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                    E-Trails                                                                                                         April 29, 2016
We Have Moved!
Come by and see us in our new location, 221 West Exchange Avenue, Suite 210, Fort Worth, Texas 76164.  (We will still be using the same P.O. Box 4430 mailing address)  Phones will be forwarded to a cell phone and answered.  Depending upon number of "at-the-same-time-calls" you may be asked to allow staff to call you back from their cell phones, thus insuring a minimum delay in being available to you.  Thanks for your patience with the phones and if in town, come by and see our new offices. Here's a sneak peek for you:
TLBAA Division B, Region 11 Director Vacancy
     The TLBAA Board of Directors is now accepting applications to fill the vacant and unexpired term for Division B, Region 11 Director in accordance with the TLBAA bylaws article IV, section 6 and TLBAA board policy.
Article IV, Section 6. - Vacancies
     Vacancies on the Officers and Board of Directors of the Association shall be filled by the Board of Directors with a qualified member in good standing, and such person or persons so chosen shall serve for the unexpired term of his predecessor and until a successor is elected and qualified.
TLBAA Board policy for filling vacancies of un-expired Board seats
     To be considered for appointment to fill a vacant TLBAA Board position for an un-expired term, the applicant must be an Active or Lifetime member of the TLBAA; in good standing, free of any debt owed to the TLBAA; and domiciled within the particular Region or Division of the vacancy.  The applicant must provide a written resume and Bio (template provided) and indicate his/her involvement with the TLBAA for the past 12 months to the Board of Directors.  Notice shall be published in the Trails magazine and on E-Trails announcing the vacancy.  Letters of recommendation are encouraged from Members domiciled within the Region or Division of the vacancy, but are not required.  Applicants must make themselves available to be interviewed in person or by phone conference when requested to do so by the TLBAA Board of Directors.  Board vacancies should not be filled just for the sake of filling a Board vacancy.
     Applicants who wish to be considered must qualify according to the policy and submit resume and Bio via email or mail to the TLBAA office, attention Rick Fritsche, Office Manager, by June 26, 2016.  In addition, recommendations for applicants must be submitted via email or mail to the TLBAA office, attention Rick Fritsche, Office Manager, by June 26, 2016.
     Unveiling Geronimo in His New Glass Home
By Richard Hudson, Marker Chair LOCHC
     George West, TX, April 21, 2016 – The unveiling of Geronimo in his new, resplendent skin and climate controlled, glass corral follows the 3 PM Chisholm Trail marker unveiling by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on the Live Oak County Courthouse lawn in George West May 1. Honorable Judge Jim Huff will preside as Master of Ceremonies.
     TxDOT regional administrators will give a short presentation on the Chisholm Trail first in Three Rivers at 2 PM followed by historian, Kurt House. The TxDot administrators will then move to George West to repeat the ceremony an hour later followed by two speakers for Geronimo.
     Speakers for the Geronimo unveiling will be retired Victoria Advocate journalist, Henry Wolff, Jr. who has written extensively about longhorns and Geronimo. Felix Serna, manager of the Brooks County El Coyote Ranch, supervised the donation of the new hide for Geronimo from a 2200-pound look alike steer will also speak. Serna will talk about the longhorn’s economic importance to South Texas and Live Oak County.
Joe Hibler, internationally renowned taxidermist from Kingsville, placed the new hide on Geronimo’s frame. This is the second time he replaced Geronimo’s hide. The first time was in 1976 before Geronimo was presented in the Bicentennial Exhibition in Russia.
    According to deceased Live Oak County native and historian, Thelma Lindholm, Geronimo was about 22 when an injured foot sealed his fate. She said he weighed 2200 pounds with a horn spread from tip-to-tip of nine feet, six inches. However, numerous accounts and recent measurements show various disagreements on the length of the horns.
     When Geronimo was put down, Albert West, nephew of the late George Washington West, had a San Antonio taxidermist mount the steer.
City of George West businessmen built the first glass house on the courthouse lawn in which to display the steer gazing west. Today’s Live Oak business community and citizens built a new glass house much like the first. However, the esthetically pleasing house is climate controlled, completely environmentally safe, and has historical placards.
     Positioning of the steer remains the same as before. Out-of-town folks, Lindholm said, gaze at Geronimo, but long-time locals gaze west with him sensing his restless urge for the open range and leading a herd of longhorns northward.
     In her writings, Lindholm said that George Washington West, the towns benefactor, rancher, and trail driver, gave his favorite lead steers the generic name of Geronimo.  From his research, Wolff, Jr. believes this is right. He says that George West had at least three notable steers – the original red-roan lead steer, the steer exhibited in San Antonio in 1899, and Geronimo purchased by nephew Albert West in 1911.
     The July 1962 Live Oak County Herald quoted Houston Post journalist, Leon Hale, that Judge Curlee of Live Oak County said Albert West bought a herd of two-year-old steers in Jackson County for his Uncle George. The last Geronimo, Curlee said, was among the herd which George West had delivered to his Live Oak County ranch. He sold the herd, but pastured Geronimo as a memento to the type of lead steers he admired.
A.I. Sire issue is Coming in July! If you want to update you A.I. Certified sire's photo in the directory, please email new photo and A.I. number to
   Catch Lindsay at Red McCombs Sale this weekend to discuss promoting your A.I. Sire with an ad to complement the free directory listing. Or you can email her at any time. This is an often-used reference issue with a two-year shelf life which includes photo, TLBAA registration number, pedigree and current (or last registered) owner of every TLBAA A.I. Certified bull. If you have an A.I. certified bull, this is the issue to showcase him in!
Market Your Program in the Trails
In addition to a new look and content, we've revised our ad pricing and have started introducing monthly specials.  Lower pricing, frequency discounts and custom web/print packages are available for 2016.

Contact Lindsay Maher today to discover affordable ways to promote your program! or (817) 625-6241

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Upcoming World Qualifying Shows

May 7                TLBGCA Spring Show - Brenham, TX 

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World Show entry packets have been mailed. PLEASE NOTE: The schedule included in your packet is incorrect. An updated scheduled is available online click here.
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New Miniature Classes Added! 
In the April 19th, World Show Steering Committee conference call, the committee chose to add classes to the miniature division. The following classes are available for miniatures: Non-Haltered: Heifer, Cow and Steer. Haltered: Heifer, Cow, Steer and Bull. The 1st place winners of each division will then come back to compete for the "World Champion Miniature”.
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Voluntary Parent Verification-DNA Testing
    With a unanimous vote from the board, a new Voluntary Parent Verification-DNA Testing program was instituted for those breeders concerned and interested in keeping this iconic breed as pure as possible, and being able to verify it with the latest state of the art testing procedures. The new voluntary program for new registered bulls (or even previously registered bulls you want the parentage verified) includes reduced rates for DNA testing (only $40.00 per DNA test per animal(s)—bull, sire and dam (if not previously tested)), and a newly designed logo that will print out on the registration certificate in the space between the sire and the dam on the certificate once the testing is verified. Contact Rick at the TLBAA office for the Parentage Verification forms to start this exciting process.

TLBA Foundation

Cow Calf Corner

Cow-Calf Corner: Body Temperature and AI (4/23/16)

Glenn Selk covers research relating to bovine body temperature and successful artificial insemination.

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