Valet Citi Bike parking in the East Village; kinder gentler docking; the first ever print map for Citi Bike, some tasty new member benefits and more...
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Valet Parking!

Finding an open dock after work in the East Village is getting a whole lot easier. We’re now offering valet bike parking at the E 7th St & Avenue A station from 7-11 pm, weeknights through Labor Day. If the station fills up, our staff will be on hand to pull out bikes, making sure there’s always a dock open for you. Worry less about finding a docking point and focus on enjoying these long summer evenings! (Heavy rain or other extreme weather will cancel.) Read more here.

Dock & Dine is back! 

New restaurant offers just for Members: Flash your Citi Bike key at any participating restaurant and get a sweet treat or refreshing drink on the house! Find full details and a list of participating restaurants on our Offers page. 

Docking It Right 

We've heard your calls. We know that our docking points could use some TLC. Citi Bike docks are pretty hardy, but they've now seen over 10 million trips, which is more trips in a shorter time period than any other bike share system in the U.S. Our station technicians are busy each day repairing docking points. And now we’re asking for a little help from you to ensure our equipment can stand the test of time. 

1) Please, please, please DO NOT SLAM your Citi Bike into a dock. Our favorite local anchor Pat Kiernan demonstrates proper technique

2) Sometimes when a dock seems “broken,” it’s really just “pinned" - when a bike is docked too quickly, and the dock’s locking mechanism engages without actually bolting in the bike. When a dock is pinned, it won't accept a bike until the pin is released. Luckily, it's an easy fix. Our Bike Checkers and Outreach Ambassadors free pinned docks as part of their regular routine, and you can too. Look how easy it is!

If a dock won't accept a bike, look into the V; if there’s a metal bar across it, it’s been pinned. Any Citi Bike member who does NOT have a bike checked out can insert his or her key into a pinned dock and release the pin. Voila! The docking point is now available for other Citi Bike users. Because there was no bike in the pinned dock, releasing a pin does not start a new trip on a member's account. 

Thanks in advance for your help, and here’s to kinder and gentler docking! 

Get the Citi Bike Map & Guide

If you have visitors in town this summer, here’s a great way to help them get around town! We’ve partnered with NYC & Co, the City’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization, to create the first-ever printed Citi Bike Map and Guide. Hard copies are available at Official NYC Information Centers, and from Citi Bike Outreach Ambassadors (find them at stations near Central Park and along the Hudson River Greenway). You can also download a copy here

The guide includes four “featured rides” through Central Park, the Hudson River Greenway to The High Line, Soho to the World Trade Center and over the bridges to DUMBO. These rides have been selected to highlight iconic neighborhoods and destinations. Each leg of the rides is designed to be completed within 30 minutes.

We’ve also recently created a new webpage designed to educate casual users about how to use the bike share system: The page includes a short video that explains how to use a 24-hour or 7-day pass and also links to download the new Citi Bike Map and Guide and the official New York City Cycling Map.

LES Station Stakeout

Rivington & Chrystie:  We spent 56 minutes at this Lower East Side Citi Bike station one June afternoon and met a gemologist, a Brooklyn College student from Hong Kong, and a Portlander who works for Nutcase Helmets (above). To meet all of the Citi Bike riders we encountered that day, click here.

New Member Benefits  

If your Citi Bike rides require a soundtrack, ditch those noise-canceling headphones for a smart alternative. All members get 20% off Boombotix ultraportable speakers. This month members also save 35% off tickets to Rocky on Broadway. Find more offers here.
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