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  • Eastern US Ports see more demand due to increased trade with Europe

  • 22 logistics firms make Deloitte’s Fast 500 list

  • Around the Freight Web: California wants to ban diesel trucks, rail strike on the verge of happening…again, plus more.


A big shift is happening. In a report from the Wall Street Journal, the US imported more goods from Europe than from China this year. The change is motivated in large part by Russia’s war in Ukraine and China's falling out of favor with the West.

The increase in US-Europe trade alleviates the burden on manufacturers navigating the European energy crisis. The move also benefits US East Coast ports that now outperform those on the West Coast.

Follow the Money

According to data from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) from the US to Europe towers over that of recent US to China investment.

  • US invested $3.454 trillion in Europe in 2019, $3.629 trillion in 2020, and $3.981 trillion in 2021.

  • On the other hand, China only saw $106, $115, and $118 billion in investment from the US for those same years.

  • European FDI in the US increased 13.5% (about $3.2 trillion) from 2020-20221.

Europe and the US are drawing closer due to growing tensions…

…with the global East. Europe looks to the US as a source of natural gas and military supplies in an effort to cut its dependence on Russia. Similarly, the US seeks to lower its reliance on China. The US government has expressed fears about the potential of China to engage in economic warfare. Those are the main factors that are driving Europe and the US into one another’s arms.

Other factors include…

  • …China’s aggressive lockdown measures have increased disruption and unpredictability.

  • …an American tourism boom in Europe following the rise in the strength of the USD.

  • …America’s cheap oil and gas, a talented labor force, and clean energy initiatives.

Another sign of the change comes from US Census Bureau data that shows how after January of this year, imports from the EU and the UK passed those from China. The trend has continued throughout the year, peaking in the summer months.

While this restructuring of trade lines has had some bumps and issues, it’s clear that the relationship between the US and Europe is only getting stronger.


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Deloitte, a consulting firm, has released its annual Technology Fast 500 list, and 22 logistics firms made the list per an article from FreightWaves, which made this list for the second time.

The list ranks the fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, fintech, and energy tech companies across North America. Deloitte selects the winners based on “percentage fiscal-year revenue growth during the period from 2018-2021.”

There are a few eligibility requirements to make the list. These include ownership of proprietary intellectual property that makes up a majority of operating revenues, a base-year operating revenue of $50 million (and current-year of at least $5 million), and companies must have been in business for at least four years with headquarters in North America.

Which logistics companies made this year’s list?

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  • 🚛 Eco-Friendly?: California wants to ban all diesel trucks from operating in port corridors by 2035, but trucking advocacy groups state the goal is overambitious given the lack of charging infrastructure.

  • 🪧 Get Onboard: Another freight rail union has rejected the contract agreement, increasing fears of a rail strike this December. Retailers plead with policymakers to do everything they can to avoid the strike and avert “economic disaster.”

  • 📉 Unseated: United Furniture Industries and its subsidiary Lane furniture fired all company employees via email and texts sent late Monday night. OTR drivers were directed to complete current deliveries before “immediately returning equipment.”

  • 🤓 Vocab Lesson: The FMCSA tried to clear up confusion over the definition of brokers, bona fide agents, and the role of dispatch services in the supply chain.

  • 📈 Surging Orders: Trailer orders jumped 82% in October reaching 46,750 units. The numbers represent a 168% increase year-over-year.


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