in 1996.

‘Aside from my parents, he is the most influential person in my life. I have given eleven years of my life to Mr Laing and the Moana Pool and I can’t begin to describe what he has done for me. He is a tremendous coach and is just hitting his prime. He’s just great.’ Danyon Loader, 1996. Silver Medallist Olympic Games, Barcelona, 1992 (200-metres butterfly), Gold Medallist Olympic Games, Atlanta, 1996 (200-metres freestyle; 400-metres freestyle)

Available: direct from, also Paper Plus and The Copypress. Or email $39.99, ISBN 9780473356521

Author's bio: Stefan Laing was born in Taranaki then raised in Otago from the age of twelve. He attended Otago Boys’ High School where sport dominated his life. Though swimming was paramount, he also competed in athletics, softball and rugby.  He graduated from the School of physical Education in 1973 and has spent 32 years teaching Physical Education.

Stefan is currently teaching at Motueka High School and encourages his pupils at the Supported Learning Centre to participate in Special Olympics events including soccer, swimming, basketball and athletics. ‘Gold x 2 The Duncan Laing Story’ is Stefan’s first book.

A Life Well Lived

Gwen Young-James

This autobiography covers growing up in Rural New Zealand in the 1940s and also life in America living and working with the rich and famous. The author relates her experiences in creating the first dinner bed and breakfast in Whitianga. Guests invited the writer to travel with them. Around America in there motorhome, an exciting opportunity across to become second chef to the American ambassadors to Great Britain.

The Annenberg's were host to the American President, Royalty from around the world and the elite of the American Aristocracy whom the author took great pleasure in catering for.

Later she was employed by Marven and Barbara Davis owners of 20th Century Fox and as a result, met many famous movie stars gaining insight into their private lives.
This book encompasses trauma, tragedy, history, comedy plus travel and adventure.   
Available: online from email:
Author's bio: Gwen Young-James lives in Christchurch with husband Ian, and 5 Bichon/Poodle dogs. She has bred these adorable dogs for 20 years and her puppies are in great demand. She and her dogs have starred in TV programmes for "What Now TV" and also "Animal Academy".

Over the years Gwen has had many Asian students living in her home, and enjoys visiting their families in Japan, China and Thailand. Gwen loves cruises and each year she sails off to yet another exotic destination. She has 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

God's Words

Ailsa Warburton

God's Words is a selection of verse, written by Ailsa Warburton.  It expresses her faith and has no age group. It provides a different aspect of the Holy Trinity and a deep love for them by the author.

AvailableFishpond, Amazon. Religious poetry, 96 pages, Published by XLIBRIS.  ISBN 978-1-4990-9851-8 Hardcover; 978-1-4990-9850-1 Softcover; 978-1-4990-9849-5 eBook

Author's bio: Ailsa Warburton started writing religious verse two years ago and decided to publish earlier this year, which, at 78 years of age, she feels is something of a daring venture. She is now working on a second book. She feels her efforts are God inspired and hopes her work reflects that feeling. She also hopes it brings to the reader the same pleasure that she did putting them to paper.  An entwining of God's love and her faith.    

My Italian Destiny

Lynn Kirkland

At twenty-one Lynn embarked on her O.E., leaving behind her first love in New Zealand to return to the North East of England to reconnect with family. She travels across Europe with an acquaintance who practices free love with a fervour and they share many experiences including nearly dying on a Spanish highway.
Lynn’s destiny leads her to another love in the small Italian village of Gaina. Giovanni is the grandson of the Italian couple who saved the life of her father during the war.

Despite coming from opposite sides of the world and speaking different languages they fall in love and are engaged after only a few days. Lynn believes this is her destiny even though she cannot forget her first love.
Lynn’s personal memoir is written from the heart in a down to earth manner and is guaranteed to have the reader wondering what happens next in “ My Italian Destiny ”

“ My Italian Destiny is a handsome looking book and evocatively illustrated. The memoir is an affectionate account of how families, intertwined by fate, still maintain intergenerational connections.” Richard Mays – Editor of The Tribune. $35 plus postage, Wholesale enquiries to: Lynn Kirkland 021326950 or 06 3267076, 72 Grove Road, RD 10, Palmerston North, New Zealand. ISBN: 978-0-473-34883-0

New Books List Submission Requirements:

Are you an NZSA member? Like to feature your new book in the New Books List? Please email the following to Claire Hill at
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  4. Author's Bio: 1-3 sentences about you. We don’t need a full CV – just the edited highlights. NB: A link to a website is not a bio. (Max 100 words)
And please do a final read and spell check before you send!
The deadline for the September 2016 issue is: 29 August. 
Image: J K Rowling in 1998. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod
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