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E-Trails, September 4, 2015

Heritage of Horns - 2015 Horn Showcase

Only 3 DAYS left to enter the Horn Showcase

Download Entry Forms here!!!!

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Texas Longhorn Trails Magazine

See you at the Butler Sale this weekend!  Good food, great friends, and historic cattle! Download the catalog by clicking the picture below. 

Cattle News

They call it the Hill Country, we call it fun!

The Hill Country Heritage Sale is just a few weeks away now and we've got the catalog online just for you!  Click on the cover to the left or download it to see all the gorgeous consignments in this sale!

Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

  The Hudson-Valentine Vegas Style Sale is going to be SUCH an amazing sale!  Improve your odds and check out the catalog online!  Download it!

Texas Longhorn Trails is now on Magzter, an online newstand! With a monthly subscription, you can read thousands of your favorite magazines and discover new publications all on one website! 

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Livestock News

Longhorn Cattle Drive 101
Bandera Courier, Sept. 3, 2015

  Don't miss the Celebrate Bandera Longhorn Cattle Drive, which begins at 11 am, Saturday, Sept. 5, up Main Street.
  Sponsored by Ranch Radio Station 93.5 and 96 Gun, the annual longhorn cattle drive kicks off the Celebrate Bandera Parade up Main Street at 11 am, Saturday, Sept. 5. This authentic cattle drive commemorates Bandera's rich cowboy history. Parade watchers can see firsthand why Bandera has been designated "The Cowboy Capital of the World!" 
  During the 1870s, herds of cattle were staged on the banks of the Medina River. From that point, hired cowboys "headed up and moved out" the herd on trails heading north Along the way, these "beeves" were joined by other herds and collectively were driven to railway towns in Kansas and feed lots in Illinois and Nebraska. 
  Traditionally, cattle drives were begun northward just after spring grasses sprouted and continued through the summer. A herd of 2,500 to 3,000 cattle was considered the most favorable size for long drives. 



DCCI Equipment Announces New Products

Announcing Horn Safe Livestock Crowding Panels.

The mortal enemy of long horns and legs is vertical parallel openings in heavy use areas of cattle work. When open vertical spacings connect with horizontal livestock movement, it may not be a pretty thing.

Bry Chute and Crowding Panels eliminates the vertical "traps" that have caused over 90% of livestock handling accidents; not just damage to cattle, but handlers who reach through tight verticals for vaccinations and health procedures.

Please check out the DCCI safe horn design. No other system is available just for the longest horns -- always think safety.

Beyond the BRY CHUTE, the design for an extra strong companion-quality corral panel is finally complete. It is the BRY Crowding Panel. As with the BRY Chute, it easily and safely accommodates wide horned cattle. This same design also makes the flow of all cattle breeds safer when being squeezed, loaded or confined into an area they may resist. This is not an imported "beer can" thick panel that can be carried under one arm.


Meat of the Matter: Let me count the ways

By Dan Murphy August 28, 2015 | 2:22 pm EDT - Drovers Cattle Network

Not a day (or two) goes by that I don’t end up having a conversation with someone who proudly proclaims themselves to be a vegetarian.

I don’t know; maybe it’s the “I ♥ Red Meat” button I’m typically wearing, but I seem to attract debate from people who love to argue that the world would be so much better off if all livestock, um . . . I don’t know. Ran free? Ascended into heaven? Disappeared into some other dimension?

The point is, these true believer veggies always argue, that if cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, goats and every other animal raised for food were somehow gotten rid of, we’d have gotten rid of everything from global warming to peak oil to the specter of global hunger and starvation.

We don’t need livestock anymore, is the common refrain in all these tortured arguments — certainly not to eat.

I disagree, and not just on a nutritional basis. In addition to the meat and milk that sustain 95% of the seven billion humans alive today, here are seven otherreasons the world needs livestock. That’s 6.6 billion people if you at home are keeping score.

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Longhorn Weekend

Download the Eddie Wood Cowtown Classic Consignment Form




Cedarview Ranch consigns Whitney's Delight to Hill Country Heritage Sale. Mark your catalog for this beautiful girl!  She would be a great addition to your herd.

Click the picture to the left for more information.

Place your bets on these embryo calves coming to the Horn Showcase Sale from Double Down Longhorns!

For more information, click the picture to the right.

Internship Opportunity

The TLBAA is looking for a fall intern!  Know someone who could get the job done and needs college credit?

Visit the TLBAA Employment Opportunity page to learn more!

Cow Calf Corner

Glenn Selk explains the three stages of calving. 

The TLBAA office will be closed in observance of Labor Day on Monday, September 7, 2015.  
We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

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