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Welcome to Health Behaviour in School-aged Children’s (HBSC) 1st European Union Health Programme Operating Grant newsletter. The International Coordinating Centre of the HBSC study, based at the School of Medicine, University of St Andrews, has been awarded an Operating Grant for the 2014/15 period and these newsletters will be produced quarterly to share information with stakeholders about HBSC’s core activities and progress towards the Operating Grant’s objectives. These include: developing and improving survey methods, supporting science and knowledge production, improving communication and facilitating cooperation of the study’s research network, and maximising outreach.

2013/14 Survey cycle

Every four years, the HBSC survey is conducted in all participating member countries. Having completed data collection for the 2013/14 survey, national HBSC teams are currently in the final stages of submitting their national data to the Data Bank in Bergen, where data cleaning and preparation of the International Datafile will begin. Then starts the process of writing the 2013/14  International Report - keep an eye out in later newsletters for progress updates.

HBSC succession planning

As part of the process of succession planning for the study, there has been an election for the 2015/19 HBSC International Coordinator. The year 2014/15 is a transition year and the term of office of the current International Coordinator, Candace Currie, and Deputy IC, Pernille Due will end in June 2015 when they stand down.

The IC elect is Jo Inchley, and Dorothy Currie will be Deputy IC. The International Coordinating Centre will continue to be based at the University of St Andrews within the School of Medicine’s Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit.

New ICC staff - survey methodologist

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Martin Steppan, the newest addition to the ICC team. Martin is our new Survey Methodologist and will be working to improve the scientific quality and societal relevance of the data generated by the HBSC survey through the development of methodological sophistication and capacity of the HBSC network members.

Spring 2014 network meeting

In June, HBSC members met in the beautiful city of Olomouc, Czech Republic for the spring network meeting. The IC elections were top of the agenda, but members also presented work-in-progress, met in focus groups to plan papers and attended a methodology workshop.

Coming soon...

HBSC membership directory

We are currently developing a searchable directory of HBSC members for our public website. It will feature profiles of all of our network members including recent publications, areas of expertise and professional affiliations. More information on this to follow in later editions.

Autumn 2014 network meeting

HBSC’s 2014 Autumn network meeting will take place in Tirana, Albania, from the 12th to the 14th of November. The primary focus of this meeting is fostering collaboration and planning papers on 2013/14 survey data as well as looking at question development for the 2017/18 survey cycle. The Early Careers Group will be holding a meeting prior to the full network gathering to discuss workplans, training needs and the future vision of the group. Our next newsletter (Nov ‘14) will give a round-up of all the news from this event.


HBSC’s 13/14 Study Protocol

HBSC’s 2013/14 Study Protocol is now available. This publication includes information on all mandatory items for the 2013/14 survey cycle, their background, scientific rationales, and notes on survey methodology. Please visit our website to register to receive a copy.

Trends in young people’s health and social determinants

The HBSC research network is in the final stages of preparing Trends in young people’s health and social determinants, a European Journal of Public Health supplement. Publication is expected December 2014.

Data visualisation - liking school

Liking school has been identified as a protective factor against health-compromising behaviours including bullying, sexual risk-taking, and tobacco, alcohol and drug use. Students who dislike school or do not feel connected to it are more likely to fail academically, leave education early and have mental health problems.

This interactive data visualisation allows users to compare data for children who reported 'liking school a lot' in HBSC's 2009/10 international survey.

About HBSC

HBSC, founded in 1983, is an internationally comparative study on adolescent health, presently conducted in 44 countries and regions in Europe and North America. Initiated and developed by an alliance of researchers in the participation countries who form national teams,  the study’s mission is to monitor adolescent health, health behaviours and wellbeing over time; increase knowledge of adolescent health and social determinants in Europe; and disseminate information to key stakeholders. HBSC provides data to inform national/EU policies to improve the health outcomes of children internationally. The study is an exceptional resource for governments and organisations including the European Commission, the WHO, UNICEF, and the OECD who regularly use its data and findings to support action to improve the health of young people.


The International Coordinating Centre (ICC) of the Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) Study is responsible for the management of the HBSC network.

The HBSC  International Coordinating Centre (ICC) of the Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) Study is responsible for coordinating and supporting all the activities of the HBSC Study network. It works closely with specialist centres in Bergen, the International Databank, and Copenhagen - the Support Centre for Publications.

Its mission is to enable network cooperation to produce data and share knowledge, to be the public face of the study, and to act as a source of intelligence for stakeholders.
supported by EUHP Operating Grant 2014-2015

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