Revival in Minnesota was incredible! Imagine 4 nights full of prayer, worship, God's presence, fellowship with the saints and then impartation of the holy fire and other spiritual gifts, prayer to heal the sick, deliverances, miracles, signs and wonders. These are some of the things that took place in our midst from May 13 through May 16. God took us from glory to glory since day 1 for 4 days.

Revival Day 1: Pre-service Prayer @ 6pm. Revival went until 1:30am
Revival Day 2: Pre-service Prayer @ 6pm. Revival went until 2:30am
Revival Day 3: Pre-service Prayer @ 6pm. Revival went until 3:30 am
Revival Day 4: Pre-service Prayer @ 6pm. Revival went until 4:30

There were 4 pastors who were assigned to preach and conduct the service for each night. My time to hold the service was the 4th day so in this report, I will focus on the night when Blazing Holy Fire Church and I led the service. God bless you and consume you with His fire as you read on!
Pictures taken during revival shows camera captured spiritual holy fire
I want to take you to this revival. Imagine a place where saints gather from all over USA just a few days before the feast of Shavout. The heavens are open! There are hungry people who traveled from different states to attend this Pentecostal revival. 

On the first night, there was a strong presence of one of the Trinity God, our Master, our Lord and King: JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD.

On the second night, I experienced the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit. That night, the servant who led this revival began to move into impartation; he shouted Fire as he laid hands on the people. People were touched and received the baptism of the Holy Fire. There was an altar for salvation and many who came without speaking in tongues received the Holy Spirit.

On the third night, we experienced the mighty presence of Abba Papa, Yahweh, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Many people received deliverance, freedom and many people rejected the false gods of Shaman.

On the fourth night I preached, which was the last night, I experienced all the 3 persons of the Trinity.  Abba Papa, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit were all there at once. Here below is a powerful video of the worship that ushered us into the presence of God. Please watch, worship together with us and receive God's great grace!
Worship That Brings You In the Presence of God!
Please take a break and worship together with us

It is the first night of pentecost. It is my night to preach. From the Hotel room, the Lord guide me how to conduct the service. For over 8 hours, I sat with the Lord and I did not move from my chair except to get the basics. I heard Him. He instructs me to start with Welcome Holy Spirit, who will walk down the aisle - We even sang Happy Birthday to the Holy Spirit and Had a cake. I know it is not His real birthday but the Lord says it is His anniversary moving to earth. I am a child. I do not question God. I trust Him fully. The results is what you see in the worship and the preaching below.

MAY, 2021
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WATCH THE MESSAGE: Let the River of Life flow from your inner being!

November 2007: In the first ever revival we held as a ministry before we are even a church, I had a revival that lasted for 4 days in my house. The Lord had blessed us with a large home that all attendees from out of state stayed within this house and we worshiped God, prayed and shared the word for 3 solid days and nights. For 2 days, we locked ourselves in this home and just sought God. We took short breaks to fellowship, eat and went to bed late late in the night.
It is in 2007 that the Holy Spirit inspired me on how to do a fire impartation using what we ended up calling The Fire Cloth. He inspired me to buy an orange piece of cloth, pray over it and use it to impart the Holy Fire. We prayed over the piece of cloth and lay it at the altar for many many days. We used this in the 2007 revival and the fire of God was given to us incredibly. The pictures we took back then  came out with orbs and there were supernatural pictures. I still have those pictures. This revival was so life changing that there are many people I recall today who are serving the Lord today from being baptized in the fire from that revival. My own sister received the Holy Fire in that revival of 2007.

After this event, the cloth was put away but from time to time we had it inside the Church building we had on Mississippi where it laid on the Altar and served as a table cloth in the house of God. This is the same place we had face to face encounters with the Lord. Seven years went by and we did not use this cloth except for a few people who asked healing cloths and we cut some to send to those in need of healing. Another seven years went by and the Fire Cloth was not being used until...This revival.

During this revival; the Holy Spirit reminded me about the
Fire Cloth that was put away for two sevens (14 years). It is then that during this this revival we used the fire cloth again to impart the Holy Fire. We all felt the presence of God through this impartation and through the laying on of hands by pastors and ministers of the Lord.

" God did extraordinary miracles through the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and the diseases and evil spirits left them.

The Lord spoke a powerful word to us. After this we had communion and offering and we took time to fellowship. After the break, we held one on one deliverances, we gave prophetic words, we imparted fire.

On this night, one sister's spiritual eyes were opened to where they saw angels and the spiritual realm. The whole revival was full of the atmosphere of heaven. There are many Hmong people who walked away from Shaman false gods. The Lord kept pouring His fire and power and we kept giving away. By the time the revival was over it was about 4:30am.

ORDINATION: On this night, 2 members from Blazing Holy Fire were ordained as Pastors. Herebelow you will find more pictures from the revival. As you watch the video, you will be incredibly blessed.

Thank you and may you all receive God's Consuming Holy Fire!
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