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Clients Share Their Most Problematical Areas of Organization
Whether it's a home or business office, staying organized is a key factor in saving time. Searching for documents under large stacks of paper or in a disorganized file is one of the most time consuming and frustrating experiences for business owners.
We polled our clients and here are their top 5 challenges and fixes for staying organized. 
1.  Time!  Time is one of the most precious commodities for a business owner. Wearing multiple hats, meetings, billing, networking, time escapes us all.  
Dedicate a day just for organizing and stick to it!  No clients, no cell phone interruptions, no meetings. Treat yourself as "a client".

2. Paper, paper, paper. Sorting papers and time were the biggest obstacles when staying organized. Client contracts, invoices (A/P & A/R), faxes, and unopened mail you say you will read but don't, never seem to go away. 
Creating file folders for your most popular documents and filing as you go will help decrease your time and keep a clutter free desk.

3.  My receipts are everywhere!  Receipts from purchases are never ending especially for business owners. Keeping up with those tiny pieces of thermal paper for lunch, gas, parking, supplies and toll receipts add up for those end of the year tax deductions.
Sort receipts according to the month for entry into your accounting software or scan them as you go with a popular mobile application. There are several FREE options available on iTunes or Google Play app stores. 

4. You've Got E-mail! Although emails are electronic, you're In-Box can sometimes get out of hand.  
Create folders within your email platform that can be dragged & dropped into a sub folder, this can be a lifesaver with time management. 

5. To Shred or Recycle? Every piece of paper may not make the file folder, so investing in a good paper shredder can be an asset to dispose of confidential information safely. Documents not containing confidential information can be recycled and it doesn't cost a penny.
The time you save using some of our top 5 Time Fixes can now be used on growing revenues and not growing stacks of paper on your desk. The desk space you gain from your organization can now display a new cell phone accessory, an arrangement of flowers, or your favorite plant. Bring a touch of fun to your work space and it will reward your productivity. 

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