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(Issue 021 - Week 41 - 2013)

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Designed to empower all educators

This newsletter is designed to give you the tools you need to take control of your own education. It provides weekly links to vital news, tools, advice and hardcore information to allow you to improve your present personal skills and also give you a broader understanding of the world around you.

There are several ways to use this information:

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Or you can view the links that we have selected for you below. Which ever you choose we are sure you will find something to enlighten you. You can also send us ideas if you wish us to look into any topic, and don't forget to link to us (see below on the right).

Essential links of educational interest from around the internet this week:

1. School Pupils Arrive At Class Hungry
2. SWAT Team Ties Up Students
3. Grit Predicts Success
4. Dumb Down Your CV: Graduate Told
5. Childhood Damaged by Testing
6. Starving for The Holistic Experience of Nature
7. Strategies to Motivate All Students
8. Massive List of Art Therapy Exercises
9. Better Luck Next Time (Tests)
10. Beginners French Online for Free

View more articles, videos, podcasts, news and resources HERE.

In addition to this, we have just updated our documentary films link below (on the right) and now if you click on it you will find links to over 25 sites that host these kind of films on the internet. So, stop watching rubbish and expand your mind with over 5000 online choices simply just by following the link. Do it now.

If you are feeling adventurous today then why not check out some of our special boards on Pinterest where we paste great ideas as we come across them.

The Curiosity Board - Activity Ideas for Parents & Kids
Education News - An Eclectic Mix of Comment & Ideas
Learning Issues - Explore Issues Around Child Development
Language & Teaching - Inspiration for The Classroom
Quotes & Wise Words - Thoughts to Awaken Your World

And that is just a taste of what we have on offer on other boards HERE.

What is even more, we have quite a few new educational videos posted online. Why don't you take a closer look by just clicking one of these links:

Essential video links of educational interest:

NSA - Joe Rogan: Stupid People & The War Economy
NSA - Alan Watts: What is Wrong with Our Culture?
NSA - Stefan Molyneux: The Story of Your Enslavement
NSA - Woody Harrelson: Thoughts From Within
NSA - The Elevator Conformity Experiment
NSA - David Foster Wallace: This is Water
NSA - Richard Grove: The Role of Education
NSA - Lou Holtz: Inspirational Ideas
NSA - John Ortberg: It All Goes Back in The Box
NSA - Larkin Rose: The Philosophy of The Tiny Dot
NSA - The Twilight Zone: The Obsolete Man
NSA - Tony Blair: Intervene Pre-Birth
NSA - Alan Watts: Life is A Hoax
NSA - Death Education - Is This What We Want?
NSA - Mark Dice: The Holocaust Beach Party Petition
NSA - Unconventional Learning on The Jeff Probst Show
NSA - In Persuit of Happiness with A Veteran Teacher
NSA - Stefan Molyneux: We Reap What we Sow
NSA - Neal Fox: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
NSA - Alan Watt: Science in Control of Our Lives
NSA - Noam Chomsky: The Purpose of Education
NSA - Brett Veinotte: The American Way
NSA - Ken Robinson's: Changing School Paradigms
NSA - John Taylor Gatto's: The Purposes of Schooling

Find lots of other videos and links on our You Tube channel HERE.

Also We Have A New Video Presentation for EFL Teachers & Student Teachers
''Grammar Maps for The English Language''
This is a special presentation on how teachers can more effectively visualise grammatical perspectives as they are taught to students.

Why not take a deeper look at the NSA special reports and research below:

Derren Brown & Mind Control Techniques
The Case for The Abolition of Tests in High Schools
Henry Giroux & The Dead Zones of Imagination
What Have We Done to Our Kids?
The Six Functions of Secondary Education
Genetically Modified Environments
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Graham Hancock: Science & Society

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