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This past weekend more than 200 members of the WTR Network community joined hand-in-virtual-hand to learn about and experience the Elm Dance. Individuals, couples, families with children and whole communities joined in and danced together. Some of us took to the floor of our offices and living rooms, and some of us joined in seated, swaying and moving to the beat in our own unique way. It was a joy to share the story of how the practice came to be, to dance it together in community, even as many of us danced by ourselves in our individual virtual spaces.

Here’s what some folks shared about the experience:

At the first sound of the song I welled up with tears. Still feeling it now….  I re-connected to the many times I have already danced this dance, and felt connected with ancestors and future beings….  I was moved to tears, and felt a portal open….  It was wonderfully awkward, I loved it....  I love learning this dance! It feels so familiar like it is in my DNA. My ancestors are from Latvia and this is the first time I have heard their voices. Brings me to tears….  Deeply moved. Brought me right to my center…. 

Many facilitators, feeling the continuing power of the dance in setting collective intention, have been offering the practice virtually and also within their local communities. Recordings of the events can be seen here. We invite you to join our Facebook group to find and share Elm Dance offerings in your community and virtually.  

We are delighted to share the next offering in the Webinar and Conversation Café Series, and hope you will join us on April 16 for Men in the Work That Reconnects. If you missed the Once You Know screenings and facilitated events last October and November, another round is starting up in April. Check our events listings for screenings. We're noticing a lot of IN-PERSON gatherings! Perhaps there might be something in your local community.

This month we honor our beloved, Molly Brown. Molly will be taking a sabbatical and retiring from her role as Weaver of the Network. Molly is in the final stages of publishing the March edition of Deep Times Journal: Unraveling Patriarchy and Shifting the Paradigm, to be launched next week.  

With great thanks to each of you and the many ways you continue to show up in service of the Great Turning,
Frieda Nixdorf, on behalf of the WTR Network Weavers

  Living the Spiral: An interview with Molly Brown  

By Kelsey Eaton

This month we feature Molly Young Brown, whose contributions to the Work That Reconnects – including co-authoring Coming Back to Life – span decades. We join Molly in celebrating her 80th birthday, and with grateful hearts we honor her as she retires from her role as a Weaver of Work That Reconnects Network. Volunteer Kelsey Eaton interviewed Molly; this is what she learned.

Molly grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA, where she spent most of her time playing in the nearby mountains and canyons, and camping with her family. A fledgling activist, Molly, along with her friends, founded the Good Deeds Booster Club to help raise money for important causes and to help elderly neighbors with household chores – like picking dandelions out of their yards.

🌀⇢ Read the interview here

One of the most powerful aspects of the WTR is that it helps participants tune into and express the emotions we feel about the world. Being raised in societies that condition us to suppress our emotions causes a disconnect with the natural world, our communities and ourselves. The WTR helps us mend those disconnections by creating compassionate community space to share authentically and empowering us with tools and perspectives for connected living.

People who are raised as boys and men in our modern patriarchal society are typically trained to repress their emotions in an even more extreme way. This leaves them with a wide range of social and emotional barriers that can prevent them from becoming involved in the WTR or recognizing its value in their lives. As we strive to contribute to the Great Turning and dismantle systems of separation, working together across gender identities is a powerful and beautiful practice that is healing for all participants. 

Join Vincent Brown and Kevin Lay as they share insights from this inquiry as well as their personal journey as decades-long practitioners of the Work and discuss the powerful benefits they've experienced and observed for men who participate in the WTR.

🌀⇢ Register Here for Men in the Work That Reconnects
  Host your own Once You Know Screening  

The producers of Once You Know are inviting people to organize their own screenings!

Once You Know... you can never be the same! You might have seen Don't Look Up with Leonardo Di Caprio, but did you see Once You Know? After 45 selections and 9 awards in international festivals, the film is now available for screening-events all over the world. And we need your help to organize screenings and get the word out!
🌀⇢ Find out More Here

Thank you to Jo delAmor for sharing her new Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes practice Child’s Mind. This practice was designed primarily for parents, but may be valuable to explore with non-parents as well. It is from the forthcoming book Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis by Jo delAmor. Similar WTR-style practices for parents can be experienced in her Parenting in Tumultuous Times 12-week program. The next one begins on April 7, 2022. You can find more information and register here.


In the practice of New Paradigm Parenting we embrace the chance to begin again with our children; to re-examine our own thinking and relearn the world along with our children as we raise them. Instead of telling them “the way it is,” we observe and explore along with them in a state of honest curiosity while deconstructing our own conditioning and indoctrination. Becoming a student of the world allows us to peel back the layers of illusion and stories we’ve been told that perpetuate the Power Over Paradigm to reveal the deeper truths that help us align with and take care of Life.

This practice is an opportunity to experiment with and explore ways to speak with our children and learn about the world together.

🌀⇢ Child's Mind – Read the Practice Here

  Making the Most of Your WTR Network Membership  

Did you know that Community Member donations and Facilitator Member annual fees include access to the WTR Network Forum

It’s a great place to share what’s on your mind about anything related to the WTR, and to connect with our growing global WTR community. You can also direct questions to fellow WTR lovers, practitioners and facilitators, or message a moderator for help. If they don’t know the answer themselves, they can probably find someone who does! 

Growing our community connections is a vital part of the Work That Reconnects Network.  

If you’re already a member, come join the conversation on the Forum. Simply log in to your account on the website, then follow this link.

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Upcoming Facilitator-Hosted Offerings

Registered WTR Network Facilitators, did you know that you can post and share your events on our website and through social media? Log-in to update your profile, add events and resources, and be sure to add the Work That Reconnects Network as co-hosts of your Facebook events. 
IN PERSON – Cape Town, South Africa
March 28: Songs That Reconnect
IN PERSON – Melbourne, Australia
April 1 – 4: Work that Reconnects Immersion
IN PERSON – Cape Town, South Africa
April 9: Deep Ecology Workshop
IN PERSON – Findhorn
April 23: Active Hope
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